Steynianism 168

It All Makes Sense

WebElf Report Commentary

“It all makes sense.” Conspiracies, that is. A good one has the inherent logic of all closed-system lunacies: no place left for mystery, uncertainty, idiocy, human nature, or the bleedin’ obvious.

So we have yer 9/11 truthers, the BusHitlerites, Zionisticals, Illuminatis, Bulderburgers, Masonics, UFOians (pity poor Indiana Jones), Atlanteans, take your pick, or just mix and match.

Of course, the best conspiracies are still secretly controlling whatever it is you think “They™” are up to.

We Are They And They Is Us

Human nature likes conspiracies– as long as we exist, there shall be some who consider themselves wiser and better than everybody els, either in running or exposing the deep dark secrets. I’m concurrently reading two fine books on the same historical period– The Alexiad, by Princess Anna Comnena, and The Normans in Sicily: The Normans in the South 1016-1130 and the Kingdom in the Sun 1130-1194 by John Julius Norwich. In each, we find real and verifiable conspiracies– the constant plotting over who got the Papacy, and the endless schemes and musical-chairs over the throne of Byzantium, or the Eastern Roman Empire.

Losing My Religion

However, modern conspiracies (say, the 1700s onwards) are a form of religion, an alternate account of reality, not just the ugliness of power and the fight for it in home or palace and in between. They™ [ insert fave culpirit ] are [ insert fave bad thing ], and They™ don’t want us to know about [ insert fave secret ].

Who knew? Well, the wiser-than-thou knowers know. Back in the days of the Early Church, such Knowier-Than-Thou sorts were called gnostics: know-it-alls with special knowledge. That is, it’s a habit of the human heart to be sneaky and suspicious, to cook up schemes and theories, and retail them to others. It’s a conspiracy of conspiratoriality!

Despite all the obvious conspiracies facing the modern world (Jihadism, Chinese Imperialism, Iranian/ Syrian Nukes, energy industry price-fixing and gouging, the income-tax racket, the many-tentacled culture of death, the Militant Gay Agenda, the trans-national soft-totalitarianism sweeping the free world, the treachery of the Untied Nations, the treachery of many in the the Western chattering and ruling classes.. and last but not least, whatever dark force has kept BattleStar Galactica on for this long– and George Lucas still defiling his original vision.

There Are None So Blind

Real conspiracies are– well, real. After the first hush-hush bits (or the like mindedness of the revolutionaries laying the foundations), the truth will out. We do tend to have blind-spots over things we don’t wish to see or acknowledge, and if we choose to wake up, all the connections become obvious before too long. Ask former leftists– then ask about the chilly reception they got from most of their former comrades. There are none so blind as those who will not see. More particularly, we will not condemn or label as conspiracy that which we approve– again, not a conscious conspiracy, but a very human and unfortunate habit of mind.

Real conspiracy– say, like the Chretienite money-mafia or the greasy little nastiness of our HRC bunglers– can be exposed and defenestrated. Of course, railing against a non-specific ‘They’ and vague nefarious plots is easier, much more fun… and so much safer.

No Truth For YOU!

Of course, we could be of They, and all we’ve said is part of the conspiracy, or of the conspiratorial disinformation program, since we serve mysterious and unnamed masters for their dark and nefarious purposes.. or you’re part of OUR evil conspiracy.. or else, perhaps we are hapless tools in a far greater conspiracy encompassing all the little conspiracies blah blah blah, yada yada yada, so on and so forth.

The Binks
(3rd Level Most Venerable Potentate,
Time-Wasters International Conspiracy & Grill

Mark Steyn

~ WHILE THE JEW STEYN is busy enjoying other projects and a break from all the hate-speak, mud-slinging and tiresome lawfare, why not go shop up his stuff? You’ll get great swag, plus support his legal expenses for all this foolishness! …. (steynstore)

Ezra Levant

~ LEVANT POINTS OUT— More gay repudiation of the Alberta government’s anti-Christian bigotry; Gays Who Get It. Clearly homophobes. Oraren’t they? Or is it only hate when someone not of that community tells the truth? …. (Ez)

~ ASKS THE LEVANT— “What’s new in Alberta’s human rights industry?” …. (

~ EZRA NOTES THAT “Alberta’santi-Christian bigotry condemned… in the Huffington Post!” …. (

~ A HATE-CRIME BONANZA! “What a delicious double header Ezra (the dashing rogue) Levant has dished up” They seek him here, they seek him there; those fascists seek him ev’rywhere! Is he in heaven, or is hein h*ll? That dem’d elusive Ezra L.! …. (

~ ANOTHER WHINY Islamist Planning to sue Ezra Levant? Time to Google the chappie, eh what? In depth …. (Wz)

Being Legally Bullied? Innocent? Join Ezra’s Crew Now!


~ TIME IMMORTAL— A U of A law prof gets it: “BCF links to an article by Russ Brown, a professor of law at the University of Alberta (my alma mater) has an article up on the Faculty of Law blog concerning Pastor Stephen Boissoin’s “conviction” by the AHRC. And while Prof. Brown doesn’t agree with Boissoin’s views, he definitely understands Voltaire” …. (Ti)

~ CURRIE: REPOSTING the Boissoin Letter …. (jaycurrie)

~ STEPHEN BOISSOIN himself writes in with a comment — and perhaps even a clarification — concerning the letter by him which was cited in this article …. (



Cups at…/5322629

and more,




~ EVANGELIZING Muslims and Interreligious Dialogue …. (

~ GEORGE JONAS wonders why Harper isn’t apologizing. for the social engineering going on right now; Some insight into how it feels to find out someone’s praying for you; Tarek Fatah and the Socks – Tee hee …. (

~ THE UNIVERSITY of Alberta Law Faculty Blog – On the Boissoin Ruling – Hmm maybe we won’t have to kill ALL the lawyers;) …. (

~ SOCON.CA WARNS “In the near future, the National Post’s resident priest and theologian might be hit with a complaint if he keeps writing about what the Catholic Church teaches” …. (

~ FIRST THINGS: Human Rights vs. Free Speech; More on Canadian Free Speech …. ( blog)

~ NEUTICLES-WATCH: “Vancouver Sun Continues To Search For Its Balls” …. (downwitheverybody)

~ CANADIAN human rights codes, tribunals open door for misuse, by Rory Leishman, London Free Press …. (

~ MERE COMMENTS REPORTS— Arrested for “Joke Speech”: You think being tried for “hate speech” is bad? (Ask Mark Steyn). How about telling a joke? Ben Lewis directed a film about Soviet humor, and now has a book out under the same title …. (merecomments)

~ SLAVERY NOW! New York Times isn’t sure that free speech is such a good idea; and “The Brussels Journal fisks the New York Times” …. (, DGyapong)

~ A VERITABLE BABEL— Ontario Premier’s shocking arrogance on Lord’s Prayer controversy. In other news, “Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty is defending the use of tax credits to help fund a controversial new movie about the sex lives of young Canadians” …. (Various)

~ SOCON.CA— “Free Speech: Canada’s Last Frontier” …. (

~ TORONTO LIFE— ” This is only one of a related constellation of problems that I hope to address in future posts, but suffice it to say that the unwillingness of our institutions to engage in rough and tumble, open-ended public debate is a problem with the broader Canadian experience. After all, why should we trust a judicial system to dictate what we can and cannot say when we can’t even examine the inner workings of the system itself?” …. (downwitheverybody)

~ SCARAMOUCHE: “Appropriate— and inappropriate— apologies: George Jonas has the same hesitations about Stephen Harper’s “apology” to Canada’s First Nations that I do” …. (scaramouche)

~ THE GIRL IN BLUE: “Oh my gosh, I can do that?! “According to the NP, Richard Warman finalized his CHRC kvetch against Ciaran Paul Donnelly, the BC dude who “hateful” things about Warman on the net. Donnelly, who posted his messaged of “hate” under a fake name, now has to close his Stormfront account, stop posting hate propaganda, or anything else about Warman, and pay $1000 for posting something that said “The Church of Dead Warman.” …. (

~ LONDON FREE PRESS Columnist Slams Human Rights Commissions …. (DwN)

~ DOWN WITH EVERYBODY— “What my gay brethren are doing in Canada is wrong, wrong wrong. I am compelled to side with the conservative Catholic, David Warren. In free Canada, Warren could have called me sinful; I could have called him an idiot; but neither of us could have silenced the other through prosecution”… (downwitheverybody)

~ OUR MEDIA BETTERS tell it like they think it is and should be– “CBC’s Neil MacDonald: Free Speech is Good but Steyn Oozes Sarcasm tsk tsk” …. (

~ NORTHERN IRELAND’S first lady accused of hate crime: Condemnation of homosexuality ‘worrying,’ says ‘gay’ activist. Policing of thought & opinion not ‘worrying’ …. (wnd)

~ BRITISH LABOUR MP Says Catholics Shouldn’t Have A Political Voice. No word on rounding them up in convenient camps for the prevention of disorder …. (

~ TIME TO MUZZLE free-speech deniers …. (

~ COMRADES! Welcome to the Post-Modern Soviet: “It started as a “good” idea, it grew little by little, taking baby steps at the start, then accelerating to the point that finally we can see it for what it is; just another power grab by bureaucrats and technocrats. Only this time, they’re after the entire continent of Europe” …. (

~ THE UK’S David Davis: Assault on Freedoms “Must be Stopped” …. (

UnCanadian Thoughts & Behaviours Will Be Punished!

~ ENEMIES of the people: “This is the proper place for Christians in Canada, according to The Alberta Human Rights Commission. We join conservatives like Mark Steyn and Ezra Levant in being suitable candidates for totalitarian repression, humiliation and forced recantation” ….

~ FRONT PAGE MAG: “AT its best, Western civilization has fostered freedom of speech and of thought. But Canada has a better idea” …. (

~ BAD WORDS! “To discuss “Islamophobia” in the U.S., UN official meets with those who say that condemning Hamas and Hizb’allah would be “Islamophobic” …. (JiWa)

~ OI– GET STOOFED! Irish People To EU: You Don’t Speak For Us …. (downwitheverybody)

~ ALL HAIL THE LEADER! Media defensiveness about Obama and his Communist associations; More Che Guevara …. (stoptheaclu, p2bc)

~ NO TO THE EUSSR! “Ireland seems to have voted a convincing No — by about 54 to 46 percent — to the proposed Lisbon Treaty that would have moved the EU even closer to being a fully-fledged state with its own foreign minister and “common foreign policy” on top of citizenship, flag, anthem, etc., etc. The Lisbon Treaty is almost identical to the European Constitution that was previously rejected by the French and Dutch electorates in referenda two years ago”; My beloved, ornery tribe! …. (nrotc, anchoress)

~ A BIG HEART STOPS— Tim Russert Dies From Apparent Heart Attack… May he rest in peace …. (Wz, nrotc)

~ FRESH PEOPLE’S CUBE— “World’s Evilest Thugs Shocked as GOP Takes Hell Hot Spot” …. (

All proceeds to the Blogger-5 Defence Funds

Jihad, Terror, & Our Slow Surrender

~ BBC DEFENDS Scene Showing Christian “Fundamentalist” Beheading Muslim …. (

~ CANADA FREEP: Muslim ‘hate speech’ complaints contrived …. (canadafreepress)

~ STOP THE ACLU: “The Strong Horse and the Weak Horse: America and the Fall of the Roman Empire” …. (

~ FREE SPEECH does not include Islam… according to many Muslim leaders, anyway. And “Can you copyright a prophet?” …. (

~ OTHER THAN MUSLIMS— “Hogtied, Robbed, and Murdered in Istanbul” …. (

~ CBC SPEAKS For The Taliban! …. (

~ CLARITY, Courage and Culture– Few defend the West like Somali-born Hirsi Ali. by Bruce S. Thornton …. (

~ UK: REPORT Says “Honor” Violence Cost Government $50 Million… Another uplifting UK post …. (Wz)

~ MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD: Friend or Foe – New IPT Profile …. (

~ MALKIN— Remember that Saudi Academy in Fairfax, VA? Yeah, their 1999 valedictorian joined Al Qaeda. The Sordid History of the Islamic Saudi Academy …. (

~ EYE ON THE UN— Uited Nations Rapporteur Turns to Usual Suspects on “Islamophobia” …. (

~ TODAY’S CLASS: hating Jews 101– “Curriculum review finds Islamic schools in America breeding anti-Semitism” …. (

~ MOHAMMED images copyrighted in Canada. Arab Scholar Claims “Star of David Stolen from Muslims” …. (, Wz)

~ STUPID THEORY, SPANKED— Hitler’s Aryan theory rubbished by science. “Bodies from 2000-year-old burial sites in Denmark contain same genetic variation found in present day” …. (wnd)

~ PEEK-A-BOO! Florida Muslim Student Admits Supporting Terrorists …. (lgf)

~ DIANA REVIEWS BOSTOM, THE MAN— “Diana West’s review of Dr Bostom’s latest ground breaking work does one better than most, she reviews the man and in that lies the magnificence of Bostom’s brilliance – meticulous attention to detail and unrelenting pursuit of empirical evidence” …. (atlasshrugs2000,

~ WE’RE A DELIGHTFUL HAVEN.. for fund-raising, recruiting, safety, and all the rest: “Canadian arrested in Sri Lanka – possible terrorist links” …. (

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