Steyn Showtrial 5.1

~ VIDEO— Mike Duffy Live : Thursday, June 5, 2008 : Mark Steyn, Author of America Alone. Duffy : “The Inquisition of Mark Steyn is Underway” runs 4:42. Via .. (

~ DAILY BAYONET— The BC Show Trials, Day Five: Coyne’s Alive! “Liveblogging the Maclean’s Trial V: Stand and Deliver”; and BC Show Trials, Day Five: The Final Curtain .. (

~ EZRA LEVANT— “Friday updates — and a look ahead to my own show trial .. (

~ BLAZING CATNIP: “Final day of Canada’s Farcical Soap Opera “As the Roo Turns” .. (BCF)

~ SHAIDLE ON Steyn’s crime: using ‘sarcasm’ and ‘subtle, seemingly intellectual arguments’!; If these Muslims have been “silenced”…; OK, I really have to get to work .. (5fof)

~ ATTENTION IAN FINE! “The World Association of Newspapers and World Editors Forum today condemned the UN Human Rights Council for its “repeated efforts to undermine freedom of expression”.. we get it Ian: you’re busted, O trans-national soft-totalitarian! .. (Various)

~ PUNDITA MUST-READ— FUN @ KINDER-KOURT: “Objection! BC Human Rights Tribunal did not read the complainant’s complaint!” .. (Pundita)

~ MORE JAY CURRIE: “The Steyn Follies – Act VII – ‘Roo the Day” .. (jaycurrie)

~ SOCON BRINGS THE HARD TRUTH: “Two things for you to remember, dear reader:(1) The loss of religious freedom means the loss of civic freedom as well. The more people who don’t believe in religious freedom, the more people who will take away your freedom – any freedom. (2) This all started with the sex games we started to play. Christianity has been subverted, not because there is some kind of real intellectual or theological argument against it – although we’re good liars at trying to drum up reasons – but because we just can’t keep it in our pants.” .. (

~ DEBORAH GYAPONG— “Individual rights and collective rights–both good”; and “Get your hands off our Charter of Rights and Freedoms!”; Christians can play identity politics, too .. (DG)


~ SHAIDLE— “Mark Steyn is bigger than Jesus” .. “And for that we can thank a handful of Muslims,” writes Dan Gardner, who begs: “Censor my book — please!” .. (5fof,

~ ‘GAINST THE ARBITRARY RULES, YOU STUPIDS… “Maclean’s counsel not allowed to question conduct of Islamic congress” .. (theglobeandmail)

~ EN FRANCAIS— Liberté d’expression: Le catholicisme, un “crime haineux” au Canada ? Des chrétiens sympathisent avec Mark Steyn. “Des catholiques ont été condamnés pour propos haineux envers les homosexuels pour avoir promu l’enseignement traditionnel de l’église sur le mariage. Selon un site catholique important, « Le climat social actuel est celui d’une nouvelle forme de censure et de contrôle de la pensée, et les commissions des droits de la personne sont utilisées comme police de la pensée ». On y rappelle que le taux de condamnation sur les plaintes pour propagande haineuse portées devant le Tribunal canadien des droits de la personne est de cent pour cent.” 6 juin, par Annie Lessard, Marc Lebuis .. (

~ LOOK WHO’S LOOKING! PCO in the House. For the discretion of all you Jihadis, HRC agents, and government types, we don’t worry about who’s visiting– we know you’re there, and hope our work is giving you the info you need .. (jaycurrie)

~ KEEP YOUR PROMISE, PREMIER: Time for “human rights” reform in Alberta .. (calgaryherald)

~ KILLING & CHILLING Free Speech, Canadian Style, By Diana West .. (

~ MORE COYNE— In BC, sock puppets behaving badly .. (

~ SOCON.CA— Laughing At Us Down Under .. (

~ AFTER ALL, It’s a Small World; More of the Muslims Necessary .. (Bj, Socon)

~ SUPPORTERS on both sides closely following Maclean’s article case .. (canadianpress)

~ A NEW SONG: “Goodbye, Land of Trudeau” .. (

~ STUBBLE JUMPER: “I’d been thinking all morning about just who is exposing Muslims to hatred” .. (stubblejumpingredneck)

~ THE BIG TIME: “Five Feet of Fury’ Blog Introduced as Evidence in “Islamophobia” Trial of Mark Steyn” .. (downtowneastsideenquirer)

~ PROTESTERS Carry Blank Signs at BC Human Rights Tribunal Hearing for Author Mark Steyn .. (downtowneastsideenquirer)


2 thoughts on “Steyn Showtrial 5.1

  1. And now, out of the perfidious, purple fumes of Canada’s Hate ‘n Rage mongers we’ve got to concentrate our forces for Ezra, Savant, and the Bloggers.

    No doubt exclamation Mark will be manning the word-guns, blazing…

    America Alone, alive and ticking.

    ad nausilam sine jure

  2. I think it was Kathy Shaidle who suggested we at Covenant Zone use blank signs at our demonstration in support of free speech. I call it our “Steyn Demo Graphic.”

    Thank you, Kathy.

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