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~ FREE SPEECH IN AN AGE OF JIHAD: “Mark’s keynote address to the recent conference in New York on free speech is now in print, along with valuable contributions from Roger Kimball, Andy McCarthy, Rachel Ehrenfeld, Ezra Levant and others. It’s available as part of our America Alone Free Speech Special: the bestselling book and the legal battle that ensued – together in one great package!” Exclusively from the Steyn Store, only $20.95 …. (steynstore)

~ STEYN: L’ÉDITION EN FRANÇAIS: EST ARRIVÉE! For our readers in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Mauritius, but probably not (until the appeal is heard) Québec. Disponible de Amazon, FNAC, et Decitre …. (Steyn En FRANÇAIS!)


~ THE MIGHTY Rex Murphy: The Case of the Heckled Comic and the Drink-Tossing Lesbians. Instapundit: “Tar. Feathers.” …. (ezralevant, pajamasmedia)

Being Legally Bullied? Innocent? Join Ezra’s Crew Now!


~ STEPHEN BOISSOIN has appealed …. (

~ THE ALBERTA government: fine with censorship? It. Is. To. Laugh …. (


“How is it that the Catholic Church – everyone’s favourite scapegoat for intolerance, narrow-mindedness, and censorship – is defending the freedom to explore ideas, debate right and wrong, and search for truth, while the censors would shut down discussion in the name of human rights?”

~ Paul Schratz ~

~ BLAZIN’ CATFÜD— “Rex Murphy – No laughing matter. Did you ever in your wildest dreams see heckling as the subject of a human-rights inquiry?” …. (, scaramouche)

~ I MUST RESERVE a ticket for the Canuck comics’ rally for freedom …. (

~ SAITH DEBORAH: “The Binks nails the problem with the “everything is relative” crowd” …. (

~ EN FRANCAIS— Commentaire satirique: L’archevêque de Cantorbéry : Chamberlain en soutane. “Mon petit doigt me dit que l’Archevêque-primat d’Angleterre Rowan Williams poursuit deux lièvres à la fois. Le premier, le plus nourrissant et le plus plaisant à l’égo est sans doute le prix Nobel de la paix. Il serait injuste que l’on refuse le prix à un homme qui brandit aussi haut le rameau d’olivier face à la ceinture d’explosifs. Le second lièvre, celui que le Monseigneur est certain d’attraper, c’est le titre peu enviable mais combien mortifiant d’apôtre de la dhimmitude.” 18 juillet, par Helios d’Alexandrie …. (

~ NO DUH! AWARD, 2008— Christian doctrine is offensive to Muslims, the Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams, said. Almost 1400 years of history, conquest, and now fresh Jihad & terrorism in the name of Allah and in England, too and he’s got this finally figured out? Some times intellectuals play word-games, but this is big-boy time, and his every word counts, and can encourage or discourage a whole nation and beyond …. (marginalizedactiondinosaur)

~ HAPPY MAGIC-LAND with unicorns BCHRT Member Orders Condo Owners To Spend Cash On New Ramp; British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal Goes Into The Health Care Business…. (downwitheverybody)

~ WU CHALLENGES Obama and McCain to Stand Up for Religious Freedom …. (

~ WATCHING THE Jewstablishment’s war on Cyber-hate: One of the bees in the Jewstablishment’s bonnet is controlling hate on the World Wide Web—a well-nigh Herculean, not to mention Quixotic, task …. (scaramouche)

~ FIVE FEET OF FURBY: “What we get instead of the real thing… Canadian “monument to human rights” …. (fivefeetoffury)

~ SCARAMOUCHE.. “Stop me if you’ve heard this one before…: How many Human Rights Commissioners does it take to screw in a light bulb?; And speaking of jokes” …. (scaramouche)

~ SAITH THE Panhandlers To The BCHRT: Discrimination Is Worth 20 Large …. (downwitheverybody)

~ CATHOLIC INSIGHT’S hollow victory. Editorial By Paul Schratz in The BC Catholic …. (

~ SUPREME COURT To New Brunswick Human Rights Commission: Wrong …. (downwitheverybody)

~ AP STRINGER Detained Over Filming of Two Murders, Questions Remain …. (mypetjawa)

~ SHAIDLE.. “This is what gets called “extremist” these days” …. (fivefeetoffury)

~ FUN WITH LEFTIES— “Fight amongst Yourselves! What fun…Dr, Dawg has resigned as a moderator of the Progressive Bloggers. (And about time too…he has moments of lucidity which is far more than can be said for the run of the mill PBs.)” …. (jaycurrie)

~ PUNDITA: “In need of a dose of common sense about news stories?” …. (

~ BOOK ESSAY: The Great Deception– “The rise of the European Union” …. (

~ A DEFIANT Vaclav Klaus vs, Crunchy-Fascists; The New Dictators Will be Green …. (

~ FREEDOM IN ORWELLISTAN: “The government’s plan to give control over local police forces to elected mayors or, in those areas without such a mayor, to directly elected chiefs of local police boards has drawn condemnation from various quarters on the grounds that this would open the way to political control of the police by extremists”.. just imagine: no-go zones of a certain touchy ghettoized religion– but now backed up with Bobbies obedient to mayors, not the state, or the government, or the laws …. (melaniephillips)

~ SMOOTH LEFTY RACISM: “Does winking when you say n*gger make it less offensive? Is that even an open question?” …. (rjjago)

~ EUSSR-FASCISM— An EU mindset that is arrogant, anti-democratic and frankly scary …. (MaD)

Canada: The Joke’s On Us


~ DAVID WARREN— Redemptions: “The exchange of five living Hezb’allah terrorists, delivered to a hero’s welcome in Lebanon, for the corpses of two Israeli soldiers, was stupid. This is a point that has been made by other observers, but I think it worth emphasizing from the start” …. (davidwarrenonline)

~ “UM, YES. GOSH. I MUST HAVE BEEN BEGGING FOR IT.” — “Nearly two-thirds of Egyptian men admit to having sexually harassed women in the most populous Arab country, and a majority say women themselves are to blame for their maltreatment, a survey showed Thursday”; in other Islamic news, “Women Are Responsible for Rapes, Always!” – Ayesha Ahmed …. (

Islamic Heads-Up, Just FYI:
“A woman’s whole body, according to several hadiths, is awrah—the Arabic word for pudendum (the external genitals). It is natural that the sighting of awrah arouses men and creates an uncontrollable sexual urge. This urge is specially very acute in Muslim men due to their higher sexual potency. Allah gives all Muslim men a higher libido to enable them to enjoy their sharia permitted four wives….”

~ Ayesha Ahmed ~

Just wondering: do any other world religions out there– in the history of religions– consider a woman to be giant walking female genitalia? What perverted nonsense, and a twisted account of human nature: even men are reduced to giant superhuman genitalia. This is Hustler mag-style wishful thinking and not divinely-revealed wisdom. Discuss.

~ COREN ON THE KHADR SHOW: “I have to be blunt. I’m disappointed. Perhaps the sequel will be superior and I suppose we have to be generous to a fairly inexperienced director and cast, but I thought the Omar Khadr video would be better than it turned out to be. A little like the latter Star Wars — unfulfilled promise.” …. (scaramouche)

~ UNDERSTANDING Canada’s deportation system …. (dustmybroom)

~ SURRENDER, USA? “It seems the State Department is selling calenders that feature “the mosques of America.” If the State Department sold a calender of the “churches of America” how fast do you think the ACLU would be up in their grill about the mythical separation clause? Faster than the French surrendering is my guess” …. (stoptheaclu, A2K)

~ DURBAN II: anti-Western and anti-Semitic feelings à la carte …. (blogfreeworld)

~ CANUCKI PAPER shills for Jew-killer: The Globe and Mail’s Orly Halpern assays some ghastly puffery about a despicable murderer, newly freed and acclaimed by death-cultists in Lebanon and elsewhere. (The deal that sprung him saw Israel transforming itself into the national equivalent of Charlie Brown on Halloween …. (scaramouche)

~ BIG-BOY TIME IN REALITY LAND? No matter: “Mad, bad, and dangerous: The West has made one more pathetic attempt to bribe, er, reach out to the mullahs before they go ahead and nuke the Jews, but the stars of that Emmy nominated show Mahdi Men have yet to respond” …. (scaramouche)

~ WORKING ON that parallel state: “USA: Muslims intimidating police to create special treatment for themselves?” …. (blogfreeworld)

~ TODDLER-KILLER RELEASED— A moment of moral clarity: Kuntar As ‘Hero’– “Any civilized court of law would hold the attackers responsible for the toddler’s death, too. Judging by the euphoria in Lebanon and in the Palestinian territories this week, by the terrorists’ barbaric, topsy-turvy immoral logic, the additional carnage enhances Kuntar’s heroic status”; Freed murderer now a target, Israel warns …. (sigmundcarlandalfred)

~ SWISS CHEESCAKE: When It Comes to Towering Minarets, “Ich bin ein extremist” …. (

~ ED DRISCOLL: “A Chilling Effect On Free Speech” …. (

~ UK POLICE Raid Syrian Man’s Apartment. Bomb Materials, Allah’s Instruction on Handling Chemicals, Speeches From Jihadists Leader Found… Another misguided Muslim, another day in the UK …. (weaselzippers)

~ UTTER SHOCKER as U.A.E. official attacks generic bogeymen Zionists at Saudi religious conference. ‘I can speak to pacifists but not bellicists (sic), who are in favor of war’ …. (worldnetdaily)

~ ATLAS2000— Iran: 10 Public Hangings in ONE Week.. BLOGGER DEATH PENALTY PROPOSED. “This is the ass the left kisses. Unfathomable”…. (atlasshrugs2000)

~ JIHAD OF THE EASILT OFFENDED— UK: 5-year-old girl’s photo passport, rejected in case “it offends Muslims” …. (blogfreeworld)

~ SUPREME DREAMS: The Custodian of the Two Holy Shmoly Mosques invited some non-believers to Madrid to participate in some interfaith charades, er, dialogue. (For obvious reasons, holding it in Saudi Arabia wasn’t an option). All went well with the schmoozing until the end, when a final communiqué revealed the organizers’ true colours. (I believe they were green, the colour of Muslim supremacism) …. (scaramouche)

~ MCCAIN STAFFER: Muslims Want us to Kneel or They’ll Kill us… Shockingly candid remarks met with the not-so-shocking response of, “Islamophobe” …. (weaselzippers)

~ BEHOLD THE inaction of feminists regarding honor killings …. (blogfreeworld)

~ FOUND DOCUMENTS: Palestinians Need a New Slogan …. (rjjago)

~ MANDATORY DEATH SENTENCES for Internet Promotion of Apostasy in Iran …. (mypetjawa)

~ UK-GOV COMMISSIONS Study on “Wearing the Hijab in Britain”… Also known as the, ‘how can we be more dhimmified’ study …. (Wz)

~ UN, CHINA: posturing over the indictment of Sudanese President Al-Bashir, defending genocide, anti-Christian attacks …. (blogfreeworld)

~ SUSPECTED GEORGIA Honor Killer Says he Killed his Sister for Being a “Bad Muslim Girl,” Now Claims it “has Nothing to do With Islam”… CAIR must have reached him first …. (Wz)

~ EVIL JEWISH PLOT! Ultra-radical Muslim group training in Gaza Strip. Salafist jihadists: ‘Compared to us, Hamas is Islamism lite’ …. (worldnetdaily)

~ UPPITY ITALIANS— “We are here to prevent a symbol of Milanese sport from being transformed into a mosque” …. (

~ ISLAMIC HILLBILLY FUN in Pakistan: Hindu Boy Beaten, Stripped Naked, Paraded in Town Over Rumors he Desecrated a Koran… How many million times have we seen this story before? …. (Wz)

~ THE NEW SITE ‘Stop Ahmadinejad’ needs your help! …. (

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