It’s Called Canada

Classic Misdirection

Ignore The Hippies Behind The Curtain*

The whole Morgentaler thing is classic misdirection: Look Over There At That! So instead of asking why those in charge of the Order of Canada were party to fudging the rules, letting radicals bully the process, and then having a Chief Justice shove things along according to her prejudices we’re debating Morgentaler abortion, and the open wound that is our lack of an abortion policy in Canada. The latter all need discussing.. but first things first.

Short-cuts are such handy things. You know, when Our Betters know that they have A High and Lonely Destiny to Do What Need To Be Done, no matter what. ‘What’ here being laws, the popular will, due process, or any other slow-making obstructions. Revolutionaries are big on short-cuts, for the greater good, as they conceive it.

Back To Basics

Your Better

These people thought (including this group, and this socialist woman) that baby-butcher Morgentaler should get the Order of Canada before he died. They pushed and shoved. The Order of Canada committee, which is supposed to vote unanimouslt, wasn’t, but this Supreme Court Justice gave it a pass. The ‘Conservative’ PM & government gave it a pass, with talking points. Brew-up ensues.

These people need to be called to account. This award was improperly railroaded through the process, and needs to be revoked. We have radical activists telling Canadians, the Parliament, and even the Order Of Canada committee what to think and what to do.

This is, of course, the Communo-Socialist way.. for the Ms. Egans of the world, it’s always 1968: every radical cause is a good cause– we need to break on through to the other side in the words of Jim Morrison and The Doors, to the liberated egalitarian boundaryless paradise just within our reach. Due process serves the man; rules are made to uphold patriarchy and oppression; We Will Overco-o-ome, we just need to make it happen. And if it doesn’t work, apply, lather, rinse, repeat…

Reality Is Best

In reality-land, this has meant nearly 50 years of radical experiments in Western Society, leading to soft-fascism, abortion, extremism in church and academe, and all the rest.It’s been a wild ride, with lunatics at the wheel.

Such whack-nuttery is like anti-King Midas.. where everything he touched turned to gold, everything these socialists touch turns to crap. Ms. Egan’s tired ideas are still dangerous because Boomers hold the levels of power, media, and culture: easy-think liberalism is still the rules; hey, if ya gotta cut a few corners, people will get used to it….

… Such whack-nuttery
is like anti-King Midas..
where everything he touched
turned to gold,
everything these socialists
touch turns to crap…

Funny Old Rituals

One day I watched some Parliamentary ceremonial.. the various officials, the knocking on the door thing, the big rod symbolizing royal power, the procession, the whole 9 yards. At first, it strikes you as quaint, if not slightly silly– then, you think: no guns.. no generalissimo.. no riots.. just an orderly, structured hand-over of power of an entire country, 32 million people, trillions of dollars. Just like that. To geezer radicals and their intellectual descendants, it’s all show and lies and [apply favourite theory here]. To the rest of us, it’s Canada. Our way. Our country.. fought for, treasured, taken for granted perhaps, but because it’s such a blessing to live here in the true North, strong and still free.

Such radical ideas of the left or right are the sweetest narcotic, a substitute religion, a dire temptation, and the corrosive acid of Western civilization and religion since the French Revolution.

Head For The Exits

Retro Soft-FascismIf you disagree, please feel free to move to the EU, or some socialist paradise in the making, where Betters rule over Lessers, and soft-tyrants impose radicalism with the force of law and police and speech-codes and tribunals enacting mock-law. Pure scum-baggery.

We need to stick to the rule of law, the and right and wrong behind that. Hold people accountable. Fight back against the barbarians within our gates, because truth, and the lives of pre-born Canadians, and our freedoms and institutions are hanging in the balance.

O ye Bossy Boomers, hippies, malcontents– shut up. You’ve had your time. It’s 2008, and almost all Canadians DON’T want to live in your vision of an earthly paradise. Stop trying to steal, deface, defile, dumb-down and ruin stuff. We already have a pretty fine country.

It’s called Canada.


* Cross-Posted @ UnAborted


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