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.. real life in Meatspace™ is interfering with bloglife. Sigh. Blogging later today.

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And HB, USA!


One thought on “Sorry, but..

  1. To all Canadians,

    First, I must present myself, an American. To be an American is to be an extremist.

    We aspire to have the most lethal fighting force on earth.
    We aspire to be the most caring, generous, helpful people on earth.
    We aspire to lead the world in science, in art, in ethics, in sport.
    We aspire even against ourselves to have the strongest values and the greatest tolerance.

    To aspire to be the best is – in fact – the definition of being American.

    Of course, we aren’t the best at everything but as much as I believe in America, I also believe in what it is to be American.

    In Canada, with regard to your Human Rights Commissions, you are struggling with the freedom to speak. Allow me to inflame the extremist in you.

    I’ve heard many times that a Constitution like ours and a Bill of Rights like ours isn’t necessary and doesn’t bring the greatest freedoms. What our constitution also does, though, is enshrine an attitude about government.

    The government is our servant, and amongst other things, it is our guard dog.

    There comes a time when that guard dog needs a newspaper across his nose, and there are millions of Americans who revel in act of bringing that disobedient pet to heel.

    I urge you, I implore you, contend with us to be the most free nation on earth.

    How dare your dog turn on you. Smack that traitorous cur. Learn him to never do that that again.

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