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~ EZRA, THE P.O.S. Jew! .. As we all know, Ezra is evil, Jewish, and sometimes loudly opinionated (and a member of that world-wide Zionist thingy). Doesn’t matter: at the Moment this blog is effectively ‘Free Ezra Levant’, because he’s our Canadian point-man, currently under sustained legal barrages from the enemies of democracy, free speech, and accountability for the HRCs and related minions. He’s a real Canadian hero, but heroes are human. Mark Steyn needed a hiatus to get away from the war for a bit; Ezra is a father to a new daughter, a husband, a provider, a son to older parents. So you of faith, please pray for him; you of good will, send some encouraging words his way, and in the comments and places you can online. All of us must generously donate to Ezra and the Freedom-6, plus Mark– because they are fighting the battle with us and for us, using their particular gifts and opportunities for the greater good. ~

~ DANGED BLOGGERS. “Surely,” thought the HRCoids, “the bloggers will wind down and cool off by Summer.” Nope. By Fall? Nope. What they’re failing to realize is that not only lefty bureaucrats and ideologues are real Canadians. And unlike the foul-mouthed ad hominem snarly lefty commenters, we FreeSpeecher bloggers are motivated by thoughts, convictions, articulated principles which are the ground and source of our passion. We’re fighting for ourselves, for what’s been handed on to us, and for those who come after us.. heck, we’re even fighting for you HRCers, to be freed from your fascistic utopianism. We fight because now is the time– whatever our various failings and foolishnesses– and we’re the ones who happen to be on deck in this particular storm. Hang in there: we’re slowly and surely changing things for the better. Every little bit of push-back makes a huge difference, and the longer we talk, the more people tune in. ~

~ GEEK-STUFF: Shaidle advises “Trouble viewing this blog in IE7? Switch to Firefox or Safari browsers.” We’re FireFoxers here, plus the great Thunderbird e-mail program.. since 2002ish. ~

Mark Steyn

~ STEYN: L’ÉDITION EN FRANÇAIS: EST ARRIVÉE! For our readers in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Mauritius, but probably not (until the appeal is heard) Québec. Disponible de Amazon, FNAC, et Decitre …. (Steyn En FRANÇAIS!)


~ WHEN ALL ELSE FAILS, change the subject! …. (Ezra)

~ SAYS EZRA— “My defence in Vigna v. Levant: Vigna beclowned himself” …. (

~ SERENITY? NO! “Ezra files Statement of Defense against Serenity Vigna, the Canadian Human Rights Commission Court Jester. Poor Serenity Vigna.” …. (

~ SCARAMOUCHE: “Walk on the mild side: The Ceeb has a report about Syed Soharwardy—formerly, Ezra Levant’s nemesis; currently, the Islamic Terry Fox—and his perambulation across the nation” …. (scaramouche)

Being Legally Bullied? Innocent? Join Ezra’s Crew Now!


~ SOMETHING IN COMMON: “In totalitarian Myanmar, a comedian who expresses “anti-social” views can be apprehended and punished by authorities. In Canada, too” …. (scaramouche)

~ SHAIDLE ON Howard Rotberg: another author charged with “racism” — with a difference …. (fivefeetoffury)

~ INSTAPUNDIT— MORE ON CANADA’S “HUMAN RIGHTS” KANGAROO COURTS: When all else fails, change the subject. “I think the battle for freedom of speech is going pretty well, even though it’s summertime. Human rights commissions are being ridiculed on an almost daily basis in the media; their coalition is starting to fracture under the stress, as evidenced by the defection of the B’nai Brith; and the ‘lawfare’ being waged against me and other critics of the HRCs hasn’t worked, largely because of the broad public support expressed through the Internet (thank you, again).” …. (pajamasmedia)

~ THE DISREPUTABLE Richard Warman…. (MaD)

~ SO GIVE THEM COMMENTS.. “B’nai Brith begins to do the right thing….asks for comments”; read the ones so far …. (jaycurrie,

~ QUEBEC HUMAN RIGHTS Tribunal Decision upheld by Supreme Court: Shoplifters make good Cops …. (

~ UGLY “KILL ALL JEWS” graffitti plus swastikas = “Violent, hate-filled messaging on Canadian Human Rights billboard should signal ongoing need for anti-racism efforts”.. since when are Jews ‘a race’? And how has 30 years of expensive bureacucracy not solved everything already? …. (

~ THE CHINA SYNDROME: “The HRC system was established back in the days when one could silence a White Power creep by, say, shutting down his anti-Semitic phone message; one could then pat oneself on the back for a job well done (because, the thinking went, if you didn’t extinguish his brushfire of hate, who knows, it might well turn into a raging blaze). These days, however, the existence of the Internet makes putting out such brushfires a far trickier—one could even say an impossible—proposition, as the censors in China are discovering to their dismay” …. (scaramouche)

~ PETER SCHWEIZER: The arrogance of uneducated liberals …. (

~ SAITH PACKWOOD: “There is a time when silence becomes a sin” …. (

~ INSTAPUNDIT 2: THOUGHTS ON FREE SPEECH AND THE INTERNET: Plus, who to beware of: “People who want the most freedom for themselves and the least for you.” …. (instapundit)

~ EMG ON THE Lying Jackals Tainted & Tangled Web of Hate …. (, emg)

~ THE DWINDLING number of school librarians in Alberta is a breach of basic human rights and a direct threat to democracy, say education researchers at the University of Alberta …. (

~ THANKS, KATHY: “Kathy Shaidle caught Mike Brock and I chatting about Ezra’s Defence. Apparently I sound like James Lileks. We get to Ezra half way through” …. (

~ ENGLAND: Stabbed, Gutted and Bleeding Out …. (stoptheaclu)

~ UNSATIRISABLE? “The world has become so weird that many are saying that it is close to impossible to satirise it. As Diogenes often likes to say, “satirists: draw swords; fall on them” …. (

~ THE COSTS OF UTOPIA: “Forgotten Casualties of Communism” …. (

~ JONATHAN KAY on the green movement’s creepy new tactic: Having children inform on their parents: very Orwell, plus de fasciste …. (nationalpost)

~ RAINBOW FASCISM-CREEP: “U.N. grants status to homosexual-rights groups” …. (wnd)

~ WHAT KIND OF PEOPLE ARE WE BECOME? “Greyhound Attack – The Aftermath”; Kevin Libin: No ‘Let’s Roll’ moment on Greyhound 1170. Saith Binks: a little martial-arts or self-defense training goes a long way. Unless the person involved is a trained knife-fighter, there’s lots that can be done to disarm them. As with the Ecole polytechnique shootings, not knowing a few basics means death for no good reason. Don’t leave it up to somebody else, or the police, or the government to fix all problems, or to save a life. Someday, it might all depend on you: are you ready? Self-defense? First-aid? basic survival? If not, why not? If not now, when? …. (, nationalpost)

~ SATIRE— Beware the vegetables! by Gerry Nicholls …. (

HM Nancy The Grate

“We Is Not Amuse!”

~ SOFT-FASCIST MAMA Pelsoi Scrubs Bad Book Reviews at Amazon! “Pelosi adheres to her illiberal fascism in every aspect of her life. It seems she wields her totalitarian “fairness doctrine” far and wide. Lone Pony is reporting that she is scrubbing Amazon of bad reviews – were there any other kind?” Just Memery Hole It! …. (atlasshrugs2000)

~ THE PEOPLE’S CUBE: “The Nanny Button” …. (thepeoplescube)


“And so it goes on. In seemingly every area of cultural contact, however open and welcoming, Muslims choose to distance themselves from the generality on the basis of ‘their religion’. Unless they themselves are prepared to question the arcane prejudices that lie at the root of ‘their religion’ they will continue to feel like aliens in normal society by their own choice.”

~ Irfan Husain ~

~ JOSEPH, the Former Hamas member, now a Christian, speaks plainly; The Mustard Seed in Palestine …. (timeimmortal, FT)

~ SOUNDS LIKE A BAD IDEA: “The State Department has collaborated with many radical Islamist organizations and individuals in its attempts to engage in outreach to the American Muslim community at large, Investigative Project on Terrorism (IPT) Executive Director Steven Emerson told a congressional panel Thursday” …. (

~ BRITISH COURTS Gone Stark Raving Mad: London Train Bombers Jury Dismissed, Unable To Discern Conspiracy …. (sigmundcarlandalfred)

~ DICTATORS & THE WEB— “For several years Syria has been an enemy of the internet. The security services keep opposition figures and even ordinary bloggers under surveillance. The main internet service-provider bans 100-plus websites. Most sites carping at President Bashar Assad’s government are silenced, as are many Kurdish and Islamist sites. A yellow screen flashes up with the words “Access Denied” …. (

~ KIDNAPPED & “Converted” Girls Moved to Shelter …. (

~ THE UN DISDAIN FOR Iranian Women Affects Women Worldwid …. (townhall)

~ JUSTICE DENIED, BEATEN, LEFT bleeding in a ditch: ” of 7/7 bombings demand inquiry into attacks after trial collapses: “A jury at Kingston Crown Court failed to reach a verdict yesterday after 15 days of deliberation and a four-month trial that cost an estimated £10 million. The Crown Prosecution Service will decide next week whether there should be a retrial” …. (timesonline)

~ MALKIN: “Whom to root against? CAIR sues Abercrombie & Fitch” …. (

~ THE EUSSR JUST LOVES Illegal Immigrants! …. (brusselsjournal)

~ BLATANT SHAKEDOWN: “Give us money or we’ll call you an Islamophobe” …. (jihadwatch,

~ NO INFIDEL-COOTIES, or ogling our irresistable hotness! “Oregon Muslim requests women-only swim times, female lifeguards” …. (creepingsharia)

~ MELANIE PHILLIPS— A blackmailers’ charter: “The senior judiciary has made it crystal clear – in rulings such as the seminal Belmarsh judgment, for example, which laid down that foreign terror suspects could not be locked up without trial – that the driving consideration in formulating anti-terror legislation must be to do nothing that jeopardises the ancient rights and liberties of Britain. This is a refrain one hears hammered home time and again by the law officers, parliamentarians and other establishment types” …. (spectator)

~ EVIL IN JORDAN: Man Shoots Sister in “Honor Killing,” Tests Prove she was a Virgin …. (Wz)

~ PEACE PROCESSING with Hamas, the Vox Populi of Arab Muslim Palestinian Society …. (

~ TERRORIST FINANCING “Red Flags” & Advice From Law Enforcement & Banking Regulators …. (counterterrorismblog)

~ PAKISTAN and Delusions about Negotiating on Jihad …. (counterterrorismblog)

~ AMERICAN Muslims begin to copy the megachurch multi-site model …. (creepingsharia)

~ MUZZLE-EMS— “The challenge by groups like ISNA and MPAC is not merely their efforts to silence Steven Emerson. Their challenge is really to any American who dares to speak the truth about Jihad, Islamism, and Islamic supremacism. Groups such as ISNA and MPAC may or may not silence any one individual. But we must make it clear to Islamic supremacists everywhere that they will never silence all of us who will defy the ideology of supremacism that is inimical to our freedoms, our values of equality and liberty, and our nation” …. (counterterrorismblog)

~ TOLERANT IRAN: Female Olympian Expelled From Team for Accidentally Showing her Ankles During Competition …. (weaselzippers)

~ NO CIVVIES IN THIS WAR, FOLKS— “Islam does not distinguish between the American people and the American government, since both are in a state of war with Islam” …. (

~ CORPORATE SURRENDER: “Tyson Foods drops Labor Day for Islamic Eid al-Fitr, adds prayer rooms. No word on going kosher or adding mikveh” …. (creepingsharia)

~ HELPLESS VICTOM ALERT— Mahdi Army Leader: “British Troops Made me Listen to Porn, Trying to Stop Myself From Being Sexually Aroused Made me Sick” …. (Wz)

~ BACKDOORING IT— “How it’s done: A link on the site of this weekend’s sharia financing seminar in Toronto outlines the process a person must go through in order to get the sharia seal of approval for his/her financial service/product.” Step 1. :No evil Kuffar or Jew-monies …. (scaramouche)

~ REPORT: UK Muslims Actively Supporting the Taliban, British Passports Being Found in Kandahar. One word: Traitors …. (Wz)



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