Sorry, Blog-Addicts

.. Bink’s underweather’d, and real life has interefered with his blogging schedule. News-gathering starting now.

And we just wrote the following to a snippy commenter:

Dear Mr. Ross:

Thanks for zooming in on the real issues at stake. As for Steyn’s dreadful lack of edumacation, I’m a Master’s post-Grad 1/2 way to a Ph.D.,  and (1) find his positions quite cogent, even if I don’t agree with them all (2) more than a few doctorate and self-conscious;y ‘interleckshul’ sorts came across as parrots, climbers, wanna-bees, and sheep baaing after the required current fashions in scholarship and such.

Your argument is an ‘ad hominem’ attack (to the man, not the argument). Aside from his hair, choice of wardrobe, beard-trimming habits, dental work, shoes, mannerisms, and speech– what do you make of the civilizational melt-down he’s pointing out in the UK and elsewhere?

Just asking,


For anyone who cares, my own accent has itty-bitty hints of Scots twang, mannerisms, and leftovers from my Glasgow born & bred Grandfather, and my Glasgow-raised father. I suppose it’s all highly r-r-r-r-regrettable from Mr. Ross’ perch, but it’s just part of the Heinz-57 of my background and up-bringing. I also like the bagpipes, which some people would counsider a disability or mental illness.  So be it.


4 thoughts on “Sorry, Blog-Addicts

  1. Hi there Binks:

    Mr. Ross is terribly funny even when overwrought and pretzel-shaped. Mark Steyn speaks the English language like many, many thousands of residents of the UK. Like so many Canadians, Steyn likely “buried” his “Canadian accent” because – no matter which “Canadian accent one has – onyl a few Canadians share it with you.

    English is not my first language, it’s my third. I learned “English” at universities across Europe and the USA. It has been suggested that perhaps why I write and speak it better than the average Canadian first-language English speaker. Whatever…

    I do remember when I moved to Toronto several decades ago being horrified at the unintelligible, nasal noise which characterizes “Tronna Ing-lish”. I swore to myself that I would never speak with that accent.

    Time passed and I married a wonderful Scottish woman. My wife lasted all of about 4 months in “Tronna”. She decided that she was more comfortable in the cultural nexus of Edinburgh versus the cultural wasteland of Toronto. I supported her decision.

    Four children and many trans-Atlantic flights later, my “English” is inflected with a wee bit of Scots vocabulary and accent here and there, along with a healthy dollop of the “king’s English” which I was taught to speak at Cambridge university.

    It is AMAZING how often “Canadians” advise me to “drop the accent”. I cannot “drop the accent” because I learned to speak English from people who spoke/speak the language far better than the average Canadian. I often counter demands to “drop the accent” with a sarcastic apology and explanation that “…English is my third language, you see. Nonetheless, it’s is kind of funny that I make a handsome living manipulating your first language on behalf of paying clients, isn’t it? The competition is fierce, but have you read a Canadian newspaper lately? Mastery of the Engliosh language cannot be said to characterize Canadian media, have you noticed?”

    BINKS, just let it slide like water off a duck’s back. So many Canadians are haunted by feelings of inferiority that they frequently overreact to what they secretly perceive to be “their betters”.

  2. LOL the poor lad is just jealous of Mark’s dashing appearance and accent, the green eyed monstor has done got the better of him Binks.

    Canada has many different vernacular accents, from Victoria to Topsail NFL. Having lived in Newfoundland for five years I can honestly say that theirs is a very unique accent, frankly good luck understanding what a Newf says outside Snate Johnssssssssssssssssssssssssssss.

    Buckleys cures anything that ails ya Binks, you don’t have to drink it just smell it and stare at it. That usually cures what ails me, fear of swallowing that horrid brew is the cure.

    For gods sake don’t swallow it lad.

  3. Sorry to hear you’re not feeling the best, Binks – as for a cure, bein’ half Scottish meself on me da’s side, my vote’s with a wee dram of Glenfiddich – of course. Slàinte!

  4. binks, I’ve been wondering when things would catch up with you. Take a well-earned break, man.

    Attempts to discredit Mark Steyn by calling attention to his high school education are amusing. It hasn’t made an impression on anyone so now it’s his accent. Desperate times call for desperate measures, I guess.

    As for bagpipes, how could anyone not like them?

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