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You Know What? Still No ‘There’ There

Okey dokey, then. For months and months, Whiny Bully Sock Khurrum Awan has been whinging about getting a free and open and honest debate of the issues, yada yada yada, blah blah blah.

Then came the BCHRCT, which came across as part Simpsons episode, part auditions for Canadian Idol: Totalitarian Edition.. at $100 a billable minute. Khurrum = self-defenestrating nitwit throughout. Still no deep issues being debated. And he was lying at Canada for 6 months about what happened in the office at Maclean’s Magazine. THAT’s what he thinks of Canada.

Then comes the latest Khurrumism, a run at demagoguery and threat-making against anybody who dares disagree with Mohamed Elmasry and the handfuls of Muslims in Canada who agree with him, that they will get dog-piled by lawyers and tribunals until they learn to shut up, and carry the message of Elmasryism. Deep issues? Nada. Again, Cosh bullseyes it.

The Osgoode Hall professors who trained this n00b should be ashamed, and retired. His soft-jihadi Egyptian-born master should be proud.

There’s just no ‘There’ there. There never was.

I, for one, do not– and will never– welcome our would-be new lawfare soft-Jihadi overlords.

Come and get me, you little, little men.


P.S. Further Word From Binks– Dear Theocrats: Remember to set aside your evil master-plan to dominate Canada/ The World for a while each day to pray for Mark, Ezra, The Freedom-6, and all the bloggers, lawyers, and family involved in this current battle. As we remember D-Day, we know that not all the wounds of battle are visible, and all of this costs those involved a part of themselves.

“Khurrum Awan believes Muslims are positively entitled to a “voice”—a voice printed with somebody else’s ink on somebody else’s paper, delivered to homes by means of somebody else’s employees and somebody else’s internet infrastructure.”

~ Spanking Khurrum, by Coyne ~

Mark Steyn

A note to our readers
Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Now that the first show trial is behind us, SteynOnline is going on hiatus for a while. I have to do some far-flung traveling in connection with a forthcoming project that would have been coming forth a whole lot sooner were it not for these thought-police investigations.

Thanks to everyone who’s swung by these parts to read a column, enter a competition, buy a book or drop a missive to Mark’s Mailbox, and in so doing helped make this last year our most successful yet. I’m especially grateful to all those who chose to express their support by buying America Alone and much else during last week’s farce in Vancouver. We don’t have a legal defense fund and, to be honest, I far prefer it, if you want to chip in, that you get a book or a T-shirt or a mug in return. That way we all win.

However, if you are anxious to help the cause, a good way to do so is to donate to the Freedom Five – the handful of bloggers targeted by Richard Warman, the man who embodies what’s gone wrong with Canadian “human rights”. Please feel free to toss a buck or two the way of Ezra, Kate, Kathy, and Connie and Mark at Free Dominion. They could use some help.

In the meantime, check the Binkmeister at Free Mark Steyn! for daily updates on the campaign to restore free speech to Canada. And check in with my pals at The Corner for all the fun, frivolity and sheer despair of Campaign 2008.

See you soon,


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