Gobsmacking Goodness!

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The sad & sorry thing about the HRCs, sock-puppets, and bureaucrats involved is that– well, not to put to fine a point on it– not a lot of brain-power or education seems to be in evidence. We’ve tried to contribute to the intellectual pondering & taking-apart of the current situation in a little way. Having just gotten Tarek Fatah’s Chasing A Mirage from the global bazaar of eBay, thanks to a kind donor, I fully intend to read & ponder what this obviously thoughtful Canadian has to say about his community within Canada, and the wider world. Gasp!

That he is a Muslim is not essential to who he is (Oops.. was that a Multi-Culti sin just there?) as a thinker, though obviously it is part of what forms his outlook. He is a human; a man; a thoughtful and interesting person whose opinion is worth hearing. No wonder the screamers in the Mohammedan community want him and his MCC friends to shut up. I’m also not one of those conservative who hate immigrants and smelly Arabs and Muslims simply for being what they are. Knee Jerks come in left and right editions.

However, reason is reason– truth is truth; if a man or woman utters gibberish or popular duhspeak, it is not true because the speaker is sincere or important or of some pre-determined privileged class or group. The circus in the BCHRCT is precisely the result of clueless people with good intentions trying to make the world a better place, without regard to reality, reason, God, truth, consequences… or unintended tragic-comical hilarity.

Should Khurrum or Faisal or The Marsupial McNaughton to write a book (if they could), I’d not bother to read it. Sad to say, I could probably write it for them, and better: it wouldn’t be pleasant to write in the politically correct and radically political mode, but a reasoned and humbly truthful outlook is bigger, more truly expansive and inclusive than a stupid and arrogantly ignorant one. To put it another way: Steyn and Ezra understand The SockPuppets and company better than they understand themselves.

To make their point, The Socks & Company have engaged an expensive debacle in which they very much appear to be imploding with little help from anybody else. Tarek Fatah wants to speak to minds and hearts in a reasonable manner, even though that same moderation has earned him contempt from people like the PuppetMaster Mohamed Elmasry, and death threats from other Muslims. In Canada. On our streets.

Sorry, Socks– you’ve made your splash. It wasn’t a vault to the higher levels of greatness in Canadian history, but into the septic tank of soft-totalitarianism, clown-courts, and lying through your teeth.

Attention Muneeza & the other Puppet: run. Now. Far. Fast. Hurry. Khurrum’s a walking disaster, and his pants are on fire. There may still be a chance for you to not go down with Khurrum & Faisal & Elmasry’s Ship of Fools. Or maybe you really believe it all, which would be even sadder.

Perhaps you need to talk to all the OTHER Canadian Muslims who have no use for ElMo’s grandly named Supreme Ultimate Platinum Edition Canadian Islamic Congress of Ginormousness And Every Canadian Muslim Ever Anywhere Ever.. maybe start with reading Tarek’s new book; chatting with Salim Mansour, and going on from there.

Thanks, Mr. Elmasry. You and your ilk have– in the end– done a great service to Canada by setting the blogs afire, getting conservatives and people of good will working together, and outing the crazy tribunalism that has been quietly eating our freedom like a tapeworm. Nothing like a self-defenestrating enemy.


One thought on “Gobsmacking Goodness!

  1. Too bloody right. Of course you need to recognise that it is our response to the HRCs that makes up racist. We only complained about them when the Mohammedans started to use them…

    Thanks for all your wonderful work.

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