Steyn Showtrial Day 2.3

The Trial Of Steyn

The Knave Of Hearts

“The experience watching this witch trial is maddening. On the one hand the commissioners constantly said they did not follow normal rules of evidence or procedure, had not yet decided if they will rule on objective or subjective grounds, they did not care about jurisdiction, and so forth, yet on the other hand they expect you to rise when they enter and leave the courtroom like they are judges deserving respect. Most of the bloggers and regular folks such as myself had to restrain from guffawing and snorting at the absolute stupidity of what was occurring before our eyes.”

~ Via Ghost Of A Flea ~

~ LOTS OF UPDATES— “Liveblogging the BC HRT, Day Two: A Day That Will Live in Entropy.” Keep checking in all day …. (

~ FRESH EZRA GOODNESS GALORE— keep checking in… The Western Standard is famous-er! Will I get another complaint out of it? .. The other two blogs .. This is gonna be good! .. Fargo!; More on Barbara Amiel’s article; Fresh analysis of comedy; no more ‘Mohammedan‘; the noted Khurrum Awan, literary critic; Now they’re complaining about Mark Steyn’s review of a sit-com.. ; Rogers called it; Dammit!.. call it a morning stretch; Faisal Joseph rebuts McConchie — or tries, at least; More gaps in the disclosure; McConchie: let me tell you how real courts work …. (ezralevant)

~ UPDATE: DEBORAH GYAPONG— “Terry Milewski, please check this out” …. (deegee)

~ PUNDITA: “Day Two of the Kangaroo Court trial of Maclean’s Magazine. Lights! Camera Entropy!” …. (pundita)

~ UPDATED Jay Currie: Steyn Follies – Act III – “The Court Marsupial” …. (jaycurrie)

~ BREAKENRIDGE— “Maclean’s on Trial (Day 2)” …. (am770chqr)

~ RECAPPING BCHRC V. STEYN— “The absolute, bar none, highlight of DAY 1: Try to imagine a world… populated entirely by self-involved, over-agitated toddlers” …. (


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