Steynian 235

Saith The Steyn (pbum):
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~ BREATH OF THE BEAST: David Update– “A short note as the Sabbath begins- David’s operation went as well as we could have hoped for!” …. (

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Steynian 234

~ THE TIRELESS and endlessly readable journalist Deborah Gyapong (yes, we’re web-buddies) has another bullseye to ponder: “I guess “treason” is a concept no one understands anymore”. Like the words ‘sin’, or ‘it’s my fault’, ‘treason’ has gone missing in common parlance, most likely because of the soft-fascist 60’s revolution, which declared every sincere view and practice acceptable, including hating or working to wreck your own country, or collaborating with those who hate her. The line between socialist and communist has been blurry over the past 50+ years: those sympathizing and working for the aims of the USSR and world socialism has become such a part of our political spectrum that mocking ‘Commie-Hunters’ and ‘The Red Scare’ became a dismissive cover-up for actual treason, in some cases. Even parts of the old establishment like the Anglican Church got caught up in the machinations of the World Council of Churches, actually pumping money to Marxist rebels in Africa, and weighing in against democracy and the traditional family now, bits of that dying Church are worshipping U.N. schemes). It’s all part of the same revolution and devolution, seeking to weaken all but the state and the rules of the anti-Western revolution.

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Steynian 233

~ THROUGH HISTORY, some people live a whole life in a few decades: the dead-at-35 Mozart comes to mind, along with many of the great and accomplished through history. Obama has much to be humble about– for a self-anointed political Saviour, he’s accomplished little of note in 47 years, aside from his 143 days in the Senate. As we’ve said be fore, he IS old and experienced in the ways of communism, political subterfuge, showy hypocrisy, soft-fascism, and.. to put it plainly.. evil. As such, he fits well in the Democratic mold: the progressivist fascism of the early 20th century is his inheritance and pattern, as transmitted through the soft-fascist 1960’s rebellion of the hard Left. He’s really done so very little in his life of noticeable goodness, and yet it all seems like he’s been preparing– and been prepared– to become the most extreme Left soft-fascist President ever seen, since FDR and Woodrow Wilson. The Left see this as a kind of revelation, utopia-rising, a chance to fulfil the civil rights hope of the 1960’s, and the old statist dream of an America United by government force and ideology.

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Steynian 232

~ WE THINK ROBERT JAGO ROCKS, but a recent posting of his indicates (‘Decontamination‘) just how far politically correct speech-fascism has infected even the very best of us. ‘Homophobia’™ is political speech-code favoured by same-sex activists for silencing and controlling any debate or discussion of a forbidden topic. Think bully-boy Rob Wells, Pastor Boissoin, Scott Brockie.. the HRCs are all about thought-control, forbidding debate, and taking away human rights. Some are more equal than others. Unless he, too were not a proponent of same-sex intimacy, then these critical remarks of John McKeller about pride extremism would be, ironically, a ‘homophobic’™ hate-crime. We’re in a no-holds-barred culture-war. Like militant Jihadis and other fascisms, many totalitarian same-sex activists want to bully and brainwash their own constituency (only these thoughts are permitted), and control the debate (now staying outside the permitted talking-points), and even forbid any criticism of same-sex individuals, on matters unrelated to their sexual views.

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Steynian 231

~ BITTER FRUIT: The wise Man said “By their fruits ye shall know them.” Sadly, Ezra is finding out the exact quality of the cadre of tormentors, malcontents, bullies, soft-fascists and other bully-dolts who are trying to bury him with complaints and legal mud. He’s the biggest and loudest target out there: if they can take him down (the calculation goes), the rest of us rebel scum will fall. That’s the theory, anyway. But you’ll know them by what they do: so these various assailants are not interested in rights, freedoms, or even, necessarily, the issues they yell most loudly about. They’re hoping and working for one thing: Shut Up, Ezra. Go away, Ezra. Submit, Ezra. But above all, just shut up. This is a war. We need to support the main targets, keep donating and praying and encouraging. The bad guys (and even the people of good will who just legitimately differ with us) are very patient, and think we’ll lose interest or courage, and just pack up and go away. Let’s not prove them right. ~

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Steynian 230

~ HINTERLAND WHO’S WHO… Please read, mark, learn and inwardly digest this important essay: “An evening with Mohamed Elmasry” and remember this is the Iran/ Hezbollah-loving Jew-hating lawfaring soft-jihadi sharia-loving whack-job who has spent however much time and tax-payer $$$$$ trying to muzzle Mark Steyn, and aid and abet the freedom-silencing agenda of the CHRC social engineers. Shaidle weighs in.

He’s a 65-year old Egyptian, raised in the fever-swamp and hate-y atmosphere of the Muslim Brotherhood and other civilization-destroying barbarisms active during his youth. Read this.. (1) this is the kind of country ElMo comes from, (b) this is the kind of hate-crime he doesn’t take a second thought to protest, or get media-attention about, or organize sock-puppet campaigns over. That’s right. His Grand High Imperial Universal Muslim Supreme Ultimate Platinum Edition Congress is a front for religious fascism, and for Soft-Jihad Muslim-only Concerns.. you know, Cuz We The Best, You Stinking Kuffars, Just Wait Till We Own Your Ass, Bitches.

Of course, Mr. Elmasry has– like any Canadian, the right to air his revolting views; but the rest of us have the serious duty and real obligation of our freedom of speech to expose ElMo for just who and what he and his minions are, and what they think, and want. It’s always easier when they just come out and spill the beans, of course. Thanks for the hand-up, Moe. ~

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Steynian 229.5

Mark Steyn

~ STEYN-HATER ELMO is at it again! “I can’t think of any other explanation for this – what else do Mark Steyn and the nutty chaps at Winnipeg Indy Media have in common? They now share something, though – having run afoul of Mohamed Elmasry and the Canadian Islamic Congress” .. (Breakenridge)


“If you think the slippery slope is a cliche, ask Ezra Levant.  Societies, especially ones founded on the common law, are run on precedent.  This is why the slippery slope is a perfectly valid, though not decisive, argument.  Your opponent can always say, well what’s wrong if we do slide down the slope?  Few statists and collectivists, however, are so brave as to be so obvious.”

~ Copybook Gods ~

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Steynian 229


This is news from over the past 48 hours, but not immediately current.. will get to that today. Godspeed to travelling Binks family members over the next number of hours. Thanks to the Anniversary well-wishers from He & She Binks. If you are grateful for this site (and The WebElf Report), do keep us in your prayers and kind remembrance, as with all the other freespeecher blogs: this is war; vigilance takes a toll, and sometimes such battles mean some pay higher or more permanent costs. All we ask is thanks, an occasional clank in the tipjar, a little cheering, and awareness that for hard-core bloggers, this IS a calling, not an idle easy hobby.


~ WORLD VISION: Georgian Humanitarian Relief and more details here; The Russian aggression in Georgia should be met by an instant and total boycott of Russian goods, especially the obvious ones, by Western consumers and of Russian tourism by the same …. (Various)

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