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Mark Steyn, ThoughtCriminal

~ DIOGENES— “Politics affords few greater pleasures,” says Mark Steyn, “than offering one’s opponents some friendly but hopefully lethal piece of advice.” In the same spirit, Zwartz would have the Catholic Church become another liberal congregationalist federation, cheerfully contracepting itself into oblivion. Barney’s point has weight: you can’t be disenchanted with a church nobody can find” …. (offtherecord)

~ WILL WE BE ABLE “to sustain our population and our institutions? We do know that the Nordic countries and other parts of Europe are engaged in a social experiment in whether marriage can fade away and culture survive. So far the experiment appears promising, but the returns are superficial” …. (

~ ON THE NEW YORK TIMES— “..if porn stars Ron Jeremy and Jenna Jameson can be the glad recipients of Times notices, what will it take for Canadian columnist Mark Steyn to have his bestselling polemic “America Alone” (2006) acknowledged, even in a sidebar?” …. (

Being Legally Bullied? Innocent? Join Ezra’s Crew Now!

Ezra Levant

~ EZRA LEVANT on anti-Christian bigotry: “Who died and made Rob Wells pope?” …. (

~ REVISIT— Coren and Levant chat about freedom of speech …. (shotgun)


~ SINKING ENGLAND— Bishop Nazir-Ali: “We Must Recover our Christian Nerve Before our Judeo-Christian Heritage is Lost”; UK: Bishop Nazir-Ali Boycotting Archdimmi Williams, Quietly Building his Power Base Inside CoE …. (weaselzippers)

~ DOUGLAS FARROW— ‘A riposte to the Post’: “In the new Canada, we are all wards of the state.” Direct link …. (, np)

~ MUST-READ— Rumoured Changes to CHRC Arbitrations May Result in Further Censorship: “A panel discussion at the recent 30th annual ‘Canadian Association of Journalists National Conference’ revealed motivations and suspected actions by the Canadain Human Rights Tribunal to ‘strengthen’ its judgements of hate crimes related decisions”, by Sykos Masters …. (

~ DEBORAH GYAPONGFamille Marie-Jeunesse at LifeSiteNews; Ever wonder why we don’t hear more from moderates?> …. (

~ THE CHRC NOW WANTS the right to read Parlimentarians letters.. “Is this enough to stir up comfortable politicians with the fear that they too are no longer immune to the long reach of the CHRC’s socialism creep?” …. (

~ SAY WHAT YOU LIKE, but the Papistical Team have the lead on the freedom of speech issue in Canada. Anglicans? It’s Pretty Much All About Sex. Uniteds? The NDP Not At Prayer. Other protestants? Haven’t heard them. Orthodox Christians? Not much so far. Nope: Bp. Fred Henry, Catholic Insight, Fr. Ray De Souza, Fr. Alphonse De Valk, and a goodly number of others: well done. As an Anglican, the deadly silence from our various leaders says it all. They are worshippers of Status Quo, Consensus, and The Spirit of the Age; quiet when strong voices are needed, missing in action at a time when all good people should stand up …. (, sf)

~ PAUL SCHNEIDEREIT— Human rights police now target religious beliefs …. (

~ WITH PUPPET-1 HAVING ASPLODED HISSELF…. “Cold front: After months of silence, CIC Grand Poobah-for-life Mohamad Elmasry has re-emerged from wherever he’s been chillin’ to defend his “right” to combat rampant Canadian “Islamophobia”. Here he is, sounding remarkably Farberesque, in the Waterloo Record“.. “Written attacks on Muslims cannot be tolerated”, repeats same old story, as if Khurrum hadn’t confessed to lying about the “offer they couldn’t refuse” to Macleans in most details. In other news, “An ex-Muslim sheds light on what propels Muslims to see themselves as victims” …. (Various)

~ POLITICAL Fatwas Will Be Costly …. (


~ FREEDOM OF THOUGHT & Enquiry Forbidden? Ben Stein’s Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed – Opens in Canada June 27. Are Scientific elites quashing freedom of thought in the academy & our educational system? Is Materialistic Darwinianism the new scientific religion? Freedom of thought breaks out! Intelligent Design Film Boosts Academic Freedom Bills, Advocates Say …. (

~ GEORGE JONAS— “CHRC’s achievement in doublethink” …. (

~ RIGHT GIRL— Canada’s Seven Dirty Words? Ok, here goes: “Mohammed, terror, Islamism, fundamentalist Islam, race, religion, cult” …. (

~ HATE LAWS threaten free speech; Better to confront hateful views than muzzle them; Free to speak, free not to listen …. (Various)

~ ROBERT JAGO: “Free speech for thee …”.. “Do you see, Ezra? No one will ever be charged with hate crimes against Christians or whites. It’s definitionally impossible for hate to be directed against those “Bible-thumping crackers.” Sounds pretty racist & discriminatory: but it makes sense if you’re a Marxist, and certain folk are the evil ruling class, whether they are or not …. (rjjago)

~ KEVIN D. WILLIAMSON— “Democracies and Censorship” …. (

~ DEMOGRAPHY EXPERT: For Canadian Voters, Human Rights & Environment More Important Than Work And Income …. (downwitheverybody)

~ PHILLIPS: Canadian Human Rights System “Terrifying” …. (downwitheverybody)

~ SCARY POISONOUS CHRC news from South of the Border …. (MaD)

~ DOWN WITH EVERYBODY! When Human Rights Collide …. (downwitheverybody)

~ THE SHADOW FALLS across Canada … what does it mean for the ID community in the United States? …. (

~ ACTIO DINO— Ms. Eliadis Exposes “poisonous” Kanuckistani Bloggers To Hatred And Contempt; John “Endophobic Bigot” Martin, says free speech is ok, Steyn to decide next election …. (MaD)

~ DISAPPOINTED Activists: We Got What We Wanted…Damnit. Gay rights activists prove to be as bureaucratic as any other lifetime political hacks, as they manuever for a new cause: transgender rights (that’s the “T” in the LGBT) …. (downwitheverybody)

~ POPULATION-FASCISM— “The shameful history of population control: Countless millions of people in developing countries have been robbed of their human rights and dignity by a movement still regarded as humanitarian” …. (

~ ENVIRO-RELIGION: “Global Warming is about as remote an abstraction as hell-fire to most modern Canadians. Gaia make me Good, but not just yet. As religions go extreme environmentalism is about as lame, and ultimately doomed, as it gets. If you don’t follow the Articles of the Green Faith you’ll bring about the end of civilization” …. (

Jihad For Everybody!

~ SCARAMOUCHE— “The bigger chill: Both globally and locally, sharia-enthusiasts are marshalling under the banner of “human rights” in order to curb our “Islamophbia” (really our freedom to talk about Islam; our freedom to be free). Melanie Phillips has a chilling (there’s that word again) overview of the situation” …. (scaramouche)

~ BE PREPARED! “Precursors of Hostile Intent: Signs of a Potential Terrorist Attack… 1. Some day, maybe in a few months or perhaps not for a couple of years, Jihadist terrorists will deliver an attack in Canada, or will directly threaten Canadians in some manner overseas” …. (mackenzieinstitute)

~ JIHAD WATCH— George Orwell meets the OIC; Spencer: Free Speech Dies at the UN …. (

~ INFIDEL HARLOT— Brussels: Woman Raped for not Wearing Hijab …. (Wz)

~ ISLAMIC NATIONS PUSH to Restrict Free Speech. Muslims’ Danish-Dutch boycott designed to bring about “universal law that prohibits the defamation of any prophet or religion.” Shari’a For Everybody …. (lgf, JiWa)

Buy these products!

~ MOROCCO: Iman Says Women Must not Marry non-Muslim European men Unless They Convert …. (Wz)

~ A NEW UNSC to Mirror UN “Human” Rights Council? “I think it’s fairly safe to say if this happens and the savage nations sit at the table of governing civilized and quasi-civilized nations, the US must take her leave of that enormous failure of a world body” …. (atlasshrugs2000)

~ CALLS TO LEGALIZE polygamy in Australia rejected …. (

~ SHRUGSIES ALL’ ROUND— Kristof: Never Mind the Terrorists …. (

~ A PERVERSE TWIST: Man Becomes Islamist Warrior…After Mother Almost Killed In 9/11 Attack. Happy Mother’s Day! …. (downwitheverybody)

~ THE JIHAD OF THE WORD— Hello? Canuckistan, Londonistan is calling …. (

~ FREE SPEECH DIES AT THE UN— Robert Spencer: “Insulting Islam” is now forbidden at the UN Human Rights Council” …. (frontpagemag)

~ GUTLESS Amnesty International Reportedly Protecting Islamists who Planned to Kill Mohammed Cartoonist …. (Wz)

~ BOYCOTT CAMPAIGN moves ahead, issues new poster …. (

~ UK SURRENDER UnderWay– “: New Police Station Includes Prayer Mats, Mecca Compass and Copies of the Koran… Putting the dhimmi, back in dhimminitude” …. (Wz)

~ PUMPKIN-WATCH— “I hope none of those pigs are called “Mo” …. (

~ FORMER US Diplomats Meet With Hamas Chief: “Palestinians do not View Israelis or Jews as Enemies” …. (Wz)

~ SUMMERS in Denmark? It’s Hymen Repair Season! …. (Wz)

~ A REWARD for whoever can get a picture of Layton with THAT flag; “It caused an uproar. A number of us went apes–t”.. Islamist candidate for the NDP? …. (rjjago)

For Shame


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