Good News, Bad News

Dear Ever-Growing Army of Pre-Dead Minions:

If Steyn can take a break from being Steyn, FreeMark Steyn can take a break, too.

A few days of Summer rest, folks.. that’s the bad news.

Good news? Giant blogroll just online, over at our original site… WebElf Report News Blogroll.

Use our blogroll to visit the usual suspects; donate to those in need; pass on the word to your friends, elected officials and whomever else about this situation. Soft-fascism is upon us: don’t let your freedoms go quietly into that dark night.

All prayers gladly accepted, for a reborative and restorative time away from blogging (it’s been full-time since December 21st, if you check).




9 thoughts on “Good News, Bad News

  1. You deserve that rest, Binks, after working so hard with this and to continue with this afterwards.
    Have a good time! 😆

  2. Binks is going on the blinks cause he ran out of inks me thinks. Could ye be playing the links? Have a good holiday, don’t do anything I would do.

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