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  1. It is proper that Mark Steyn is being processed by a leading thought
    tribunal. There is probably no greater threat to Canadian collective
    mind than Mark Steyn and the running dogs that support him. The
    proletariat does not maintain 12 monitoring agencies staffed by
    experts in thought for no reason.

    Steyn had to be stopped. Flaunting his international reputation as a
    writer spewing facts and figures like they pertain to issues that
    Canadians do not discuss. Canadians will not to be exposed to his
    tyranny of confusing thoughts not in the press and certainly not in
    our journalism universities as Dr. Sister Hirji so clearly points out

    Do you think Liberal Gerry and Liberal Heather were given a monopoly
    on Canadian books so the likes of Steyn could sell his subversive
    thoughts? Well you are mistaken, just try and find a feature display
    of best selling books by Steyn in our national stores. Or cartoons of
    the Great One for that matter. Do you think that they are on your side
    just because they fly around in an American registered corporate jet.
    Well you are very much mistaken.

    All right thinking people know that Great Leader Elliot’s vision for
    our Nation is proper and right. Do you think that Brilliant Leader
    Cretian or Pink Sunset Romanow, that did our glorious health care
    review do not know what is best for us? Our Constitution very clearly
    excludes free speech as interpretated by our glorious Supreme court and empowers our wise and magnificent government to decide the best outcome for all Canadians with the proper genetic coding. Limiting the power of government with a Constitution is a foolish American concept. Pardon me while I spit in disgust.

    Do you think our glorious Supreme court will manufacture some
    constitutional right to free speech as if it was some kind of sexual
    practice and not an ugly American concept. The Supremes have been hand picked to ensure proper outcomes. They have been chosen by Our Great Leaders to ensure the thoughts of our Bien Pensants are not soiled by your so called democracy and it’s I want to do this and I want to do that Anglo-American Attitude.

    Who does Steyn think he is to associate Hezbollah or Hamas with The
    Religion just because they say they are? These freedom fighters could
    just as easily be motivated by Christianity. We are not fooled by that
    turn the other cheek, do on to others as they would do on to you
    crapola. Do you think it is an accident our National paper- the Star
    or our glorious CBC never mention terrorists or Islam or Muslims
    together in a sentence or even use the word terrorist. Do you think it
    an accident that people like Dr. Hirji an expert in vampire slaying
    Buffys and Queen Latiffa lecture in our universities to our young and
    budding propertruthists. Clearly our noble sister should be fast tracked for
    tenure at Carlton UofJ.

    Steyn’s education by Kulture Kommissar MacNaughton is already underway. He will think twice about publishing in Canada when we are finished with him. He can get back into his Live Free or Die SUV and drive south. If Steyn wasn’t’ stopped he would undoubtedly go on to imply that our great nation was founded on Christian Judeo principles and that these
    influences are important to who we are. We all know that is an untruth.

    The reactionary dogs at the National Post do their readers a
    disservice to refer to our proper review of Steyn as happening in a
    court room. A court room implies legal niceties. We do not have time
    for such things while the minds of Canadians are being filled with
    sedition. This is a process room. Canadians and the press need to be
    reminded of that. What fools bring an expensive lawyer to a process?
    Propertruth is Justice, Justice is Propertruth.

    We are not fools, your truth has been specifically excluded as a
    defence. Kulture Kommissar Judge MacNaulton has been chosen by virtue
    of her demonstrated correct thoughts to deal with the likes of Steyn
    and Macleans and it’s new non vapid format. To quote Kommissar
    Judge MacNaughton “We will be able to determine what we think is
    appropriate and what is not”.

    Why shouldn’t’ a Carlton University expert in vampire slaying Buffys
    be qualified as an expert by our seers of propertruth to comment on
    what Steyn was saying instead of what he actually wrote? Can we trust
    the likes of Steyn and his oh so clever wordings to communicate
    without interpretation? I think not! This is an open invitation to
    thought anarchy! We remember when Macleans dealt in about proper
    thoughts and truths before it was subverted by impure influences such
    as Steyn. Macleans education has begun.

    The Watcher

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