Springing Into Action

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Sometimes, the non-response of the soft-fascist left is stunning. We recent had a comment:

Congratulations! This thread has been nominated for a “Silliest, most hysterical hyperbole used to describe the HRC proceedings” award. You can vote for this thread at

Right up there with “Steyn talks real funny’. How clever, how cutting– though Binks is honoured to be listed with such thoughtful luminaries as Melanie Phillips, David Warren, and others.

Is That All You’ve Got?

The fact that the StageLefters are mocking some of the comments I made about D-Day versus the BCHRCT show-trials— and that they have no answer save giggles– says it all. Playground “Neener neener neeeener!” is no answer, nor that all the issues raised by Steyn and the HRC controversy are only of interest to ‘loonies’. Or, if to be thoughtful about such ierious questions is to be ‘loony’, then I’m proud to be one.

This blog is usally written while watching DVDs. As I write this, I’m, watching the very moving ‘Ninth Day‘, about the experience of  anti-Nazi dissident priest Father Jean Bernard in the ‘Priest Block’ of Daschau. Every age involves decision and discernment– sometimes it’s a matter of life and death. May we all be preserved from such times of testing.

Mock The Silenced!

However, for “Balbulican” and suchlike to use their freedom of speech to mock the concerns of Warren & Phillips and Steyn and– presumably– all the people they disagree with– in a world where free speech is a freedom not enjoyed by most human beings is disgusting, lazy, and reprehensible.

The Islamists are as serious as a heart-attack, and  no doubt welcome such time-wasting  and sneering from the Balbulican Left.. no threat from you in opposing Lawefare, Shari’a and silencing via the U.N. and other means, eh wot? Giggle away, little people without chests, without moral centre or seriousness or discernment– you’ve already judged yourselves. The question is: will you wake up sooner, or much later, or ever?

A Loony,


12 thoughts on “Springing Into Action

  1. Mock the “concerns”?


    We’re mocking the self important fantasists like you who’ve made serious discussion of the critical issues impossible with your infantile, partisan cheerleading and hysterical descent in the silliest hyperbole this side of Chairman Mao.

    Mocking you is fun. It’s also the best strategy we know for deflating the faux martyrs who are turning this into a career.

    Will this matter to any of you? Of course not. But accept our gratitude for the amusement….and the link!

    And hey, have a real swell day.

    Saith Binks: Oof! Still just SO-o-o funny.. still not giving any answers, still giving a bad name to witless wonders. When Canada kept waiting.. and waiting.. and waiting for Khurrum & The Other SockPuppets to finally speak up and have that serious dialogue on the issues, it turned out there was just no There™ there.

    So, babaloo, send us all your links which inform the world and the hyperventilating right about the “serious discussion of the critical issues”, and we’ll link to each and every one (couldn’t find any there today, however). Any There™, there? Seriously. And if we do that on a regular basis (call it ‘Word From The Left, straight links, no snarks), will you regularly link to us, or the original news-links, even if you (scream, shudder, mock) don’t entirely agree with them?

    Gut-check time, B.

  2. Binks without the useful idiots on the left the fascist Political Islamists won’t have a snowball chance in hell of getting their beloved Sharia Law legally legislated. The far left/socialist believe allowing women to be treated as second class citizen is worth their alliance with the Political Islamists, in Europe assults against Gay men and Jews has reached an epidemic level, women are being raped by you know who at record numbers and their is total silence from the leftards/Labour/socialist scum bags.

    Let those who mock you strut their stuff and pontificate on how tolerant and progressive they assume they are, a wise Prof once told me those that “Assume make asses of themselves” I’d say that sums up ballesbaby and his ilk. There is a reason there isn’t any leftards in the Army and Airforce, males on the left rarely put their lives on the line for their country. They prance around like village idiots at peace rallies while our Conservative Men/Women fight for our freedoms. There are no athiest in a foxhole, nor are there any liberals that I’m aware of.

    Leftards equal moral cowards who mocks our freedoms, conservative prefer to fight for our freedoms.

    The liberal left in Canada are really hardcore socialist and as ChurchHill stated: Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance and the gospel of envy. I’d say that sums up bumboy very well indeed.

    Or I could just call him an arsehole, like GrandDa would of.

  3. “a wise Prof once told me…”

    I assume he wasn’t a teacher of either English or history? Or perhaps he wasn’t a very good prof?

    I sometimes wonder how embarrassed Steyn must be by the “followers” drawn to him by this little auto-da-faux. He’s an amusing and insightful critic: does it humiliate him, I wonder, to find himself surrounded and defended by folks who, to all appearances, can neither write nor think?

    Saith Binks: ‘Cluck’ it is, Babbo. No There™ there.

  4. You are correct it wasn’t English Lit. Ballsbegone it was Criminology and introduction to Law Enforcement. Anymore question there “Buttercup”?

    You want to debate me “Ballsbegone” or do you want to spar? I must warn you I have some serious training in that department, so try and use small words for this Conservatard Dear. Unlike you I only make a six figure salary a year, how’s that project in your Mom’s basement going? Has the primer smell desipated enough for you to paint the sixties wall panelling yet Son? What color are you going to paint your man-snicker- pad? Yeller?

    I love men on the left, they can’t debate females they just insult them. Ballsbegone do not degrade my Englais, I speak three languages how many do you speak Son? Oh God whilst your left and right hand pleasure you do not count me son.

  5. Been following the HRC debate from afar and visiting your site for a long time now and I’ll admit I like it. And also been following the Omar Khadr case. Same arguments are taken up on both for charges to be dismissed or a trial with the judges unbiased and justice to be based on the truth & not on prejudice. Anyways some people make those arguments well and make for an interesting read on either subject.

    Others go off the deep end to identify a Vast-[insert bias here]-Wing-Conspiracy as responsible and devote themselves to blowing “the conspiracy” wide open. These are less involving, but each side is guilty of it. Balbulican has found some rants and used these to paint a VRWC – created a poll and made some fun. Shallow? Yes, but not atypical.

  6. Rose

    “They prance around like village idiots at peace rallies”

    Shouldn’t that be: They prance around like Village People at peace rallies. All leftard men are really shirt-lifters at heart.

  7. “You are correct it wasn’t English Lit. Ballsbegone it was Criminology and introduction to Law Enforcement. Anymore question there “Buttercup”?”

    Ah. I remember those students. Thus the problems with language and syntax.

    “I must warn you I have some serious training in that department, so try and use small words for this Conservatard Dear. ”

    I’m not sure what department you’re referring to (“Preadolescent Usenet Flaming 101”?) but yes, I shall use small words.

    “Unlike you I only make a six figure salary a year, how’s that project in your Mom’s basement going? Has the primer smell desipated enough for you to paint the sixties wall panelling yet Son? What color are you going to paint your man-snicker- pad? Yeller?”

    That’s what’s great about the internet, isn’t it. Folks can pretend to be whatever they like. It’s kinda cute. People who can’t actually frame a coherent sentence or construct a syllogism can pretend to be adults.

    Well, I make ten zillion dollars a year and live in a Manhattan penthouse and have a WHOLE ARMY so there! HAH! I WIN!

    “I speak three languages…”

    Excellent! With that kind of linguistic acuity, it should be easy for you to learn English at some point. Good luck with that.

    (Seriously, Rose, you sound like a ten year old. You want to “debate”? Say something intelligent worth debating. Flamewars are, like, SO ten years ago…except, of course, in these circles…)

  8. “still giving a bad name to witless wonders….

    Exactly. I’ve collected a dozen of the most witless wonders I could find, your good self included, and we’re enjoying a little good natured hilarity at your expense.

    And the best part is…you wrote it all yourself. It’s simply your own hilarious hyperbole that’s affording the amusement. Many thanks, most grateful, your obedient servant etc. etc. etc.

  9. Whilst both sides can be guilty of flaming (albeit couched in different terms maybe), I did notice there was no denial of the comment regarding how the left as a rule, are not to be found in foxholes (could that be because as mentioned there are no atheists in foxholes, and a good rule of thumb is that to be a Libtard or Dipsh*t, one as a socialist usually subscribes to a political religioin and thus is technically atheist?). All these nanny state types, are such that Freud for instance would have had a field day with the Oedipus-complex-transferred-to-the-state syndrome so evident amongst them.

  10. Not bad, Paul. You managed to make sense for the first half of your first sentence.

    Your insightful theory about the absence of socialists in foxholes would certainly have come as a bit of a surprise to the defenders of Stalingrad.

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