Red Alert

All friends of this blog and of Ezra Levant please be aware that Ezra has received what appears to be a serious death-threat. Any IP-nerds or web-hunters will want to know that Ezra has offered a bounty of $1000 for whoever can give him a specific name.

For those of faith our there, please pray God’s protection and the holy angels defend him and his.

This is serious like a heart-attack. We are in a war.


One thought on “Red Alert

  1. Finally someone is recognizing that more often than not, the people who say these things are at least serious in their desire to kill people. Wether or not they have the means or opportunity is another matter. There is only one way to defeat this kind of thinking without an all out shooting war, and that is to poke fun, laugh at and ridicule the pathetic scum that utter this stuff at every opportunity. To simply appease and beg forgiveness for every perceived fault or slight, is not seen as it is intended, but instead as a sign of weakness, and is itself ridiculed and used to manipulate us by those who are making these kinds of statements in the first place.

    Enough bending over and begging them to like us. They don’t and won’t. Remember. Appeasement fails every time it’s tried. Just ask Neville Chamberlain.

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