We Regret To Inform You

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It’s easy to rant.. and fun to rip and snort superficially on a topic. Simple answers are fun to use as a club to beat others over the head: it’s a failing of our fallen human natures. Thus, here at FreeMarkSteyn, the Rants & Screeds Department doesn’t get much business– because we respect our audience too much to give them cheap & easy stuff.

With that said, it’s become clear through this controversy to a lot of Canadians– on the left and right and middle– that something is wrong with Canada. We have, quietly busy in our midst, soft totalitarians who are quietly working and hoping for various forms of soft-totalitarianism. Whether Jihad or a UN-mandated free-speech-free utopia, in one sense it doesn’t much matter.

Traitors In Our Midst

Of course, those Canadians who are not recent immigrants from various religious dictatorships are worse. The fact that they’re not advocating our takeover by a Hitler or Stalin may fool us slightly, as do the odd forms of warfare and political conflict we face today from non-state enemies.

Yet, to wish and work for the overthrow of the freedoms of some, then more, then everybody; to seek to muzzle faithful Christians; to create joke-courts which would make “Raving Roland” Freisler* proud (though he’d suggest the addition a handy guillotine to quiet uppity enemies of the state).. well, as one of the good lawyers said in BC this week, we’ve already been there, done that in the past 75 years.

Herr General Freisler didn’t much believe in rules of evidence, innocence or guilt, truth, due process, fair comment, qualified witnesses, freedom, true justice, or any other such frivolities. His spiritual grand-children are emerging in Canada, in the investigation and workings of the HRCs, and their Marsupial Court tribunals. Of course, he too was only trying to Make The World A Better Place.

The Cost Of Freedom

That the Hitlerian-Stalinite showcourt of the BCHRCT was taking place in the same time as we remember the costly victories of D-Day and beyond only highights the evil and injustice and traitorous nature of those who are trying to tear down and throw away that very civilization which was only preserved against one form of Leftist totalitarian evil by battles on sea, land, and air by hundreds of thousands of Canadian, American, and British troops, planes, and ships.

In a posting on FreeMarkSteyn.com the other day we quoted:

“Just something to remember: 64 years ago today Canadian and other allied troops stormed the beaches of France to begin the final takedown of the totalitarian Nazi regime. Those Canadian, British,American, Polish and French soldiers fought and died to protect us and to preserve the freedoms that characterize democracy. Think of that as we behold this Tribunal, and think of how far we have fallen. Have we betrayed the ideals who went ashore on 6 June 1944? During WW I John McCrae wrote “If ye break faith with us who die/We shall not sleep/Though poppies grow/In Flanders Fields.” Are those poor guys spinning in their graves?”

After reading that, Christian blogger & writer Denyse O’Leary then wrote to some of us (quoted with permission):

“If ye break faith with us who die … ”

Friends, my own father, who is nearly ninety, phoned me the other night and said that very thing (but less articulately). He reminded me that he had fought in the war. He was in Bomber Command. Most of the men he fought with died. (He was shot down but survived and escaped – a rare thing.)

Why?, he said, re Mark Steyn. How can this be happening? He had read Mark’s book and a number of his articles.

I said, Dad, I am doing what I can. I am getting to be an old woman, so I don’t need to live more. I will take any honourable risk. But I don’t know just what to do and when.

The one thing I could tell Dad for sure is this: Don’t take it out on Muslims. Most Canadian Muslims are not supporting this. The few who do are birds of passage flying flags of convenience.

No, I said, the type of people who built the Berlin Wall survived. Now they are building this. Do you understand?

He said he did. I hope it helps.

But the people who hate freedom so much will not go away just because we shout “#$%$##$%%!” at them. Especially not when they are totally entrenched.

I am sure that Ezra is right and that we must make it about people losing their ridings or their chances of promotion or their cushy grants.

Cheers, Denyse

Spare A Loogie

So, freedom-haters, the next time you see a Vet or attend a Remembrance Day Service, you might as well spit on a veteran, and maybe flash them a “Zeig Heil!” Make Roland Freisler proud. It really doesn’t matter if you’re “Just following orders doing your job”– you’ve already chosen sides. O tinpot tyrannical twit from some HRC hoping to silence a God-loving priest, a freedom-loving author, a Canada-loving lawyer, and all the rest of us not willing to bend the knee to evil, however soft, reasonable, and persistant it may seem.

You silent media-watchdogs: hang your heads, O gutless and unCanadian labradoodles, aiding and abetting evil and those who would silence you and all Canadians forever.

You truth-haters and freedom-haters simply do not deserve Canada; the sacrifices of her warriors; the sweat of her builders and fore bearers; the strength of her people; the prayers of her churches; the pride of her history. And you modern Nazi-defenders and Stalinites, I will fight for your freedoms and rights, then remorselessly expose and demolish the putrefaction of your evil views. Canada belongs to those who love her and the freedoms of her people of past, present, and future generations.

Sadly, this is the state of Canadian democracy in the early 21st century.

We been warned.

~ Binks

* P.S., Dear Shaidle: Some of us use WikiPedia only after checking the basic historical accuracy, and as a way to let the non-expert get an introduction to a topic. It can be biased, tendentious, shallow, and all the rest, but it’s better than throwing off-putting gobs of text at people.

D-day by today’s media standards

“I am a Canadian,
a free Canadian,
free to speak without fear,
free to worship in my own way,
free to stand for what I think right,
free to oppose what I believe wrong,
free to choose those who shall govern my country.
This heritage of freedom I pledge
to uphold for myself and all mankind.”

Prime Minister John Diefenbaker, July 1, 1960, House of Commons
& enshrined in the Canadian Bill of Rights.

9 thoughts on “We Regret To Inform You

  1. If that doesn’t stoke the passion for freedom in the Canadian breast, there is nothing left to stoke. 😉

    Seriously Binks, you have an uncanny way of capsulizing complex issues which is quite useful and welcome.

    I’m glad the term soft totalitarianism has now entered the dialogue in this HRC debate, as it certainly relates directly to the mindset and agenda of the activists in the HRC bureaucracies and their enabling client NGOs. Like so many other social engineering projects of the “new transnational progressive”, totality is an underlaying tool to actuate their agendas.

    Soft totalitarianism is essentially a way of a radically divergent ideology , invading, changing and occupying a society without armed conflict…it is done trough the courts and bureaucracies, gradually, in a form of political incrementalism (colloquially know as “boiling a frog”).

    This tack is not new as it was suggested by the originators of transnational statist socialism, the Fabian society of Britain, some 120 years ago. Obviously modern Fabian socialists have adopted much of this method for reengineering a society into the controlled feudal bee hive society of Fabian utopia.

    Soft totalitarianism is very accurate and appropos phraseology in the case of HRC mission creep…but it can also just as easily apply to gender politics, reproductive and population politics, secularist politics, identity politics, victim group politics, equivalence politics, Jurocratic activist politics, green/sustainablity/climate politics and civilian disempowerment politics. ALL these fabian engineering projects have shared the use of soft totalitarianism in agenda actuation.

    More importantly, the enabling NGOs and activists in all these soft totalitarian projects have left foot prints that lead right to a Turtle Bay committee.

    You now know where the head of the beast is located. This is where your sword must strike to make an effective killing blow to incrimentalist soft totalitarianism in this nation.

  2. Bravo Binks that brought a tear to my eye, give your dad a hug for me. Regarding Macleans and Mr. Steyn, I don’t consider the issue to be Muslims versus the rest of us. I perceive it to be a battle between Political Arms of Islam using our laws to silence us, it’s soft Jihad but Jihad never the less.

    The left use racism and intolerance to justify their spread of communism under the guise of Socialism. The far left love the word socialism, it conjours up images of us feeding the starving masses and giving out free condomns to homeless people. When the public hears the name HRCs they smile and gasp with smug pleasure, it’s viewed as a tool of tolerance and fairness. So many Canadians can’t grasp what the HRCs have evolved into, arms of the state that enforces the employees marxist ideology under the guise of “Tolerance”. They’ve been legally allowed to hyjack the HRCs without a murmour of desent.

    Well I’m not murmouring I’m screaming in rage, I will not allow these marxist/communist employees of the HRC to stand in judgement of me. They are the mirror image of hate and intolerance, they’ve become the very thing they were designed to eradicate. Like most parisites they’ve destroyed the host and now control the rotting body. When they are done feeding off the Christians’ bodies they’ll attack another groups ideology, they need to be stopped.

  3. Canada is under attack, and it is our own fault.

    We let the cancer of lies grow and thrive in the halls of government. We snickered and joked about their ethics, while we shook our heads and complained to each other. We did not hold them to account.

    Now the aggressor has control of our defences. Their sugar coated propaganda worked. We sucked the poison willingly from their teat and placidly and mindlessly gave up our freedom.

    The people of Canada have become the enemies of Canada. We are a nation of ones, hiding in our houses. Not a group, we have no unity, we have no strength. If we do not join together and retake our Country, they will pick us off one-by-one until Canada is no more.

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