Steyn Showtrial 5.0

~ STEYN REPORTSSHOW TRIAL DAY FIVEOVERROOED! The troika is itching to convict, the trooth will out, and Andrew Coyne will be live-blogging intervenors and closing arguments direct from the Robson Square courthouse at 9.30am Pacific

~ An observation from Mark’s seat in court: Faisal Joseph seemed very confident yesterday – as well he might, after the “judges” ruled that the Canadian Islamic Congress is not relevant to this case. It’s getting worse by the minute.

~ Today Mark joins his old pal from the Conrad Black trial, Amanda Lang, on the Business News Network at 5.30pm Eastern/2.30pm Pacific, and later checks in with Right Girl on the Internet. You can hear yesterday’s appearance on The Al & Mike Show here.

~ Here’s the latest from the mainstream boys: from the Vancouver Province, Maclean’sencouraged hatred“, and from the Canadian Press a snoozeroo with a dubious headline. The Australian does a livelier job, as do Diana West on a mockery, a sham and an assault on freedom; and Ian King on the kangaroos’ leaps. Also: Colby Cosh chews over Khurrum’s credibility – and Vatican Radio weighs in. And Andrew Coyne talks free speech with National Review.

~ IN THE COURTROOM:But we were getting along so well…” Steyn not just Islamophobic but charmless.

~ Free speech and John Kerry’s “global test” – plus: A moderate Muslim on the Maclean’s trial; and what’s that sucking sound? Pundita on strategies and shakedowns. Also: Dr Levant, I presume: Historic Judeo-Muslim summit! One of Her Majesty’s more indiscreet ambassadors considers the “balanced eggshell numbskulls“. Sir Elton sings for Mark (and the bit about listening to “Candy Man” is poignant and very true).

~ “We’re not in Canada any more.” Actually, up north, America Alone is just released in paperback and back in the Top Ten. Amazon Canada has temporarily sold out, but the book’s available online from Chapters-Indigo – and don’t forget you can order your personally autographed copy exclusively from the Steyn Store… (Steyn)

~ VIA KATHY–Steyn: “Well, I think [Obama’s] flown the coop there”; “An observation from Mark’s seat in court” .. (Shaidle)

~ THE HUGH HEWITT SHOW: LIVE FROM KANGAROO COURT — Mark checks in from Vancouver .. (hughhewitt)

~ CANADA vs FREE SPEECH: A MODEL FOR THE WORLD– “Canadian “human rights” as viewed from Oz” .. (steynonline)

~ WESTERN STANDARD— Al & Mike Show Episode 26 – Mark Steyn .. (WS)

How this works: we’re running a news-smorgasbord. Only crazy people read everything. Of course, only really crazy people blog this much, but a WebElf with an invisible pirate-parrot is already out there, so what are you gonna do? Polly? Wanna invisible cracker? No, you can’t poop on Ian Fine. BAD Polly! ~ Binks

~ SCARAMOUCHE: Patsy and the Patsies: On the day when the B.C. ‘roos will be entertaining final arguments in the CIC v. Maclean’s, there’s only one appropriate song to parody:

Crazy, it’s crazy what’s happened to justice.
It’s crazy, crazy to deal with those ‘roos.
They’re judging without any compass to guide ‘em.
We the people are the ones who are fated to lose.
Sleepin’, all of us must have been sleepin’.
Wondrin’ how ’twas allowed to begin.
Crazy for thinkin’ our speech was protected.
We’re crazy for bowing, nuts for kowtowing,
And we’re crazy for letting ’em win.
Crazy for makin’ this Frankenstein monster.
We’re crazy for bowing, nuts for allowing,
And we’re crazy for letting ‘em win.

~ FRESH EZRANTING— “Toronto literati: 100% against section 13 “hate speech” law”; once gain, “Thank you, e-mailers for freedom!” .. (

~ DEBORAH GYAPONG— “The Trooth will out” .. (

~ THE MIGHTY COYNE: Liveblogging the Maclean’s Trial IV: Habib and Habib Not.. (macleans blog)

~ GHOST OF A FLEA— Tribeless, lawless, hearthless one: Jon Schaff asks whether vampires have rights .. (GoaF)

~ SCARAMOUCHE: Change of venue: Prior to the start of the B.C. show trial, Nayier Habib, the only B.C.-er involved in the CIC complaint, issued this call to supporters on the BC Muslims website: An Open Letter From Br Naiyer Habib .. (Scaramouche)

~ JUST SO LUCKY! “Salman Rushdie Is A Fortunate Man”; Shaidle agrees in spades, with bells on .. (Shaidle)

~ THE SHAIDLE— Today the lawsuit against us was mentioned in National Review! .. (5fof)

~ FOR THE LOVE OF GOD! Free Andrew Coyne! Need Evidence For Trial? Google It .. (downwitheverybody)

~ AMEN, KATHY— “When the history of this era is written… “Tarek Fatah will be remembered as the man who keep us Canadian infidels from hating all Muslims… and other Muslims will hate him for that, forever” .. (5fof)

Fatah Interview Part One

Interview: Part Two

~ FRESH PODCAST COOLNESS: Mark Steyn on Al and Mike .. (jc)

~ BLAZING CATFUR— Human rights tribunals like rent-a-cop, says Tarek Fatah .. (bcf)

~ PAGING LORD FAISAL! Joseph’s Best Kept Secret .. (

~ MAGIC STATISTICS.. Canadian “Human Rights” Commission lawyer urges submission to UN .. (MagiStats)

~ SPECIAL ROO-LAW RULES— British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal: Surprise Evidence OK .. (downwitheverybody)

~ JAY CURRIE: The Steyn Follies – 4th Intermission – Overrooed .. (JC)

~ MEDIA REPORTAGE— Crack Journalist Nails Down The Essence Of The Story; Roll Up For The Mystery Tour .. (dWe)

~ REMEMBER THAT IAN FINE SPEECH? THE CHRC has it online already. “Speaking notes for Mr. Ian Fine Director General and Senior General Counsel Dispute Resolution Branch, Canadian Human Rights Commission Human Rights and Free Speech: Where are the Limits? Opening Remarks During a Panel Discussion at the Canadian Association of Journalists National Conference and Annual General Meeting Saturday, May 24, 2008, Downtown Westin Hotel Edmonton, Alberta.” And you can now check the Binks’ abiity at audio transcribing .. (

~ BREAKENRIDGE— Maclean’s On Trial (Day 4 – The Eve of Conviction)– “Andrew Coyne suffers through another day (is there an award for that?) of the BC Human Rights Tribunal hearing against Maclean’s magazine and Mark Steyn. Once again, the Canadian Islamic Congress attorney and plaintiffs are trying to use the comments of others to hang the defendants” .. (

~ DOWN WITH EVERYBODY— Levant: Canadian Writers/Editors Want Abolishment Of HRC’s Speech Laws .. (dWe)

~ DUST MY BROOM— Freedom of speech is an American concept, so I don’t give it any value .. (dmb)

~ THE WORD SPREADS in Big-Boy World.. Ignatius Press – The PC machine keeps rolling across Canadal; and Toronto “Literati” may be against Section 13(1) – depending on how much wine they had when informal poll taken .. (bcf)

~ DAILY BAYONET: BC Show Trial, Day Four Summary: Process, What Process? .. (db)

~ COLBY COSH – Muslims vs. Maclean’s: In a heartbeat, the story changes .. (bcf)

~ ACTION DINO: This “Trial of the Century” is a news story that should be on the front page of every newspaper in Canada .. (bcf)

~ BLAZING CATFUR — BC HRT and the CIC v. Maclean’s Case — Life Imitates Art Imitating Life (Sadly) .. (bcf)

~ ACTION DINO: Support your Human Rights Commission, The HRC song! .. (MaD)

~ CATFUR: Keep your promise, Premier – Stand up for freedom of speech .. (BcF)

~ DAILY BAYONET— Canadian Jihad: Bringing A New Meaning to ‘Your Neck of the Woods’; BC Show Trial, Day Four: Can I Get A Witness? .. (DB)

The Evil ‘Roo Wants Your Freedom

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