Steyn Showtrial Wrap-Up 1.0

The Scumbag Behind It All

Too Scaredy to Come to the BCHRCT Trial

Mohamed Elmasry, Canadian Islamic Congress (of Shari’a & Lawfare)

~ SCARAMOUCHINESS— “Make some noise: That’s the only way we’re going to persuade Canadians that their freedom defends on stripping the Human Rights apparatchniks of their power. Right, Smokey?” …. (scaramouche, youtube)

Maybe they think that speech ain’t really free,
Since they can run right to an HRC.
And maybe they think we won’t put up a fight,
And the urge to stifle freedom is a “right”

Oh, Mr. E, in that case we will rant and roar.
We do believe that we were better off before.
Oh, if we want our freedom back,
If we got that notion,
We’ll second that commotion.
If we feel like tellin’ ‘roos
Go jump into the ocean,
We’ll second that commotion.

Maybe you think there’s nothin’ left to lose,
And there’s no problem givin’ power to ‘roos.
Or maybe you think we’re acting like such fools
Abiding by their cockamamie rules.

Oh, Mr. Steyn, in that case we will all talk back.
We do believe it’s crazy to empower a hack.
Oh, if we want democracy,
If it’s our devotion,
We’ll second that commotion.
Said, if we want the HRCs
To go jump in the ocean.

We’ll second that commotion.

The Canadian Press interviews Mark at the Robson Square courthouse, with more from some anonymously snide fellow at CTV News, and comment thereupon from Kate & Co. And Steyn speaks to the CBC, Toronto Star et al outside the courthouse. What kind of punishment might the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal order? Ezra Levant looks next door, and finds a truly revolting judgment.

~ STEYN WATCHES AS TRIBUNAL WINDS UP: The National Post‘s Brian Hutchinson on the big finish. Plus: Julian Porter on fire; Andrew Coyne live-blogs intervenors and closing arguments, and Jay Currie goes whaling. Steyn accused of illegal use of “sarcasm” (just like the notorious Piranha Brothers). The feline blazer predicts acquittal; Pundita is unimpressed; and this write-up captures much of the flavour of the trial. On the other hand: “Mark Steyn, douchebag of liberty“.

~ The closings: Julian Porter, QC; Roger McConchie; the Canadian Civil Liberties Association; and the Canadian Association of Journalists/British Columbia Civil Liberties Association.

~ The mainstream boys have their say: “Beware slippery slope” (The Globe And Mail); “Rights watchdogs in the spotlight” (The Cape Breton Post); “Some human rights complaints are frivolous,” concedes CJC rabbi. The St Louis Post Dispatch has been watching the case from down south: “Wither Freedom Of Speech.” And in an alarming development The Leduc Representative of Leduc, Alberta condescends to Steyn and attributes to him statements that appear nowhere in Maclean’s or America Alone. “Steyn Tribunal Closely Watched,” says The Winnipeg Free Press less contentiously. Here’s more from the mainstream boys: The Toronto Star reports on Faisal Joseph’s closing. From Trevor Lautens in The North Shore News, “a dream turned nightmare“. The National Post‘s Brian Hutchinson has a big wrap on “missing the point“. Plus: “What Can Writers Say?

~ “CENSOR MY BOOK – PLEASE“: Steyn is Britney with knickers, complains flagrant hermaphrodite Dan Gardner

~ IN THE COURTROOM: “But we were getting along so well…” Steyn not just Islamophobic but charmless.

~ “We’re not in Canada any more.” Actually, up north, America Alone is just released in paperback and back in the Top Ten. Amazon Canada has temporarily sold out, but the book’s available online from Chapters-Indigo – and don’t forget you can order your personally autographed copy exclusively from the Steyn Store… (Steyn)

~ COYNIANISM: The Linkery of the past nightmare week that has scarred him for life …. (

Smashing Canadian Smuggery

~ EZRA LEVANT— What could Mark Steyn’s punishment look like? Look at Alberta: “Christian pastor ordered to publicly renounce beliefs”? Let’s remember another time when totalitarians forced clergy to make impossible decisions: “Martyr of Charity” …. (ezralevant)

The Ezra Of Pure Evilousity

~ DEBORAH GYAPONG— Someday these words will be in history books; The Boissoin rooling; Moby Dick really about the size of MLTJF’s, er, pinky ring …. (

~ MO’ SCARAMOUCHE: Steyn sweats the big stuff: Mark Steyn says he wants to lose the thrilla in Vancouvah, but fears the ‘roobunal will rule against him because the CIC’s attorney was so “staggeringly inept.” …. (scaramouche)

~ THE FECKWITTED Toronto Star: Freedom Of The Press So Interesting, We Think It Deserves 138 Words …. (downwitheverybody)

~ SCARAMOUCHE— “Not nearly enough: An editorial in the Globe and Mail calls for British Columbia’s “hate provision” to be “excised” …. (scaramouche)

~ LA SHAIDLE— Pathetic: it took a whole “staff” to write this piece of crap?; Confirmed: My blog made Khurrum “Hamster Balls” Awan sad; It took all my strength to bring myself to post… this; “Good God, the plaintiffs are quoting Martin Luther King Jr. in their summation”; We are better than you. Why not just shut up and accept it? (Part of a continuing series…) …. (

~ BREAKENRIDGE— Maclean’s On Trial (Day 5: The Farce’s Finale); Controversial Columns; and Alberta’s Free Speech Problem; Qaddafi & Credibility – A Closer Look …. (

~ SOCON.CA— “The New State Religion: “Putting all these together, what is going on here? “These complaints are not about hate speech at all. These complaints seek a fundamental change in speech regulation by human rights authorities which would empower tribunals across the country to force magazines and newspapers to publish replies at equal length” to articles that some group disagrees with — ie a statutory right of reply” …. (

~ DAILY BAYONET— BC Show Trials, Day 5 Summary: Coyne’s Busted for Broadcasting! Rights Tribunal Bans Reporting From The Hearing Room – On Last Day Of Hearing …. (dailybayonet, DwE)

~ EN FRANCAIS— Liberté d’expression: Le catholicisme, un “crime haineux” au Canada ? Des chrétiens sympathisent avec Mark Steyn. “Des catholiques ont été condamnés pour propos haineux envers les homosexuels pour avoir promu l’enseignement traditionnel de l’église sur le mariage. Selon un site catholique important, « Le climat social actuel est celui d’une nouvelle forme de censure et de contrôle de la pensée, et les commissions des droits de la personne sont utilisées comme police de la pensée ». On y rappelle que le taux de condamnation sur les plaintes pour propagande haineuse portées devant le Tribunal canadien des droits de la personne est de cent pour cent.” 6 juin, par Annie Lessard, Marc Lebuis …. (

~ KATE @ SDA— Look Everyone! It’s A Book Review! By CTV “news” staff; The Robson Square Witch Trials …. (sda)

~ DOWN WITH EVERYBODY— Lawyer To Human Rights Tribunal: Mine Is The Most Bestest Case In History!; and What Would The New York Times Do? …. (downwitheverybody)

~ LORD FAISAL for the prosecution… If only Canada were more like Saudi Arabia …. (

~ “FREEDOMS”? You know I used to like Tom and I really hope Mr Brodbeck didn’t write this, but …. (MaD)

2 thoughts on “Steyn Showtrial Wrap-Up 1.0

  1. John G. Diefenbaker quote: I am a Canadian, free to speak without fear, free to worship in my own way, free to stand for what I think right, free to oppose …

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