Steynian 200

“It is no accident (as the Marxists used to say) that political correctness should flourish most in those countries in which libertinism has become an ideology; or that in countries in which the literary use of foul language is taken as a sign of liberation from stifling convention, certain words and thoughts are simply not allowed to be expressed. For what is political correctness except an attempt to purify the human heart by making unworthy thoughts literally inexpressible?”

~ Theodore Dalrymple ~

Mark Steyn

~ FREE SPEECH IN AN AGE OF JIHAD: “Mark’s keynote address to the recent conference in New York on free speech is now in print, along with valuable contributions from Roger Kimball, Andy McCarthy, Rachel Ehrenfeld, Ezra Levant and others. It’s available as part of our America Alone Free Speech Special: the bestselling book and the legal battle that ensued – together in one great package!” Exclusively from the Steyn Store, only $20.95 …. (steynstore)

Being Legally Bullied? Innocent? Join Ezra’s Crew Now!


~ SAITH THE EZ— “Fire. Them. All.” goes mainstream! …. (ezralevant)

~ COMING UP SOON: Comedy benefit for Guy Earle, July 19th in Toronto …. (ezralevant)


“.. [F]or a prominent churchman to concede publicly that some Muslims find this different belief ‘offensive’ (rather than simply incorrect) is a bad mistake. It somehow gives respectability to the notion that the mere expression (or indeed existence) of a belief is in itself ‘offensive’ to those who feel a different way. In an age where “offense” is the gateway to censorship that’s a poisonous idea that needs no encouragement. That the Archbishop of Canterbury can, however indirectly, endorse it reminds us yet again of the noxiousness of ‘Sharia’ Williams. Couldn’t some monastery take this overpromoted parson in and give him useful job to do? There must be some vegetable gardens that need tending.”

~ Andrew Stuttaford ~

~ DEBORAH GYAPONG— Imagine if human rights commissions had to vet all our jokes; Mark Mercer again over at Blazing Cat Fur; The Canadian Islamic Congress to appeal CHRC dismissal …. (

~ SAITH THE AUTHOR SHAIDLE— Why you’ll need to buy our new book about the Human Rights Commissions; “To put it mildly, there is a cultural chasm between what the country’s elites think defines Canada vs. the general population and newcomers” …. (fivefeetoffury)

~ DEFAMATION! — ‘Christian doctrine is offensive to Muslims’.. Dhimmi Archbishop of Canterbury continues slow-motion intellectual death-spiral. The clown-bishop of Canterbury has struck again …. (FD, CrunchyCon, Nrotc)

~ THEODORE DALRYMPLE— Islam, the Marxism of Our Time, 17 September 2007 …. (

~ THE MIGHTY Margaret Somerville: Why abortion is also a free-speech issue.. (pumpkin-watch)

~ THIS IS THE TYPE OF POWER available to the thugs on the tribunal panels who police our thoughts and words …. (

~ GEORGE JONAS is smarter than you are …. (fivefeetoffury)

~ SAITH SHAIDLE— Why I’m glad I’m not a Leftist any more (continued): “Dozens of mostly rightwing bloggers have posted their support for leftwing UK blog Harry’s Place, because it’s being sued by a beligerent Muslim” …. (fivefeetoffury)

~ ON FREE SPEECH: “But what about “comedic expressions”?” …. (

~ “INSUFFICIENT assimilation” doesn’t sound like something a limp wristed socialist would say …. (

~ PRO-LIFE GROUP files human rights complaint against city following the removal of an innocuous advertisement …. (

~ SHAIDLE THINKS “Loreena McKennitt is a stupid bitch” …. (fivefeetoffury)

~ JAY CURRIE WARNS: “English libel law now applies to everyone on Earth. Make any accusation, anywhere in the world, and if the subject can demonstrate that a single person in England or Wales has read it, you could be sued here for every penny, cent, rouble, rupee or renminbi you possess” …. (jaycurrie)

~ THE SHAIDLE— “Since we can’t talk about race in Canada any more, let’s just think about it.” Mesopotamia West writes …. (fivefeetoffury)

~ RICK McGINNIS on CBC Radio today (Sign of the End Times?) …. (fivefeetoffury)

~ MICHAEL COREN— Public funding for trash: “Michael Coren addresses the blatant hypocrisy of those in the media who cry censorship in the name of freedom of speech, while at the same time defending HRC’s” …. (

~ THE SENSITIVITY POLICE: Where’s American Multiculturalism Heading? …. (

~ NOT QUALIFIED, Or Bigotry? BCHRT To Investigate Medical School …. (downwitheverybody)

~ BLAZING CATFUR— Well Lookie here; and “We’ve located one of Warren Kinsella’s 25 readers!” …. (, 5fof)

~ EN FRANCAIS I— Finance islamique: Dow Jones congédie son conseiller vedette en finance islamique pour liens terroristes. “Taqi Usmani a été une star du monde de la finance islamique, siégeant sur les conseils de surveillance de la charia de banques du monde entier. Il conseillait le Dow Jones Islamic Market Index, qui accrédite plus de 25 fonds d’investissements. Il est l’auteur d’un livre exhortant les musulmans vivant en Occident à mener le djihad violent contre les infidèles à chaque occasion, et à continuer les tueries jusqu’à ce qu’ils paient la jizyah (impôt de soumission) après avoir été humiliés ou vaincus.” 14 juillet, par Annie Lessard, Marc Lebuis …. (pointdebasculecanada)

~ RIP FREE SPEECH: The great Ibn Warraq describes how the OIC did in free expression at the UN. From the New English Review …. (scaramouche)

~ WASHINGTON, DC: “US Senators Notice Free Speech Lawfare” …. (

~ A COMEDIAN NAMED Guy Earle has been in the news lately. He’s being taken to the BC Human Rights Tribunal for dealing with hecklers in Vancouver, in a slightly less robust fashion than you see on the clip …. (rjjago)

~ CHINA BANS Posters And Signs From Olympic Games …. (downwitheverybody)

~ VIRGINIA— “Developments in Islamic Saudi Academy and Saudi Textbook Issues” …. (

~ LAW IS COOL chick “South Dakota, Free Speech, and Irony”; Stereotypes of the Worst Kind …. (

~ RELIGIOUS PERSECUTION CAN HAPPEN to anybody.. but in looking over these stories, is there one theme that’s common (aside from the fact the vitims are Christians)? …. (

~ SCARAMOUCHE— “Guys and gulls: Yes, it’s true. Hershell Ezrin, who, in his capacity as CEO of CIJA, is capo di tutti capi of Canada’s Israel and Jewish advocacy groups (the CJC, Wiesenthal, B’nai Brith, et al), has his very own blog. Yesterday, Hershell took time out from his busy day to opine on the Bambi ‘toon tumult” …. (scaramouche)

~ OUR TOLERANT LEFT: “Only on Babble can you be called a troll for pointing out that the Taliban are murderous thugs” …. (

~ SELF-CENSORING LEFTIES: Quit Laughing, I Said It’s Not Funny …. (

~ DARE NOT DOUBT the global warming religion …. (shotgun)

~ CAREFUL, COLBERT.. You Could Be Exposing Apes To Hatred Or Contempt …. (downwitheverybody)




Cups at…/5322629

and more,




~ UK IMAM: Whip Fornicators, Chop off Clepto Hands …. (mypetjawa)

~ PIPE DOWN. The Omar Khadr Thing Is Just Heating Up; ‘Khadr video polarizes Canadians‘ …. (downwitheverybody, dustmybroom)

~ MELANIE PHILLIPS: “It is really quite obscene that the BBC repeatedly portrays the victims of mass murder – Americans, Israelis – as its perpetrators and its actual perpetrators as victims. The BBC is doing the work of the enemies of civilization for them” …. (spectator)

~ HATEFUL HIZBO Hands Over Bodies of 2 Dead Israeli Soldiers– Nasrallah Taunts The Soldier’s Families …. (

~ MAGIC CARPET? — “The CSIS agents wanted to know how the Khadrs managed to travel between Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, Yemen, Syria and Canada during the late 1990s, with no apparent means of support other than their work for Islamic charities. Mr. Khadr replied his father lived off a Canadian disability pension.” …. (

~ CANUCKI TERROR-SUSPECT Momin Khawaja, now on trial in Ontario on terror charges– “For a sincere Muslim, guns, warfare and weaponry are…something which enables him to carry out the obligation of the Jihad” …. (

~ EQUALITY-LOVING Pakistan: Judge Rules in Favor of Muslims who Kidnapped, Forcefully Converted, Married off two Christian Girls …. (Wz)

~ A GOOD THING: Saudi grand mufti raps fatwas against writers …. (

~ CANARIES, COAL-MINE— Egypt: Coptic Christians Closing Ranks as Country Make a Hard Turn Towards Islamic Fundamentalism …. (

~ UNCOMMON KNOWLEDGE: “Law & Jihad with Andrew McCarthy: Chapter 3” …. (nro)

~ MALKIN: “My syndicated column today looks at Barack Obama’s dopey, dangerous views on ending jihad with “understanding.” He shouldn’t be protesting cartoons. He is a walking, talking cartoon” …. (michellemalkin)

~ CALLING A SPADE a spade: jihad, genocide, slavery and sharia law …. (

~ HEARTACHE: “Yemeni Clerics Forced to Withdraw Plan for Islamic Morality Police” …. (Wz)

~ US SOLDIER: “Don’t cry for Gitmo murderer Khadr” …. (NP)

~ EN FRANCAIS II— Liberté d’expression: Islamisation du droit occidental : “diffamation” signifie “blasphème.” Après l’orientalisme et le colonialisme, c’est maintenant sous couvert de la lutte contre l’islamophobie prétendument causée par la “diffamation de l’islam” que les pays musulmans cherchent à réprimer toute critique de l’islam. Ils tentent d’islamiser les systèmes juridiques occidentaux par l’introduction de ce qui est, en fait, un délit de “blasphème”. – Ezra Levant. 14 juillet, par Annie Lessard, Marc Lebuis …. (

~ HIZB’ALLAH Gears Up For War, Olmert Asks for UN Help …. (

~ SKEPTICISM Precedes Saudi-Led Interfaith Meeting. Spain: Saudi King Abdullah is in Madrid for the World Conference for Dialogue …. (, blogfreeworld)

UN Human Rights Council: “Human rights” and Pakistan (1)

~ HONOUR SLAUGHTER: “Count Roland writes in with a comment about this article, concerning one Chaudhry Rashid, who stands accused of the honour killing of his own daughter, Sandeela Kanwal” …. (

~ JIHAD & Outreach to Islamic Supremacist Groups …. (

Durban II – The UN Conference to Promote Antisemitism

~ SYMPATHY-BID? “Prisoners: The release of videos showing a then-16-year-old Omar Khadr being interrogated by Canadian security officers at Gitmo has had the effect his lawyers were hoping for: a big splash in the media” …. (scaramouche)

~ WHILE THE SAUDI KING promotes interfaith dialogue, Saudi textbooks still teach hatred and intolerance of everything — and everyone — non-Islamic …. (

~ IN THE DARK: Honest Reporting scanned a year’s worth of New York Times reportage and, to no one’s surprise, discovered that America’s “paper of record” has a bit of a blind spot when it comes to Israel’s totalitarian enemies …. (scaramouche)

~ OBAMA and Islamic Jihad, by Robert Spencer …. (frontpagemag)

~ NEW REPORT: “Jihad Networks in Pakistan and Their Influence in Europe” …. (

~ LAW IS COOL Web-Puppet hotness: “Omar Khadr Video Round-up”l and “Letter to Harper regarding Omar Khadr” …. (

~ THE BRUTALITY and violence meted out against women and girls are nothing other than Islam itself.Maryam Namazie. An Iranian activist, commentator and broadcaster …. (

~ ROBERT JAGO ONThe Khadr Interrogation Video; Jonathan Kay lists the reasons Khadr should be brought home; From Murderous Jihad Warrior to Sobbing Crybaby …. (Various)

~ SAUDI ARABIA has Squandered the Opportunity to Renew its Moribund Political System …. (

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