Steyn Showtrial Day 2.2

Faisal Joseph, Sockpuppet to the Sockpuppets. *

Faisal Joseph


“9:36 AM Faisal Joseph up for the complainants. He’s promising to treat us to a tour of some of the seamier parts of the blogosphere. No guilt like guilt by association. He dumped a bunch of material on the Maclean’s side only last night — and apparently some more stuff this morning — which would ordinarily be out of order but not, as by now you will have guessed, here.”

~ Via Deborah Gyapong ~

~ COYNE— Liveblogging the BC HRT, Day Two: A Day That Will Live in Entropy.. “The tribunal enters. There’s a little ritual that plays out each time: the two contending sides, and some of the spectators, rise, as you would for a real judge in a real court. The rest of us stay seated, in silent protest.” Keep checking in all day …. (Coyne)

~ THE MIGHTY EZRA is blogging up a storm: “Order in the court“; then “Please make the blogs be quiet! Please!“; and “Here come the blogs“; on to “Faisal Joseph, the Matlock of our time“; and “Another secret conclave by the Troika! & “Justice!“; plus “To be prosecuted by Faisal Joseph“; HuggBear’s Firm? “Lerners, RIP“; and “Oh this is gorgeous!”; and how’s about “The Witchfinder Generall“? …. (Ezra Rules)

~ DEBORAH GYAPONG— Lots to read this morning on the farce in British Columbia; High-priced lawyers useless in this setting— send in a comedian; and Un- bleepin’- believable!” …. (

~ JAY CURRIE— “Steyn Follies – Act III – “The Court Marsupial” …. (currie)

~ SOCON.CA: “A Letter to the Justice Minister about the Canadian Religious Authorities” …. (

~ NATIONAL POST— “The court of last resort: Maclean’s faces the B. C. Human Rights Tribunal”.. “In the subterranean bowels of a provincial courthouse, a bizarre and frightening spectacle starts to unfold” …. (nationalpost)

~ THE CAJ GAINS STANDING in BC Human Rights Tribunal Maclean’s case …. (newswire)

~ DAVID FRUM: “Free Mark Steyn” …. (nro)

“With their usual low cunning, the “human rights” sheikhs chose a courtroom that only seats 40 people so a big crowd (including CBC reporters) were wedged up peering through the glass in the door until the head sheikh (a judge best known for fining the Knights of Columbus for declining to rent their hall for a lesbian wedding) said the pressed faces of the people were distracting her and shooed them away. Typical. A third-rate bureaucracy that tells everyone from McDonald’s to Maclean’s magazine how to run their affairs can’t even organize a show trial with minimal competence.”

~ Mark Steyn ~

~ B.C. MUSLIMS seek redress for ‘inflammatory’ article …. (dustmybroom)

~ SCARAMOUCHE— “So the Ontario Human Rights Commission can come into your home without warning or a warrant, go through your things, take away whatever it wants, and use it against you in a “court” where there’s no presumption of innocence, the truth is irrelevant, and the verdict is always guilty. Oh, and you’re on the hook for all your legal fees, while the person who complained doesn’t have to pay a dime.” …. (scaramouche)

~ MEDIA OUTLETS REPORT— All about freedom of the press: Lawyers. But complainants say it is another example of media bad-mouthing Canadian Muslims; “Anti-Muslim” article in Maclean’s fostered hatred: Canadian Islamic leaders …. (, canadianpress)

Maclean’s lawyers Julian Porter (left)
and Roger McConchie outside
the hearing in Vancouver yesterday.
[ Les Bazso, The Province ]

~ MICHELLE MALKIN— Mark Steyn on trial …. (

~ ANORAK: Mark Steyn’s Trial …. (

~ DUST MY BROOM: “The hallmarks of hate” …. (dustmybroom)

~ ROBERT JAGO went ahead and made some wearable hate: “Been there. Done that. Bought the t-shirt” …. (rjjago)


5 thoughts on “Steyn Showtrial Day 2.2

  1. Honestly, I think the best course of action for Steyn, McCleans, Ezra Levant, Ms. Shaede and others is to simply say in the opening comments that this court is unconstitutional, We do not recognize this courts authority to rule on the legality of my client’s comments, thoughts, or to even blow your own freaking nose and you can all go straight to hell and to march out.

    Let them rule in absentia to string you up, take your home, and rape your women and then bludgeon them to death in the Canadian appellate courts and put an end to this “Courts Marsupial” once and for all.

  2. Because by attempting to defend yourself here, even after declaring that this court is illegal, you are admitting that the court has the right to rule in this and other issues.

    Saith Binks:

    I’m not an law-monkey, nor on the legal teams in question, but I think this might be likened to a dentist having to perform root-canal on a deeply impacted infected tooth. This rot is deep, and must be rooted out in a full-blown manner. “You want to be taken seriously? Deal.”

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