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Mark Steyn of Defiant FreeSpeechiness

~ VIA STEYN– CANADA vs FREE SPEECH.. NOTES ON A SHOW TRIAL: Some impressions of the week. Daily Bayonet: “Tears of a Clown?” … (

~ IN THE CORNER: TOLERANCE! “Your America Alone Story of the Day ” … (nrotc)

~ LIVE FROM KANGAROO COURT! THE HUGH HEWITT SHOW: Mark checks in from Vancouver … (hughhewitt)

~ SELECTIVE ATTENTION— “An epidemic of gay-bashing by Muslims in “the most tolerant city in Europe” goes unreported… while in Canada Lori Andreachuk, Alberta “human rights” commissar, sentences an evangelical pastor to a lifetime speech ban” … (

~ THE STEYNMEANWHILE, BACK AT THE SHOW TRIAL… FREE STEYN – AND FREE CANADA — The editors of National Review on the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal – plus: The Great White North is a Brave New World. Also: Canadian thought police examine American web sites, reports The Washington Times; “Ghastly” and “anti-democratic,” says The Arizona Republic; “An assault on free speech,” says The Vancouver Sun; “O, Stalinoid Canada,” says The American Thinker; “Human rights case angers free-speech fans,” says The South China Morning Post. From the Globe And Mail letters page: “Shameful absence” of due process, says Jiti Khanna, with more support from R G Fulton and Bob Herron. Undeterred, the Head Sock makes new demands, while Michael Boudreau twitters about a “delicate balance“.

~ On the subject of “responsible journalism” (see below), The Washington Times has given more news coverage to this subject than The Globe And Mail and The Toronto Star combined. They continue today with: “Canada mulling rights probe” – a story entirely missing from newspapers up north save for The St Catharines Standard.

~ In a post-show trial interview, Mark talks to Wendy Sullivan, Girl on the Right.

~ STEYN IS NOT A RESPONSIBLE JOURNALIST: J-school prof John Miller, who attempted to intervene on behalf of the Canadian Islamic Congress, makes the case for why Maclean’s content should be regulated by the state. Mark Bourrie*, Sean Berry, Deborah Gyapong and PelaLusa have further food for thought.

(*Just to clarify, because there seems to be some confusion among Mr Bourrie’s commenters, Professor Miller tried to intervene at the BCHRT on the complainants’ side – in support of a court-ordered sanction against Maclean’s. Although he was denied standing at the trial, there is no doubt from his application that he is in favour of state-mandated content regulation for journalists who do not meet his exacting standards.)

~ Is the Canadian Islamic Congress in the pay of Mark’s publicist? Is Mullah Krekar? Is Elmo? (See also Sunday’s Vancouver Province)

~ A question for the summer barbecue circuit. In Alberta, non-victim cleans up at real victim’s expense. From Britain, the great Natalie Solent says “Canada is no longer a free country.” Plus: some comments on deleted comments.

~ Don’t forget the book that started it all, America Alone, is just released in paperback and back in the Top Five. Amazon Canada has temporarily sold out, but the book’s available online from Chapters-Indigo – and you can order your personally autographed copy exclusively from the Steyn Store .… (Steyn)

~ HIM USE SMART FANCY WORDS! “..Then they say that Steyn’s use of the word ‘obligatory’ was “sarcastic.” Just like our mean old punctuation, huh? Mean old big-boy intellectual make you weepy?;Lefty Prof says Steyn not enough of a dingbat to be a responsible journalist” … (MaD)

~ THE STEYNIAN PLOT! When Deaths Outnumber Births — The Parable of Pittsburgh. How does Mark do it? … (Mohlerism)

Ezra Rocks The Blogs

~ WORD SPREADS FARTHER.. Washington Times reports on proposed Parliamentary review of CHRC … (ezralevant)

~ UNSPEAKABLE COMMENT! Pure Evil! Four porcine protesters … (Ez)

~ FRESH EZRANTING ON VIDEO— YouTube of my interview on Rob Breakenridge’s The World Tonight … (

~ WORD FROM A TINPOT ISLAMIC DICTATORSHIP— Pakistan to Europe: abolish free speech, or else. Tarek Fatah, in his new book, reminds us that Pakistan is a failed state, and a missed opportunity … (ezralevant)

~ EZRA NOTES THAT The Conservative Party headquarters — still using the old talking points … (

~ REMEMBERING THE PUNISHMENTS— Via Ezra Levant. Mark could get “A Boissoining” … (

~ KRAALSPACE— “Better dead than rude”; Small Dead Animals had this excerpt of a debate between Ezra Levant and Ian Fine of the HRC. If you haven’t been following this story, it’s hard to get everything Ezra is saying – he’s trying to educate noobs in just 5 minutes, so he talks fast and packs tons of information into a direct address to the audience. He’s also excitable and energetic, so there’s just a torrent of words and gestures coming off him … (Kspace)

Being Legally Bullied? Innocent? Join Ezra’s Crew Now!


~ SELF-CONGRATULATIONS! The Ontario Human Rights Commission is pleased to invite you to the Canadian Association of Statutory Human Rights Agencies (CASHRA) 2008 annual conference! Here’s the list of speakers. No word when the BBQ with Steyn/ Levant effigy burnings will take place (weather depending) … (

~ OUR COUNTRY: AN international embarrassment! “Canada Orders Pastor to Renounce His Faith”.. you know, like in old Roman times. Or the USSR.. or Nazi Germany. The Curt Jester: “I guess the right to freedom of religion is not a right in Canada” … (CE, CJ)

~ THE PUNDITA— Only Steyn: “Before I got involved with Section 13 matters I’d read Mark Steyn maybe three times, so one of the unexpected perks of my efforts to stay abreast of the doings in Canada is that I visit Steyn’s website every day” … (Pundita)

~ CATFUR SNAGS: Dr. Mark Mercer of St. Mary’s University – An opportunity for mainstream media to redeem themselves … (BCF)

~ THE SELF-IMPLODING Lying Mohammedan Khurrum Awan threatens Canadian Media – Barb Hall nods in grateful dhimmitude; and “Sock Demands!”… (

~ GYAPONG: BOISSOIN-STOMPER Darren Lund on TV last night; So, what if the law advocated slavery or chopping off hands, huh? … (DG)

~ TEH SHAIDLE— Globe & Mail hosts live chat about free speech today 1PM EST; : UBC president talks about free speech; GirlOnTheRight interviews Mark Steyn, post Show Trial; Steyn’s accuser and the guy who hates my blog, Khurrum “Al Sharpton, Jr.” Awan, issues typical Muslim threats … (

~ CANUCKI UNFREEDOMS— “In one of the week’s great ironies, Coyne was told to stop his live blogging Friday. He could continue typing into his machine, but no transmitting from the courtroom: You have free speech, Andrew, but keep it to yourself” … (,

~ WASHINGTON TIMES— Trial cites U.S. Web sites: Magazine in court over Islam article, Americans’ words. And “Canada’s Conservative government is considering a probe of the investigation techniques used by the Canadian Human Rights Commission, which have been widely criticized as a threat to free speech and due process” … (WaTimes)

~ DOWN WITHE EVERYBODY!– Witness In Maclean’s Case: Law Is Practically Useless Because Of Attorney-General Supervision; and apparently a certain Human Rights Chief Moonlights As TV Consultant … (DwE)

~ APPARENTLY this letter by Stephen Boissoin was the pure evil that got him silenced and fined by the UberMan Darren “I’ll Tell You Your Opinion!” Lund. Seems mostly factual to us. Here is another obviously homophobic document which is far stronger than Boissoin’s, though– oopsies– it’s written by a gay man who’s had enough of militant same-sex bullying and extremism in an article entitled “Homosexuals Against Pride Extremism”. Here’s Boissoin’s own site, detailing his defenestration by the Alberta HRC– the same brains-trust trying to explode Ezra Levant’s freedoms. Yes, we’ve posted these docs online on our hate-mongering freedomized blog … (Various)

~ MORE MEDIA! Globe & Mail hosts live chat about free speech today 1PM EST … (fivefeetoffury)

~ KATHY SHAIDLE: “Hell, I’d settle for $400/hour, plus plane fare! Julian Porter, QC and Canadian lawyer extraordinaire, made the following summation for the defense at the Mark Steyn Show Trial; Journalists: our moral and intellectual superiors!” … (5fof)

~ KATE @ SDA: “You are not judges, you are jokers”; I Disapprove Of What You Say … (sda)

~ ACTION DINO— Secret HRC staff meeting? … (marginalizedactiondinosaur)

~ CENSORING/ SILENCING THE BLOGS— “My favorite Aussie blogger, Kevin at Aussie News and Views, is being forced by TYPEPAD to take down a huge chunk of his blog” … (atlasshrugs2000)

~ O, STALINOID CANADA! By James Lewis. “If you want to look ahead to the United States under Barack Obama and a an expanded Congressional majority for the Democrats, consider Canada” … (

~ NP’s LORNE GUNTER— “Lots of choice. Little freedom: The material plenty offered by our consumer culture hides a creeping erosion in the liberties that truly matter” … (

~ WELL LOOK AT MR. BOSSY-SOCK! Sock thingy Khurrum Awan is demanding an “equal voice” for Muslims in the Canadian media. Apparently, this lack of “equality” is why the truth about Islam (which, as we know, is no defence if it leads to hurt feelings) keeps finding its way into print … (scaramouche)

~ SOCON.CA— Rev. Boissoin Gets Bounced by the Kangaroos; and “Another Creator of the HRCs Repents!” … (Pachecoism)

~ MACADAMIA— Over in Russia… They’re already using the Sockpuppet Solution … (

~ NATIONAL REVIEW: Mark Steyn” – NRO Editorial; The Great White North is a Brave New World … (nrotc)

~ JAY CURRIE: “Blogging will be light.. Write the emails, talk to your friends, and make a point of asking at least one politician of whatever party, “What are you doing to protect free speech from Human Rights Commissions?” … (jaycurrie)

~ HURRAY FOR CANADA! Free speech held hostage by tribunal … (

~ THE BOISSANDWICH: Ed Stelmach supoports taking away charter right 2 from Christians … (MaD)

~ WINNEPEG: “First up, if the state doesn’t like the way you think, they’ll take your kids away from you” … (

~ DAILY BAYONET— Give Us Access or Give You Consequences … (

~ EN FRANCAIS— Analyse: L’immigration musulmane dans le monde post 11/9, par le torontois Salim Mansur. “L’Occident a contribué de manière significative à la montée de l’islamisme par sa naïveté, son ignorance, et sa réticence à déclarer publiquement que l’islamisme est une idéologie inacceptable dans les démocraties libérales. S’il échoue à exiger des immigrants musulmans qu’ils respectent les valeurs occidentales, l’Occident fera face au démantèlement insidieux des valeurs et de la culture politique qui font une société libre”. 9 juin, par Annie Lessard, Marc Lebuis … (

~ BLAZING CATFUR: Magazine in court over Islam article, Americans’ words … (

~ BRIT-TWIT Human Rights Chief Moonlights As TV Consultant; UK Flies Gay Pride Flag Over Embassy In Poland … (downwitheverybody)

~ STOP THE ACLU: The Fight for Free Speech … (

~ FIGHTING FOR FREE SPEECH: It will require a hands-on effort to keep our government’s hands off the Internet — but it is a battle worth waging … (

~ VIA CATFUR: “Rightgirl interviews Mark Steyn on Brassballs Radio – impolite,impolitic, immeasurably Anti-Islamofascist” … (

~ BCHRCT HIJINX: McNaughton’s law or don’t throw tranny from the train: Here’s a press release from back in 2002, detailing one of the B.C. ‘roos’ previous rulings. Laugh? I thought I’d cry … (scaramouche)

~ CELESTIAL JUNK: The Marxist Muslim Alliance in Australia– “In Canada we are fighting our own battle for freedom of speech, with Canadian Human Rights Commissions doing their best to gradually crush our ability to offend others … lucky for us, their cheerleaders include former Liberal hacks and clowns like Warren (the weasel) Kinsella, who do nothing but boost our cause every time they speak … talk about “little Eichmanns” … what about little “Stalins”. And these guys once held the reins of power in Canada … makes one shudder” … (CJ)

~ CATFUR— Breaking: Satan renounces Canadian Human Rights Commission … (

~ SCARAMOUCHE— Well looky here: The CIC’s HRC complaints about Maclean’s magazine has its own Wikipedia entry–some of which needs to be updated … (scaramouche)

~ MORE PUNDITA— “A schema reveals the Obama Way”; and The Obama Way Schema, Part 2. On Messianic Mass Movements; He’s Not The Messiah, He’s Just a Lightworker. Obama Site Scrubbed of Anti-Jewish Stuff (At the Official Obama Site: 57 Flavors of Crazy) … (Pundita, Nrotc, lgf)

Living Colour-Cult Of Personality

Jihadaroony! It’s All Your Fault

~ KILL KILL KILL— Muslim-Canadian threatens death to infidels II … (dustmybroom)

~ CELESTIAL JUNK: “When No Infidel is in Sight … kill a fellow Muslim!” … (

~ TRAITOR-WATCH: Jack Layton reaches out to Jew haters … (

~ ENGLAND: Circling The Drain? “The Church of England claims Muslim receives a disproportionate amount of attention in Labour government policy. Communities Secretary, Hazel Blears replies”; Dhimmi of the Day… (Ghost Flea)

~ PAGING IAN FINE! “The Sharia-compliant ‘Cairo Declaration of Human Rights in Islam’ (CDHRI) charter, adopted by 45 Muslim nations 45 Muslim nations in August 1990 and officially supported by the Organization of Islamic Conference in June 2000, is being touted to replace the United Nation’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) by Islamic nations. The recently adopted UN resolution which denounces Islamophobia and criticisms of Islam paves the way forward for the CDHRI eventually to replace the UDHR at the UN” … (

~ THE HEROIC BOLTON FIGHTS THE ONE WORLDERS: SAY NO TO LISBON TREATY– “The political elites in Europe mean to have their way despite the will of the people”; sidekick moustache brings the hurt … (atlasshrugs2000)

~ THE CORNER: Shades of Steyn! Our Friends the Pakistanis Threaten — er, I Mean, Request the EU to End Free Expression … (

~ FRONTPAGE MG: Why Arabian Gulf Countries Donate to US Universities; The Most Muslim University in America … (

~ ATLAS 2000 — Jihad Jemaah Islamiyah For Obama … (atlasshrugs2000)

~ NORWAY: “We’re all familiar with the Islamic Protection Racket. It’s standard operating procedure for Muslims who live in the West. The process runs something like this” … (

~ A PROUD TRADITION— Yemeni Journalist al-Khaiwani Imprisoned for Photos of Government War Crimes Like These … (mypetjawa)

~ MACKENZIE INSTITUTE— A Piece of Hate Mail … (

~ SLASHER FLICK ENSUES— Yemeni “Honor” Killing: Man Avenges his Honor, Kills 9 More Just for the Hell of it … (Wz)

~ WND REPORTS.. Students required to read ‘PC’ Islamic teachingsl ‘Amazing cultural reorchestration’ for ‘jihad,’ losing any connotation of violence … (worldnetdaily)

~ INHUMAN RIGHTS ABUSERS— “The UN Human Rights Council (successor to the Human Rights Commission) has become such an object of loathing that even the State Department has taken notice” … (gatesofvienna)

~ GATES OF VIENNA— The Secret Jihad of a Spanish Cartoonist … (

~ GUTLESS School District Caves Into Pressure, Textbooks Teaching PC Islam … (Wz)

~ THE SPEECH on Danish Constitution Day– Given by Morten Messerschmidt of Dansk Folkeparti, June 5th, 2008 … (gatesofvienna)


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