Steynianism 176

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Oh The Humanity! Weep, O Suffering Civil Servants!

“(Take a moment to see how hard Jennifer Lynch, the chief commissioner of the Canadian Human Rights Commission, works. She jets off to Africa, at a cost of $5,800; then Geneva, for a mere $8,300, Australia, for a bargain of $7,500. I can’t remember the last time I spent $90 on breakfast, but then again I don’t work for the CHRC. Maybe the reason she goes overseas so often is she can’t handle the CHRC’s “organizational conflicts” — though a $150 lunch on the subject must have made her feel better. My favourite expense of hers has to be the $1,300 to get from Ottawa to… Toronto. Let me guess: it’s a “human right” to have a chauffered limousine.)”

~ Ezra Levant ~

Mark The Nazi Jew Steyn

~ ATLAS SHRUGS— “First they came for Steyn/Levant … but they are only warming up” …. (atlasshrugs2000)

~ STEYN COULD DECIDE election. Says Steyn: “In the meantime, check the Binkmeister at Free Mark Steyn! for daily updates on the campaign to restore free speech to Canada.” So Binks is controlling the coverage that is shaping the Canadian election.. pray for me, a sinner! …. (

~ TURNS OUT, Symbols Of Steyn’s Theories Are “Almost Touching” …. (DwE)

~ FREE SPEECH— Something better: “There will always be those who attack and smear Islam with lies, falsehoods, half-truths, and generalizations. All we have to do is respond with facts, not bombs, Molotov cocktails, burned embassies, burned flags, death fatwas, or even lawsuits …. (

~ THE LAW TIMES: “Social Justice: Heed chilling warning” …. (

~ ON STEYN.. Global excerpts: ‘Hot for jihad’; Shattered by reality …. (

~ ED DRISCOLL— As Mark Steyn wrote last year, “The ecochondriacs mean it: This’d be a pretty nice planet if we didn’t live here.” …. (

Ezra Levant

~ EZRA LEVANT— “Pearls of foolishness” …. (

~ THE EZRA COMMENTS— Canadian Islamic Congress: Mark Steyn is like a neo-Nazi criminal: “The Canadian Islamic Congress is back in the news, comparing Mark Steyn to James Keegstra, a convicted criminal and Nazi sympathizer” …. (

~ LIBERTARIAN PARTY LEADER— “The Conservative government has abandoned Ezra Levant and Mark Steyn,” he declared. “If you care about free speech and a free press, you should vote for the Libertarian Party. When we talk about freedom, we actually mean it.” …. (

Being Legally Bullied? Innocent? Join Ezra’s Crew Now!


~ ALBERTA’S CONSERVATIVE GOVERNMENT Sought Conviction of Christian Pastor for “Hate Speech”– “The lion’s share of the responsibility for this Christophobia must rest with Premier Ed Stelmach and his Progressive Conservatives”: Ezra Levant …. (lifesitenews)

~ QUICK ‘N’ DIRTY Fundraiser-Rev. Stephen Boissoin/Defence Fund …. (FD)



Cups at…/5322629

and more,




“Once abolish the God, and the government becomes the God.”

~ G.K. Chesterton ~

~ ARNIE & KATHY, Mr. & Mrs.! — congratulations.. prayers and best wishes. Go buy her book and support her legal fund …. (fivefeetoffury)

~ ATTENTION BERNIE FARBER— Global “Jewish Targets”: Renewing Hezbollah’s Jihad Genocide? We know you love the HRCs.. are you also pimping for the Hezbies, now? Got your dhimmi on? Or you’ve got such an insider network that you consider yourself smarter than all of CSIS, the CIA, InterPol, and the other security experts involved? …. (

~ THE MIGHTY SCARAMOUCHE! “Still shilling: The jig is mostly up for Canada’s p.c. court system, what with Moses Znaimer, the PEN crowd and even, Heavens to Betsy, the Toronto Star decrying its unfair, unfree modus operendi. At the moment, the only people who still think the HRCs are performing a valuable public service are the hack bureaucrats who work for them and others who toil for the grievence industry”, plus a new song, tuned to the Beatles …. (scaramouche)

~ OH THAT POISONOUS Cat Fur! “Ms. Eliadis singled out one in particular, blazingcatfur., as “poisonous” for referring to her panel at the conference as a “Texas cage match.” …. (bcf, fd)

~ THE HAROOOOOON! Hate laws a reasonable limit on free speech (for infidel honky Christians) …. (

~ MEAN OLD Canadian Bloggers Exposed To Hatred And Contempt; A human rights lawyer makes Blazing Cat Fur famous …. (sda, dp)

~ THE END OF FREE SPEECH— Canadian Case An Omen For America …. (

~ STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES: “I wonder, could one get hauled up in front of an HRC for calling an identifiable group stupid?” …. (sda)

~ KINDERSPEAK— In Britain: “Toddlers to be taught about human rights” .. “Does it include the right to ask “Why?” over and over?” …. (nrotc, crunchycon)

~ ARE WE AS DOOMED AS DOOMED CAN BE? “We’re doomed: The basis of my conclusion: the fact that Canadian kafirs—and not just the ones in the Jewstablishment—are so clueless about Islam and its teachings that they can’t see through the doublespeak of “moderate” imam, Hamid Slimi” …. (scaramouche)

~ WE GET A CATEGORY! The Great Brown(shirt) North; and “What’s bad, of course, is that the Tyrant Rights Commissions aren’t especially interested in sane Muslims for the same reason that they’re not really interested in insane Muslims. What they are interested in is finding excuses to increase their own power” …. (

~ YOU CAN’T MAKE This Stuff Up, Part MCMXXXIV: Canadian Commissars Blame Their Victims …. (

~ NEWS-ROUNDUP: Stories about “human rights” tribunals and commissions …. (

~ RIGHTSPEAK: “Another Entry For The Newspeak Dictionary” …. (downwitheverybody)

~ TIME IMMORTAL: “This is what lefties call uncivil dialogue?” …. (

~ DOWN WITH EVERYBODY— “Well, At Least He’s Got The Required Arrogance” …. (downwitheverybody)

Tolerate the lefty hate

~ NANNY-STATE ALERT— AL Mohler: “Another Chilling Precedent — A Court Undermines a Parent” …. (

~ SOFT-FASCIST RE-BRANDING: “I voted for Barack Obama and all I got was this lousy roadkill” …. (

Jihad, 2008 & Beyond

~ QUICK, REPORT HIM TO A KANGAROO COURT: TORONTO– Very very very very bad man & Radical Islamist Qazi Hussain Ahmad, Cleric With Ties to al-Qaeda, Was Given Visa to Lecture in Toronto, at the Islamic Society of North America meeting May 24-25, 2008. “Hussain Ahmad was imprisoned several times and has been under house arrest in Pakistan for instigating riots in which people were killed. Hussain Ahmad was banned in 2004 from entering over 25 European countries for reasons of National Security and in 2007 banned from entering Egypt.” What kind of half-wits ae running the Canadian visa department? This clown as banned from EGYPT, for goodness’ sake! Remember: Steyn= hater, Qazi Hussain Ahmad = the more, the merrier! Why is Canada beclowning itself and letting evil people in and out, no questions asked? …. (Various)

~ FREE SPEAKING British Novelist may Face “Hate Crime” Charges for Saying he “Despises” Islamism During Interview …. (, Wz, JiWa)

~ ON GEERT WILDERS— “A Letter to Canadian Government Officials” …. (

Hijacking Human Rights: The Demonization of Israel by the UN

~ JEW-HUNTER! Arab Terrorists Shoot and Wound Three Jews in Samaria …. (

~ GOOD NEWS! Kidnapped Pakistani Christians Released …. (Wz)

~ ANDREW BOSTOM— “With common motifs spanning from North Africa to India, from the eighth century to the 21st century and from Sunnis to Shi’ites and Sufis as well, anti-Semitism cannot be explained by cultural influences but is, in fact, inherently Islamic ” …. (

~ BUT.. BERNIE FARBER SAYS IT’S OK— Intel official: Despite UNIFIL, Hizbullah has built up underground infrastructure …. (

~ POLYGAMY, KIDDIE BRIDES coming to U.S.? Editor of Islam book says recent court rulings pave the way …. (worldnetdaily)

~ BRITAIN FOILS PLOT to Deliver Tasty Recipes, Lively Home Decoration Concepts …. (LGF)

~ TEEN-SACRIFICE: Honor Killings Claim 1,000 Lives in 5 Years in Turkey …. (

~ MALDIVES BANS BOOK on freedom of religion and apostasy: it “violates Islamic principles” …. (

~ STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN: Anti-Semitic views can be changed, by Julia Duin …. (washingtontimes)

~ IT’S ALL ENGLAND’S FAULT! U.K.: “Radicalization” of Muslims “more widespread than previously feared”.. and so what, exactly, is that community doing about it? …. (

~ HATEFUL BAD TASTE FOR SALE: “The Most Tasteless Chess Figures Set” …. (

~ A GOOD DAY To Be a Turk …. (

~ BUCHANAN HAS LOST IT— “Charles Johnson is livid over a recent Pat Buchanan op-ed titled “Was the Holocaust Inevitable?”, and I can’t say I blame him. Key passage from Buchanan here” …. (

~ WORKING FOR the bad guys, again– “The New York Times reveals the name of KSM’s interrogator, over the CIA’s wishes”; People’s Cub Revisit: “The New York Times Shows Bush Who’s The Boss” …. (malkin, thepeoplescube)


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