Steynian 191

Mark Steyn

No Steyn news today. Perhaps that’s a good thing: it’s not all about one man.. It’s the bigger issues, too. Although…

~ CALLING FOR NOMINATIONS: “The PEN Canada/Paul Kidd Courage Prize: Call for Nominations. The PEN Canada/Paul Kidd Courage Prize recognizes writers and journalists who have displayed exceptional courage and integrity in the interest of freedom of expression” .. (Via E-mail)


~ WARREN VS. EZRA, AGAIN. MORE. STILL. “This is getting tiresome!” Levant sued by exiled political hack CJC employee …. (ezralevant,

~ SHAIDLE: “Most Mediocre Canadian goes after Ezra Levant (again)” …. (fivefeetoffury)

Being Legally Bullied? Innocent? Join Ezra’s Crew Now!


~ FRESH RABBLE-ROUSING— a Guest Post By Mark Mercer of St. Mary’s University: Where is the Outrage?, Dept. of Philosphy, St. Mary’s University …. (



Cups at…/5322629

and more,




“I was born a free citizen of the Old Canada and before her God I declare, that I will go to jail rather than acknowledge the legitimacy of any “human rights” commission. I invite other journalists and indeed, every other Canadian, to declare likewise.”

~ David Warren ~

~ OUR TAXES AT WORK: “CHRC hires the morally handicapped” …. (

~ REMEMBER THE fundraiser for Freedominion legal defense fund …. (

~ YO, HARPER! “That’s the way George W. Bush gets our Prime Minister’s attention. Maybe now that he has it, he could ask him when Canada is going to get the antidote for the purple Kool-Aid and dismantle its totalitarian “justice” system” …. (scaramouche)

~ COPYBOOK GODS— “Martyrdom may yet have to wait. The case against Maclean’s has been dismissed, something that never would have happened if Ken Whyte and Mark Steyn hadn’t fought so vigorously against the “Sock Puppet Trio.” If Canada were the place that Warren fears, it’s unlikely the Canadian Human Rights Commission would have decided to dismiss the complaint. The advance of these neo-Star Chambers has been blunted, though not completely stopped, by a handful of prominent conservatives, Ezra Levant, Mark Steyn and Ken Whyte, with honourable mentions going to Andrew Coyne, Michael Coren and Rex Murphy. Simply shedding the light of day on these commissions has forced them into at least a tactical retreat.” Binks The ElfBoy weighs in …. (

~ SHOCK: A Human Rights Commissioner That Throws Her Weight Around …. (downwitheverybody)

~ JAY CURRIE— “Memo to the Socks…. This is how you deal with BS racism” …. (jaycurrie)

~ DAMIAN PENNY— “Where to draw the line? The controversy over a young Winnipeg child being taken from her Nazi (or “white nationalist”) mother continues to rage online. A creepy photo posted by Ezra Levant raises some particularly interesting questions” …. (

~ EN FRANCAIS— Commentaire: Dubaï, la nouvelle Mecque de l’esclavage. “Dans un nouveau livre qui documente la traite moderne d’esclaves, Benjamin E. Skinner nous amène à Dubaï, connu dans le commerce du sexe comme le “Disneyland pour hommes”. Dubaï a connu en 2006 ce que le rédacteur en chef d’un journal de Beyrouth a appelé la “première révolte moderne d’esclaves dans le monde arabe”. 7 juillet, par Annie Lessard, Marc Lebuis …. (

~ THE UBER-LEFTY NUTBARS of Daily Kos: Americans are the new Nazis…. Saith Wz: “Remind me again, which side of the political spectrum stifles freedom of speech, resorts to violence when challenged on their views and supports fascists both political and religious?” …. (Wz)

~ BRAVE NEW DAY CARE— Toddlers who dislike spicy food ‘racist’ .. “Nurseries are encouraged to report as many racist incidents as possible to local councils” …. (NRO, PW, AtlasShrugs2000)

~ RORY LEISHMANN— “There is only one sure way of preventing such a travesty of justice in Canada. The censorship powers of our human rights tribunals must be abolished. The sooner, the better” …. (

~ MACADAMIA on The Kinsella Seal of Approval. “I’m not sure how I managed to scoop E-Talk on this breaking story… but it seems that “Special K” has graciously agreed to the request of Liberal Catnip, to be the Supreme Arbiter of the “Ten Smartest Female Canadian Bloggers” extant. ” …. (

~ DUST MY ROOM— “I can’t remember the first year I refused to complete the census form. Perhaps it was the year (1973?) that the multi-page questionnaire asked deeply personal questions about breast feeding” …. (

~ MEANWHILE, other bureaucratic functionaries in Britain do their bit to Islamicize the country …. (

~ BUREAUCRACY: the new psychiatric illness; and “You will submit.” No word on if the marchers got special treatment or not…. (sleepyoldbear)

~ CURRICULUM MORTAE: “Sometimes Indoctrination Is a Matter of Life and Death. Karen Swallow Prior on Politically correct indoctrination in the universities” …. (

~ GOOGLE-FASCISM: Non-Obama-worshipping blogs are fleeing blogspot. Unbelievable muzzling for no good reason: “Several bloggers have been locked out from their Blogger accounts, while others have been inconvenienced by having to use scrambled codes to enter, publish and edit blog postings.” …. (

~ ENVIRO-FASCISM: “SUV drives over David Suzuki column”. And does anybody else find those Suzuki TV-ads creepy? Dave lurking in your basement? Dave with your kids in a treehouse at night? Big Dave Is Watching You! …. (

~ SHOTGUN BLOG— “On Libertarian Bolshevism” …. (scaramouche)



London, England.
Three years ago today.

~ ANTI-RACISM has also become the ideology of Canadian Islamists, like Mo Elmasry, who use HRCs in their own interests. Time to crack down on the nuttiness both globally and locally, I’d say …. (scaramouche)

~ SCARMOUCHE— “All he is saying is give crazed Shias with nukes a chance: Here’s a good one (and by “good” I mean one that’s so off the wall deranged as to not be believed)—squishy peace-monger Ernie Regehr explains to Toronto Star readers that a “compromise” is possible with nuclear-minded mullahs” …. (scaramouche)

~ MARK SHEA ON THE “Schoolboys punished with detention for refusing to kneel down and pray to Allah” Story …. (

~ RELIGION of (blown to) Pieces …. (

~ HATEFEST! Durban II: The Anti Semitism Olympics; Hugo Chávez’s Jewish Problem …. (sigmundcarlandalfred)

~ ISLAM IS Religion and Politics; and “A Crystal Ball for Britain: Part 2” …. (

~ RAT’S NEST— NYPD Detectives go Undercover in NYC Mosques, Jihadist Networks Penetrated.. Misguided Muslims abound …. (Wz)

~ MUSLIMS attack Christians after woman leaves Muslim husband …. (

~ KHALID YASIN: Terrorist Mastermind — And Con Man? Muslim leaders express concerns about international hate sheikh’s fraudulent fundraising efforts …. (frontpagemag)

~ CELESTIAL JUNK WONDERS.. “Little Hardi from Indonesia wears a hijab to her new Canadian school. She believes that other little girls who don’t wear a hijab are filthy … because her parents and her mullah told her so. Little Hardi hates little “uncovered girls”. Shall we take Hardie away from her parents?” …. (

~ WAHHABI KINGDOM: Man and Woman Face 950 Total Lashes for Phone Relationship, Forbidden By Shari’a …. (Wz)

~ GEEZERS— “Protest song: With the possible exception of a slick-talking smoothie named Fauxbama, nothing throws the smug lefties into a tizzy like the sight of really old useful idiot—especially one who was once a victim of the Blacklist and who can still carry a tune. Toronto Star showbiz scribe Greg Quill reports that when decrepit folkie Pete Seeger took the stage at Hugh’s Room last evening, the worshipful crowd gave him a five minute standing ovation” …. (scaramouche)

~ AMERICAN THINKER on “The multi-cultural one way street” …. (

~ REPORT: Hundreds of Jihadis Fingerprinted Overseas Have Turned up in US Criminal Databases …. (Wz)

~ ANDREW STUNICH: “Islam Caused Islamic World’s Decline” …. (

~ ROGER KIMBALL— “Quiz time!” …. (pajamasmedia)

~ COMOROS ISLANDS Launch Crackdown on “Loose Morals”, Poised to Become a Sharia State …. (Wz)

~ MORALLY CRIPPLED Relatives of 7/7 London jihad bomber hold party at his grave, Commemorate him as a “Martyr” …. (, Wz)

~ DUST MY BROOM— Tonight’s clip features an Egyptian psychiatrist, who refers to himself as a “professional” while praising suicide bombers. When asked “What is the psychological make-up of a martyr”, Professor Adel Sadeq offers up the following explanation: “The psychological make-up is that of a person who loves life.” …. (dmb)

~ ISLAMO-GIRL-KILL, USA: Honor Killing in Georgia …. (lgf, JiWa)

~ FUNSY VIDEO: Summer School in Gaza, Bizarre Combat Training for Children.. They’re either training for jihad or auditioning for West Side Story, you decide …. (Wz)

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