Steynian 184

The Ultimately Evil Steyn & The Unspeakable Brian Lilley,
scheming fresh hate-crimes.

Mark Steyn

~ NEW CRITERION— “The New York Times catches up with Mark Steyn (sort of), by Roger Kimball” …. (

~ ED DRISCOLL: “The Population Bomb Gets Dropped Down The Memory Hole” …. (

Being Legally Bullied? Innocent? Join Ezra’s Crew Now!

Ezra Levant

~ EZRA HAS A final note on the Supreme Court’s defamation ruling …. (

~ UN-MITZVAH— Bernie “Burny” Farber converts to Islam …. (



Cups at…/5322629

and more,



~ WHAT’S THAT? You want a little whole lot more joy in your life? Then join FreeMarkSteyn reader John M., who recently and generously sent along Defying Rome, Michael Yon’s Moment of Truth In Iraq, along with Andrew McCarthy’s new Willful Blindness to the BinkBunker/ WebElf HQ. Join the joy! Share the crazy-extreme satisfaction of knowing that you personally are aiding and abetting the edutainment of the Binks, his own self! Say thanks today with a little something to your fave blogger of all things FreeSpeechy …. (


~ MUST-READ DOUGLAS FARROW: “Henry Morgentaler’s Canada is not my Canada”. Disagree With This Award? GeT to work! …. (, lsn)

~ FREE DOMINION: “Thinking back on the columns I’ve written for Dominion Day, over the years, I am struck by a tone almost of lamentation. “My” Canada — she of whose history I remain proud, from Cabot and Champlain through to childhood memory — the Canada for which my father and his father marched off to Europe — is not in question here” …. (

~ DEBORAH GYAPONG… It’s true–expect Morgentaler announcement at noon; Right Girl on the bizarre advice convo with the AHRC; David Frum spares me from bothering to read this book …. (

~ NOW WITH SPIKES & BELLS— The New & Improved Ontario Human Rights Commission! Scaramouche– “Marxism by any other name still stinks: An article in the Toronto Star outlines some of the changes we can expect when Ontario human rights apparatchinks’ “new” and expanded powers kick in today. I’ve taken the liberty of fisking the sucker (in italics)” …. (downwitheverybody, scaramouche)

~ UK CHURCH FIGHTING to Halt Deportation of Christian Family to Pakistan, Accused of Blasphemy …. (Wz)

~ SPEECH NOTES – CIC lawyer Faisal Joseph is fuming about the CHRC’s decision not to proceed with a complaint against Maclean’s …. (damianpenny)

~ POLITICAL EUNUCHRY & the Order of Canada; Abortion Steamroll On The Move; Order of Canada: A Brute Political Trophy …. (

~ ELMO ENDORSES “turban effect” as a source of Islamophobia …. (

~ THE RESISTANCE must continue …. (

~ SOCIAL EMBARRASSMENT— A New Frontier for the CHRC? Let’s hope no one in our Human Rights Racket sees this …. (

~ ONTARIO LIBS DANCE FOR JOY… propping up notorious Star Chamber tribunals …. (

~ THE SUPREME COURT of Canada has dismissed former MP Jim Pankiw’s application to appeal …. (MaD)

~ SECURITY & FREEDOM, by Victor Davis Hanson. The Margaret Thatcher lecture delivered to the Heritage Foundation, June 3rd, 2008 …. (

~ ROUSING EDITORIAL Celebrates Canada Day …. (downwitheverybody)

~ COMING SOON: Canada Versus Will Smith? …. (

~ TONY BLAIR’S BRITAIN.. “Where the foxes caper unmolested, the government packs your school lunch, and today from the Ministry of Naughty Holes” …. (SDA)

~ JONATHAN KAY on Guy Earle and George Carlin: Killing comedy in the name of ‘human rights’ …. (

~ EN FRANCAIS— Connaître l’Islam: Le petit livre vert de l’Ayatollah Khomeyni : “Principes politiques, philosophiques, sociaux et religieux” Ce livre est un recueil d’extraits d’ouvrages majeurs de l’Ayatollah Khomeiny, reconnu comme étant un théologien de premier plan. Il a été publié en français, en 1979, par feu Jean-Edern Hallier, écrivain et philosophe de gauche. Rien n’a été changé au texte qu’il a publié à l’époque. Ces textes n’ont jamais fait l’objet de contestation en ce qui concerne leur traduction ni leur choix : ils ne dénaturent en rien l’ensemble de la pensée de leur auteur ni de l’islam. Lisez des extraits de ce livre.” 28 juin, par Annie Lessard, Marc Lebuis …. (

~ FAMILY FLOWERS ONLY— Free Speech Dies at the UN …. (mAd)

~ BLAZING CATFUR.. “Human Rights for Dummies” …. (

~ SPANISH SOCIALISTS monkeying with human rights. By the way.. is mocking this a human rights crime? …. (blogs.telegraph)

~ CONFIRMED: pro-abortion monster Morgentaler to surreptitiously get Canada’s highest honor.. “Who—which liberal fascists—are directly responsible for sneaking this through, as though this were their very own country? I want names.” …. (

~ DUST MY BROOM— Understanding “Rights” Pt.2 : The Lies of Collectivism …. (dustmybroom)

~ WHEN IN DOUBT, complain to the government! “Quebec homosexual files complaint against hetronormative bar” …. (MaD)

~ HOW DID WE LOSE Our Canada?; Order Of Canada – For The Genocide Of 3 Million Pre-Born Canadians?! …. (

~ HUGH HEWITT— Don’t Forget the Global Governance Movement …. (

~ BRITISH Equality Bill: Labour’s latest attempt at social engineering …. (telegraph)

~ SPIKED ONLINE: “No defender of liberty should use the libel laws– “England’s law of defamation is the enemy of free speech. So why did the head of Liberty threaten a minister with a writ?” …. (spiked-online)

~ ‘BAMA-FASCISM: “Google’s Blogspot: Anti-Obama? No Way! Pro-Osama? Free Speech” …. (mypetjawa, pajamasmedia)

~ CRUNCHY FASCISM: Global Warming Hoax Weekly Round-Up, June 26 2008 …. (dailybayonet)

~ ED DRISCOLL: “When Hell Came To Canada.. and it never left” …. (


~ WE SLIPPED TWO PLACES— but whatever! Steynian | Google PR5 | Alexa 713,074 | June 14 …. (rjjago)


~ DOES HE GET AN ORDER OF CANADA, TOO? Palestinian TV Honors Hezbollah Operative who Crushed Baby’s Skull as, “A Brave Warrior” …. (wZ)

~ IF YOU THOUGHT Ceeb shill-com Little Mosque on the Prairies was excruciating…: This Ceeb “reality” show is even worse …. (scaramouche)

~ ANDREW BOSTOM— Iraqi “Democratization,” With Shameful Outsourcing of the Real Jihadist Threat—Iran—to Israel …. (

~ UK DOCTORS Betraying Victims of Forced Marriages and “Honor” Violence by Helping Their Families Track Them Down …. (wZ)

~ LEGALISING polygamy for Muslims– “Polygamy is a consensual arrangement among adults, says an Australian Muslim leader, so what can the West have against it?” …. (

~ BLAME Al Jazeera’s anti-Americanism on the Brits …. (rjjago)

~ TREASONOUS DEMOCRAT CONNOLLY TOOK CAIR’S RADICAL ISLAM $$$– Gerry Connolly, Democrat rep for the Jihad is on the take for CAIR’s …. (atlasshrugs2000)

~ A NEW FLICK.. “Saving Private Zion”– Charles Johnson has a video clip of, as he says, a typically bizarre piece of Iranian antisemitic propaganda, with the usual lunatic conspiracy theories run amok, and notes …. (eddriscoll)

~ UNCOMMON KNOWLEDGE: Professor Philip Bobbitt explains why terror is the enemy of civilization …. (nationalreview)

~ SORRY, BUT “Don’t ride the trains, then” …. (

~ BABY-CHATTELS— “There Is No Minimal Age For Entering Marriage…The Prophet Muhammad is the Model We Follow” …. (

~ SCARAMOUCHE— “Tarring fundamentalists with the same brush: The Independent’s Yasmin Alibhai-Brown points to a disturbing trend—the rise of fundamentalist Islam in the U.K. However, since it would be, you know, prejudiced to single out one religious group, she insists that Christian and Jewish fundamentalists are equally dangerous. With no evidence to speak of, she makes the outrageous claim that all three fundamentalisms are plotting together” …. (scaramouche)

~ FUN WITH DECAPITATION! “Thousands Cheer as Pakistani Taliban Behead US “Spies” …. (dustmybroom)

~ BELGIAN RIGHT-WING Politician Calls Zionism as Bad as Islamism. Zionism and Islamism: Contradictory in Every Sense …. (brusselsjournal)

~ TRAITORS— “The Jews have Neturai Karta, hateful anti-Zionists who have hooked up with today’s Nazis to bring about the demise of the Jewish state. The Americans have senescent old gasbag Gore Vidal, who’s been uttering many a discouraging word about the U.S. since Eisenhower was in office. (In the senescent old gasbag sweepstakes, American division, Gore is neck-and-neck with Hamas aficionado Jimminy Carter.) Here he is (ga-ga Gore, not Jimminy or Ike) in conversation with one of the mullahs’ minions on Iran TV” …. (scaramouche)

~ VICIOUS NEW TRICKS for would-be mass-murdering scumbags: “Britain’s FBI equivalent, MI5, has issued a warning that al-Qaeda terrorists are suspected of planning to buy used ambulances, fire trucks and police cars to launch suicide bomb attacks in Britain” …. (mypetjawa)

~ DUTCH PROSECUTION Rules Against Muslim Groups, Fitna not Hate Speech …. (Wz)

~ WHY I LOVE GEERT WILDERS— “I adore Wilders. Crazylove. Check out how Wilders deals with this Antisemite Belgian politician” …. (atlasshrugs2000)

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