Steynian 183

Mark Steyn

~ “THESE COUNTRIES ARE GOING OUT OF BUSINESS”: The New York Times does a gargantuan thumb-sucker on Steynian predictions of demographic doom. “O Brave New World: Russell Shorto of the New York Times looks at the demographic collapse of Europe and examines the various explanations for it. One theory is that when the traditional family met “modernity” the result was a hybrid with the worst features of both. The low birthrate of southern European countries for example, is explained by arguing that taking care of kids in the old fashioned way is just too difficult and hence, couples have chosen not to have kids” …. (nytimes, pajamasmedia)

~ OSGOODE HALL vS. Mark Steyn …. (

~ STEYN: ‘America Alone’ on C-SPAN …. (youtube)

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~ MORE STEYN VIDS online …. (youtube)

Ezra Levant

~ I’M NOT A LAWYER, but I play one in court… “Did Ontario’s Superior Court of Justice know that Khurrum Awan was playing lawyer?” …. (

~ PRACTICING THESPIAN Lorna Pardy, embarrasser of lesbians …. (

~ REX MURPHY: HRC’s the most under-reported story of the year …. (

Being Legally Bullied? Innocent? Join Ezra’s Crew Now!


~ GIRL ON THE RIGHT— Um, Christianity already has free will: “Stephen Boisson, Alberta Public Enemy #1 and recipient of future-crime complaints because of his Christian stance on homosexuality, brings us a surreal conversation with a Human Rights Commission employee” …. (

~ SOME FRIENDLY TIPS from the Alberta Human Rights Commission help desk; “Ask the church to get a signed consent form from everyone, parents and children, everyone, stating that they are not forced to attend and are there of their own free will. Later he added that this consent should be drawn up by a lawyer who is familiar with the Human Rights Laws.” Also… ” The church needs to contact the police to make sure they do not view the program as bordering on criminal activity—need to show them the curriculum so they know what is going on and do not arrive on the scene.” …. (sda)



Cups at…/5322629

and more,




~ GYAPONG— The strange notion of the collective; If this is true, this is appalling news; Guy Earle, I hope you read this letter; So, want to know what the Socks are thinking? Okay, I have read the SCOC decision and… I am still uneasy …. (

~ JAY CURRIE— Digging just a little deeper… “Mohammedan legal titan Faisal Joseph in today’s National Post”; Faisal Fizzle: “Joe Can’t Get It Right” …. (jaycurrie, socon)

~ CATFUR.. “Frivolous Human Rights Complaints for fun and profit… Need a little extra cash? Dog Days of Summer finding you bored and lookin for something to do?” …. (

~ SHAIDLE: Those revealing emails from Khurrum Awan. God, what IS it about gays and fascism, huh? …. (fivefeetoffury)

~ THE HORROR! Barack Trudeau Obama? Says Ed Driscoll: “The Washington Times posits that the model for Obama’s hope and change is the nation right next door. If his Trudeaupian vision for America comes to pass, can we expect a similar stifling of free speech as has inflicted Canada? Yes we can!” …. (

~ SLEEPY OLD BEAR— “I do like Bishop Fred. Bishop Fred. Archbishop Fred has crossed over to the dark side” …. (sleepyoldbear)

~ HUMAN RIGHTS for Dummies …. (dustmybroom)

~ SAFE IN CANADA— “Unassailable hatred: There is one type of “hate speech” that Canada’s anti-freedom apparatchniks would never, ever, in a million, billion years weigh in on nor, Heaven forfend, think of curtailing—the type on display in Islamic scripture. In a review of Andrew Bostom’s devastating examination of the sources of Islamic Jew-hated, The Legacy of Islamic Anti-Semitism, Raymond Ibrahim, editor of The Al Qaeda Reader, sums up said hatred as follows” …. (scaramouche)

~ EZRANT ROUND-UP— Lying Mohamedan Khurrum Awan – up to more lyin’? …. (

~ CALGARY HERALD NAILS IT.. High five’s all ‘round at the news that the CHRC has declined to hear the CIC’s complaint against Maclean’s, right? Not so fast, says a wise editorial in the Calgary Herald …. (scaramouche)

~ HRC’S SHORTEN front by withdrawing to the Hindenburg line …. (mad)

~ SORRY, but this post by our good friend Kathy Shaidle is a bit beyond it. Don’t e-mail or harass Mr. Awan. All the old military strategy books tell you the same thing: defeat need not involve humiliation– if all SoCons and Cons and Libertarians act like bully-twerps in a moment of non-defeat, then that’s what we show to the world. How’s about a little dignity, and honour between combatatants? That, too, is a civilized Western virtue: not to become like (or worse than) those we oppose …. (fivefeetoffury)

~ TYRANT WANNABEES— Canadian ISPs Plan Full Net Censorship by 2012 …. (dustmybroom)

~ APOCALYPSE NIGH? “The same Harpoon Siddiqui screed–the one in which he gives a shout out to Barbara Hall and Tammy Farber–appears on both the CJC and the CIC sites. Can Pestilence, War, Conquest and Death be far behind?” …. (scaramouche)

~ A TIME TO HATE, or did the CHRC make this part of the bible illegal …. (mad)

~ SHOTGUN BLOG Weekend Discussion Thread: Is Canada Freer than the US? …. (westernstandard)

~ PUMPKIN ON “Prime Minister Harper receives international human rights award” …. (

~ BIRTH DEARTH— Quebec Needs A Sexual Revolution …. (


~ CANUCKISTAN: “The Canadian Soviet Socialist Republic, a brief history” …. (

~ CASE DISMISSED – The Problem Remains; A “Human Rights” Complaint Over A Bad Joke …. (

~ COMEDIAN defends ‘rude’ words as way to get hecklers to shut up …. (

~ EN FRANCAIS— Multiculturalisme: Le multiculturalisme, ou le cheval de Troie de l’islamisme, par Pierre-André Taguieff. “Il faut s’interroger sur un paradoxe dont les conséquences géopolitiques peuvent être considérables : un pourcentage significatif des populations de culture musulmane installées dans les pays occidentaux et désireuses d’y rester se montre hostile à la civilisation occidentale et manifeste une certaine empathie à l’égard des milieux jihadistes. La Grande-Bretagne, les Pays-Bas et le Canada sont parmi les pays occidentaux les plus touchés par une islamisation fondamentaliste intense”. …. (

~ SUPREME COURT expands freedom of expression …. (shotgun)

~ BACK FROM THE EUSSR— “A shared future: Just returned from a trip to the EU, Diana West outlines some American-EU differences and commonalities, and warns of the bumps ahead” …. (scaramouche)

~ WINGNUT ALERT: “Canadian Cynic… Feels strangely obligated to further flesh out a response about his relationship to fellow “Canadian Cynic” blogger and Waterloo resident “sjwalter.” …. (

~ PONDERING DARKNESS— Understanding the Third Reich and Other Great Evils, By Richard John Neuhaus …. (

~ THE AUSSIE WAY: “As evidence that we don’t need authorities to mediate and ameliorate hurt feelings, I offer Exhibit A—Tim Blair’s account of what happened when he posted those offensive Mo ‘toons on his site” …. (scaramouche)

~ NOT INVITING 2 Classmates to Birthday Party? Complaint to Swedish Parliament! …. (neatorama)

~ A WARNING FOR THE FUTURE— “Ape Rights:” Not Taking it Seriously is Precisely the Wrong Approach; “Ape Rights” in Spain: Merely “the Point of the Spear” …. (wesleyjsmith)

~ A VICTIM OF HITLER-FASCISM who decided to endorse Abortion-Fascism– “Baby Murderer Morgentaller to receive Order of Canada. Who the hell voted this monster in?” Conservative Appointed Chief Justice Responsible for Morgentaller’s Order of Canada; An Abortion Conspiracy Against Canada …. (Various)

~ REMEMBER TO VOTE for Loony #7! …. (stageleft)


~ GEORGE JONAS— Rattling the nuclear mullahs …. (georgejonas)

~ KHAWAJA lived for jihad, Crown alleges …. (

~ JUDGE ORDERS Khadr footage released …. (theglobeandmail)

~ EYE ON THE UN— Harper says Canada won’t participate in ‘western hatefest’ …. (

~ UNSPEAKABLE HARLOTRY! Canadian Muslim Charged with Murdering Sister for Removing Headscarf. Reader Mail: Dishonor Killing of Aqsa Parvez …. (lgd, timeimmortal)

~ TERROR-HAVEN, Canada: “The ‘Digimonster’ e-mails ” …. (dustmybroom)

~ TODAY’S DER STURMER, er, sorry, Arab News ‘toon: As per usual, the subject is Jewry …. (scaramouche)

~ EGYPT WARNS RAW MEAT— Email Warns, Women Can’t Stop men Unless They’re Wearing the Hijab …. (Wz)

~ JEWISH TODDLERS Pelted with rocks in NYC. Jew hatred everywhere. Everywhere you go …. (Wz)

~ MAYBE IT’S THE BUTTER? “Perhaps it’s because they invented the concept of Danegeld, which as Kipling noted means you never get rid of the Dane, in any case the Danish state and people are demonstrating a shrewd understanding of how to stand up to thug” …. (

~ POTENTIAL MASS-MURDERER? Get Out Of Jail Free cards! “Yesterday a man charged with multiple terror related offenses in Britain skipped bail. That’s right, in the UK they let you out on bail if you’re a suspected terrorist” …. (mypetjawa)

~ TONY BLAIR’S BRITAIN— “Where the foxes caper unmolested, the government packs your school lunch and another silly little blowup between Muslims and Islamophobes” …. (sda)

~ KA-VETCH, ka-vetch, ka-vetch: “You think Mo Elmasry, Faisal Joseph and the socks like to whine? They’re pikers compared to the folks of Dearborn, Mich., “America’s Arab capital.” Toronto Star scribe, Michelle Shephard visited the ‘burb and recorded some of its residents’ gripes” …. (scaramouche)

~ UK: ABU HAMZA Smuggled Messages to Zawahiri From Britain’s Most Secure Prison …. (Wz)

~ USA: MUSLIM PRISON IMAM SUES OVER LOSS OF SECURITY CLEARANCE– “Is it just me, or are you getting freakin’ sick of this? This Muslim knows why he lost clearance. He knows the government can’t release such classified information. So he sues to force discovery. Another Great American” …. (atlasshrugs2000)

~ SCARAMOUCHE— “Tick…tick…tick: The former head of the Mossad says Israel must stop Iran within the next year–sooner if Bambi is elected–or it’s toast” …. (scaramouche)

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