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He Just Aint “Fascism is a religion of the state. It assumes the organic unity of the body politic and longs for a national leader attuned to the will of the people. It is totalitarian in that it views everything as political and holds that any action by the state is justified to achieve the common good. It takes responsibility for all aspects of life, including our health and well-being, and seeks to impose uniformity of thought and action, whether by force or through regulation and social pressure. Everything, including the economy and religion, must be aligned with it’s objectives. Any rival identity is part of the “problem” and therefore defined as the enemy.”

~ Jonah Goldberg, Liberal Fascism, p. 23 ~

Over Your Shoulder

The other day– as the She-Binks and I were out vacating and anniversarying (21st year of holy acrimony, thanks)– we were discussing how soft fascism has permeated the work-zone these days. You know, those community building, conflict-managing, unity-building stuff you get on weekend workshops, so you can screw over (and sideline) the opposition, while coddling the majority and getting them to get with the actual pre-packaged program of the moment. Such ‘management techniques’ have infected the churches, business, politics, academia, and wider society for years, under the cuddly guise of making things better and getting along and fuzzy kittens and stuff.

It’s a velvet-covered bulldozer, and anybody who has been to a meeting or committee run with such ‘techniques’ knows how it works: get on board, or get out of the way. Neither truth nor reason matter; facts don’t matter; fairness doesn’t matter; past failures don’t matter; reality doesn’t matter– as long as the process unfolds smoothly, uber alles.

T’would be handy if all the soft-fascism was only about the HRCs, but the truth is rather more complicated. As Jonah Goldberg points out, totalitarianism is a temptation for all of us, whether we like it or not, good intentions or not. Democracy is all about protecting us from one another, as well as from those who would elect themselves as our betters.

Watch for it.


P.S. Mrs. Binks, Sweety Sweetissimus: this is for you.

Mark Steyn

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~ ANOTHER CORPORATION Submits to Sharia: Wachovia Bank Will Offer Prayer Rooms and Islamic Foot Baths.. “Bank of America, IBM, and Glaxo apparently have done the same or plan to, and so sharia creeps in North Carolina and corporate America. Did it only take two Muslim employees to force two of the worlds largest banks to succumb to sharia?” …. (Wz)

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~ HEAVY METAL ISLAM: “Heavy metal—as in Def Leppard and Megadeth, not machetes and hijacked airliners used as giant projectiles. Who knew the former was popular in the Islamic world?” …. (scaramouche)

~ TODAY’S Islamophobic post! …. (fivefeetoffury)

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