Steyn Showtrial 4.2

~ THE COYNE was online, but his battery died.. more later? “Liveblogging the Maclean’s Trial IV: Habib and Habib Not” …. (

~ MARK STEYN: But we were getting along so well! “Geez, these days I don’t seem able to step out of the house without committing a hate crime” …. (

~ STEYN: SHOW TRIAL LIVE! Wednesday. Steyn Trial Marked by End of Civilization; Mark Steyn on the low-fat cranberry muffin jihad …. (Various)

~ DEBORAH GYAPONG: “I can’t believe this!!!!!! Scaredy-pants!!!!!!!!!”; and “Sean Berry nails it” …. (

~ COLBY COSH – Muslims vs. Maclean’s: In a heartbeat, the story changes …. (

~ STRESS-Y PANTS! “We’re back, and the first item for business is Joseph demanding an apology for yesterday’s “scaredy-pants” outburst, which he says is causing his client “stress.” …. (GotR)

~ RECENT MEDIA— Radical views ‘not majority’; Muslims versus Maclean’s demeans tribunal’s standing; Steyn case puts free speech of every Canadian on trial; A freedom we can’t surrender …. (

~ NRO INTERVIEWS Andrew Coyne about the proceedings– “The British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal says so long to freedom of speech” …. (nro)

~ CHRC PROGRAM NOTES— “Ezra Levant will be appearing later this morning as a guest on John Gormley Live on the topic of Human Rights Commissions. You can catch the show online at the link” …. (sda)

~ GHOSTLY FLEA— Blunt talk from Ezra Levant to Naiyer Habib as the evil “human rights” farce continues in Vancouver. Habib tried to shake his hand. Levant refused, calling him a “bigot” and a follower of his “bigoted, Jew-hating boss”, Mohammed Elmasry; Ezra Levant: “I refused to shake his hand…” …. (ghostofaflea, 5fof)

~ MUST-READ PUNDITA– PRESTO! “Faisal Joseph’s hat trick: making the real reason for the Maclean’s hearing disappear” …. (

~ MORE REPORTAGE: “An excerpt of Mark Steyn’s book published in Maclean’s is full of negative Muslim stereotypes, according to a self-confessed “next best” expert” …. (

~ THE SHAIDLE— Steyn: “We are going to have a magazine under state regulation”; Free Republic named in Steyn’s hate crimes case; Indreck Wichman for man of the year. Sniff.. some people get all the tribunal-love and death-threats(5fof)

~ BLAZING CATFUR— “Mark Steyn & Andrew Coyne weigh in with their respective takes on the Sham Human Rights Trial thus far” …. (

~ ACTION DINO: “Do you have any idea how bad this looks? Yes it’s about HRC’s”…. (MaD)

~ DAILY BAYONET— BC Show Trial, Day Four: Can I Get A Witness?; A Protest Vote …. (dailybayonet)

~ SCARAMOUCHE (can you do the fandango?)– “‘Roo story: The NRO’s Mark Hemmingway has a good summary of how we got from there (having freedom) to here (sans freedom). It started back in the late 70s, continued when our Supreme Court deferred to our faux-courts” (scaramouche)

~ TIME IMMORTAL— “What passes for mainstream Catholic discussion in America is now the basis for a hate complaint in Canada.” …. (

~ VATICAN RADIO – Human Rights Tribunals Under Fire in Canada listen in …. (

~ MR. KHURRUM AWAN must understand that he is attacking a principle that Canadians hold sacred and, by doing so, HE TOO is exposing Muslims to hatred …. (

~ THANKS FOR THE PROPS: “Hinterland Who’s Who – Ian Fine of the CHRC or Canadian Weasel watching by Binky” …. (

~ AND HE’S NOT OK.. “Canadian Jihad: Bringing A New Meaning to ‘Your Neck of the Woods'”…. (Bayonet)


One thought on “Steyn Showtrial 4.2

  1. As a Canadian in Vancouver, I’m ECSTATIC that people away from Canada’s Left Coast are paying attention to the fiasco going on here this week. It’s a disgrace.

    I had the great pleasure to personally meet Mark Steyn today, one-on-one for several minutes.

    You may be interested to view two posts I’ve added this afternoon:

    * Khurrum Awan and your appearance on CKNW:
    * A video of Julian Porter outside of the Kangaroo Court:

    Robert W.

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