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~ ZZZZZZZZ— “Mark Steyn likes to call himself the Right’s resident demography bore” …. (


~ LEVANT ON The great barrister, Jonathan Rosenthal. Here’s the CTV video in question …. (

~ WHAT ABOUT the CHRC’s 100% conviction rate? …. (

~ EZRA ON THE CHRC’s Kozak: Catholic teachings “offensive”; Corrupt ex-cop Kozak was CHRC investigator in Catholic Insight case …. (ezralevant)

~ BASTARACHE too ‘anti-freedom,’ say libertarians …. (lawtimesnews)

Being Legally Bullied? Innocent? Join Ezra’s Crew Now!


~ ONE-TIERED FREEDOM is nowhere near free enough: A variety of media outlets— the Ceeb, the Calgary Herald, the Vancouver Sun, the Globe and Mail—are touting the Supreme Court of Canada’s decision which supposedly affirms Canadians’ ability to iterate the offensive …. (scaramouche)


“And for chrissakes: STOP JUST QUOTING Pastor Niemoller about “doing nothing” — and DO SOMETHING next time — the VERY next time — you hesitate to express your opinion because you’re afraid of the thought police.”

~ Quote of The Day ~

~ DEBORAH GYAPONG— Some are guilty before proven innocent; Don’t mess with the EZ; Marriage Commissioner appeals human rights ruling …. (

~ DAVID WARREN – Longing for the old Canada: “I was born a free citizen of the Old Canada and before her God I declare, that I will go to jail rather than acknowledge the legitimacy of any “human rights” commission. I invite other journalists and indeed, every other Canadian, to declare likewise.” Direct link …. (,

~ SAITH SHAIDLE: “As the deadline for our book about the Human Rights Commissions draws nigh… I ask your patience. Blogging will be sporadic between now and the 15. And my ability to answer your emails will be hampered as well” …. (fivefeetoffury)

~ THE MIGHTY SALIM MANSOUR: “Human Rights Commission gets it right with Mark Steyn decision” …. (

~ BLOSSER BLOG— Kevin E. Schmiesing, Ph.D., “Christianity and the History of Freedom” …. (

~ THAT GOOD NEWS— CHRC fatwa against Fr. de Valk & Catholic Insight DISMISSED; CHRC Drops Another Case …. (

~ MELANIE PHILLIPS— “What part of ‘theocracy’ does this man not understand?” …. (spectator)

~ CHRC gets cold feet; A victory for religious freedom …. (shotgun, timeimmortal)

~ SCARAMOUCHE— “One-tiered freedom is nowhere near free enough: A variety of media outlets— the Ceeb, the Calgary Herald, the Vancouver Sun, the Globe and Mail—are touting the Supreme Court of Canada’s decision which supposedly affirms Canadians’ ability to iterate the offensive” …. (scaramouche)

~ TEH SHAIDLE— “Notice I didn’t say ‘Islamism'”; Fisking Slate’s taqiyya article …. (fivefeetoffury)

~ LAW COOL IS: “Update on Maclean’s”.. the Sock-Puppets report …. (

~ CATHOLIC Insight May Strike Back …. (

~ RORY LEISHMAN: “While the Canadian Human Rights Commission has bowed to widespread public opposition to proceeding with a complaint against Maclean’s magazine brought by the Canadian Islamic Congress, less powerful and prominent Canadians should beware: For them, the threat of censorship remains” …. (

~ CANADA: Lord Tweedsmuir On the Potential that Was …. (

~ POLITICAL Correctness In A Nutshell …. (

~ SURPRISE! Corrupt, horny, disgraced ex-cop with bad hairdo ran ANOTHER failed “human rights” case …. (fivefeetoffury)

~ INSTAPUNDIT– CANADIAN KANGAROO COURT UPDATE: “The Canadian Human Rights Commission has dismissed the complaint against Catholic Insight Magazine…. Read the whole thing. It’s as if the whole “human rights” thing is really just a weapon for silencing political opposition” …. (

~ BRAVE PAKISTANI-BORN Anglican Bishop Michael Nazir Ali of the Church of England continues to roil his leftist and Islamist critics by recently defending the right of Christians to share the Gospel with Muslims …. (

~ I’D GLADLY GIVE UP My Right To Vote. If I could take Antonia Zerbisias with me …. (smalldeadanimals)

~ EN FRANCAIS— Commentaire: Un cheikh radical pro-djihad interdit en Australie, expulsé des USA, est conférencier invité à Toronto. “Cheikh Bilal Philips, citoyen canadien vivant au Qatar, a été désigné “co-conspirateur non accusé” dans l’attentat de 1993 contre le World Trade Centre et expulsé des États-Unis en 2004. L’Australie lui a refusé un visa en 2007 pour participer à une conférence en raison de risques pour la sécurité nationale et d’”incitation à la discorde”. Il prêche que la culture occidentale est l’ennemi de l’islam, et vante les bienfaits des lapidations, amputations, décapitations et flagellations publiques. Il s’adressera à la jeunesse musulmane canadienne la semaine prochaine.” 4 juillet, par Annie Lessard, Marc Lebuis …. (

~ CANADIAN NEWSPAPER “Catholic Insight” Off The Hook …. (am770chqr,

~ CANADIAN GOONS seize children because of mother’s political beliefs …. (

~ INTELLECTUAL Freedom in Canada: Catholic Insight “human rights” case dismissed …. (

~ SALIM MANSOUR: Speak easy: “Through the ages clowns have served many purposes apart from providing humour” …. (

~ NATIONAL POST— “Catholic magazine not guilty of hate :Commission dismisses gay activist’s complaint” …. (

~ FREEDOM, WITHOUT LOOPHOLES: Americans are free because it says so right there in their Constitution’s First Amendment. Canadians aren’t free because, while our freedom is supposedly enshrined in our much vaunted Charter of Rights and Freedoms, Canada’s Supreme Court hobbled our most vital freedom— free expression— when if affirmed that the “right” to not be exposed to and offended by “hate speech” trumps the freedom to offend. On the occasion of America’s birthday, an editorial in the Dallas Morning News celebrates the singularity of American freedom …. (scaramouche)

~ BREAKENRIDGE— “Mad Mo Embraces Self-Parody” …. (am770chqr)

~ BLAZING CATFUR— “Crooked ex-cop “rules” that Catholic Insight was “offensive” because it taught Catholicism. That would be Kozak of the Canadian Human Rights Commission” …. (

~ PROTEIN WISDOM— “Homophobia?” …. (proteinwisdom)

~ FRESH RAINBOW FASCISM— ‘Gay’ rights group to Supremes: Don’t let people vote …. (worldnetdaily)

~ STEVE DIAMOND: Whither the Teachers’ Unions? The Barack Obama-William Ayers Link …. (

~ THEY DON’T CALL ‘EM useful idiots for nada: “Now that Communism is a thing of the past, Western intellectuals and dummies inclined to self-loathing and enemy-worship have signed on with a new—and yet very, very old—batch of totalitarians” …. (scaramouche)

~ HUGH HEWITT: “Importance of Sovereignty to Independence” …. (


“I have come to believe that the Western way of life – which I’ll define in brief as life lived according to Judeo-Christian-evolved morality and liberty – is imperilled by the demographic spread and influence of Islamic ideology and laws. Notice I didn’t say the spread of “Islamism.” Or “Islamist-ism.” Or “Islamofascism.” Or just “Wahhabism.” Or “fundamentalist militant extremism.” Over the years, I have used most of these “ists” and “isms” in my column, trying them out one by one until I got to the point where I realized they were serving as a distraction, a form of verbal camouflage that turns our attention away from the ideology and laws of Islam itself. In the cause of not-giving-offence – the highest cause of Westerners-turned-multiculturalists – we have prevented ourselves from undertaking a hard-eyed appraisal of Islamic ideology as a whole, jihadism included, and engaging in a serious discussion of how to contain it.”

~ Diana West ~

~ DUST MY BROOM: “All you need to know about Canada” …. (

~ IT’S THE SHARI’A, stupid lesbian: “An irate Jewish lesbian responds to Lauren Posen’s letter to the Toronto Star” …. (scaramouche)

~ PERSECUTED EGYPTIAN CHRISTIANS: “The Coptic community in Sydney marched to the Egyptian consulate to protest the mistreatment of their co-religionists” …. (

~ INCH GIVEN, MILE TAKEN— Mosque in Hiding:
John C. “Chuck” Chalberg on Making Room for Prayer Rugs on a Secular Campus ….

~ BOYS PUNISHED with detention for refusing to pray to Allah. Parents outraged: ‘If Muslims were asked to go to church on Sunday and take Holy Communion there would be war’ …. (worldnetdaily, Wz)

~ TOO LITTLE, too late: Netherlands bars Iranian students from nuclear studies. As if that’s going to put the brakes on the Big Kaboom. Speaking of which, you’ll never guess from whence PakNuke godfather A.Q. Khan stole all his nuclear secrets, back in the 70s.. yup, the Netherlands. Then to Pakistan, North Korea, Libya, and heaven knows where else …. (Scaramouche)

TIME Cover A.Q. Khan
TIME Cover A.Q. Khan

~ DESTINATION: Allah’s Brothel – Radhasyam Brahmachari …. (

~ ISLAM’S ORIGINAL FEMINIST… “Advocates of even mild feminism were thin on the ground in 19th-century Egypt” …. (nationalpost)

~ GATES OF VIENNA— “Despite the justifiable concerns of many in the UK after the July 2005 Tube bombings, the long-term trajectory of the UK Muslim population proved to be one of a difficult but steady march towards ever greater assimilation, social advancement, and professional achievement. It is true that a not-insignificant fraction of Muslims is proving itself to be remarkably resistant to internalizing key aspects of British culture” …. (

~ AL QUAEDA recruiting prepubescent boys for the jihad? …. (

~ MELANIE PHILLIPS— “Taking the airbrush to evil” …. (melaniephillips)

~ CHEERFUL Iran: death penalty for “corrupt weblogs” …. (boingboing)

~ TRUST THE UN! “U.N. Lacks Muscle to Fight Sex Abuse in Peacekeeping.” Cannot. Police. Their. Own. Forces. But “Sharia’h Law Now Sacrosanct at the UN Human Rights Council” …. (

~ IRANIAN TV: ‘The Secret of Armageddon’– let’s hazard a guess: Jews? … (littlegreenfootballs)

~ SLAVERY’S NEW MECCA— “To enter Dubai’s most notorious brothel, the Cyclone, I paid $16 for a ticket that the bursar stamped with the official seal of the Department” …. (

~ AMERICAN DIGEST— America: Setting a Bad Example …. (

~ THAI JIHADIS Behead, Then Torch Man. Six Others Killed.. Allah Akbar …. (Wz)

~ LIBERTARIAN Gene Simmons (of KISS) on the Jihad …. (marginalizedactiondinosaur)

Gene Simmons of KISS

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