Steyn Trial 2.0

Crazed Incoherent Interweb ‘Blogger’ Truepeers’
from Covenant Zone
Rants On Some Subject

~ THE COYNE is keeping it busy: “Liveblogging the BC Human Rights Tribunal—Part I” lots of comments ensue over there (

~ STEYN– SHOW TRIAL LIVE! FREE SPEECH IS “A RED HERRING” .. Andrew Coyne live-blogs the British Columbia “Human Rights” Tribunal: The New York Times guy “can’t believe what he’s witnessing” – with more on the Steyn Follies, including some interesting background on Judge MacNaughton … (steyn)

~ SHAIDLE: “Steyn’s show trial begins — Coyne fires up the laptop”; previous news & update (5fof)

~ ROBERT JAGO: The Steyn Rally at the BC Human Rights Tribunal … (

Here’s part of the crowd outside (note the blank signs)

~ JAY CURRIE is also liveblogging: “The Steyn Follies“.. lots of updates .. (JCurrie)

~ PICTURES from the show-trial: “My Non-Adventure at B.C.’s Kangaroo Court“; and “An Example of our Cowtied Press“… (PelaLusa)

~ ON THE SCENE: “Andrew Coyne of Macleans will be live blogging. Trupeers of Covenant Zone & Dag of No Dhimmitude will be mounting a protest outside the hanging place. We few, We happy few, or maybe more (we will see) are still planning on demonstrating against the existence of Section 7 of the British Columbia Human Rights Code, and the almost identical Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act, when the Maclean’s-Mark Steyn trial begins tomorrow morning. We still plan to meet at 8 AM outside the Provincial Court House at 800 Hornby Vancouver. Please join us if you can. Jay Currie and Robert Jago will be in attendance as well.” … (Blazing Catfish)

~ HARIRI on board, “shoulder to shoulder” with Steyn .. (Independant)

~ STEYN = NANCY-BOY? “Diana West thinks that my column on excessive deference to Islam reveals me as a pusillanimous nancy-boy because right at the end I use the word “Islamist”. She thinks “Islamism” is a linguistic dodge that attempts to draw a false distinction between Islam in general and a, er, few bad apples” .. (nrotc)

Bo Diddley, R.I.P.


5 thoughts on “Steyn Trial 2.0

  1. I am utterly devastated by the comment about Truepeers being a ranting and incoherent blogger at Covenant Zone. I worked hard to have that esteemed position myself, and there, with no effort at all, peers has stolen my faint glory. In fact, as you might well have noticed, I did faint between sentences here. And rightly so.

    I’ll admit that I tend to rant, though coherently, which is likely why Peers took my title so easily from my cold dead hands here in chilly Vancouver, and I’ll also confess that I’ve only known Peers for two and a half years so I can’t tell you exactly when he became crazed, obviously before I met him, but I will say with some pride that he is a blogger. That much is definitely true.

    Also true, and perhaps more to the point, we will meet on Thursday at the public library, public having an “L” in it, as our colleague Charles explained to me a few times before I figured it out, in the atrium near Blenz coffee bar at 7:00 p.m. just like we have done every Thursday evening for thes past two and a half years, and you, dear reader, are invited to meet the ranting crazy Truepeers in person. I will be there, dead handsome as one can see in the photo of me with my back turned modestly to the camera in case ever I decide to go undercover as a Muslim. Yes, I also bought the niftiest Groucho glasses. Dude, I am too cool. But enough of me. How do you like my shoes?

    Yup, that Truepeers is crazed, he and our valued friend and colleague Charles, putting the infidel version of the fatwah-kibosh on my literary efforts at leaflet writing for the great Steynian co-conspiracy. Those particular masterpieces are available for the public’s perusal at my own pout site where I can do any thing I please, so there.

    But really, on the topic of crazed bloggers, what’s with this Steyn guy? I sent him an email saying he could crash on the couch if he brought over a couple boxes of wine, and i haven’t got a reply even yet. I mean, what is that? Does’t he realize I suffer for the man?

    Yeah, I am, like, so over him. But you, dear reader, I have still to meet, I think. If you won’t give peace a chance, you reactionary devil, at least give US a chance and stop in for coffee for a couple of hours on Thursday evening at the library.

    Yalla, Dag.

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