Steynian 214

~ THREE GREAT TASTES that.. err– sit together on the Bink’s bedside table getting read sem-simultaneously: Belgic blogger Paul Belien’s A Throne in Brussels (a review). No wonder Steyn battles fascist nonsense, corporatism, and such lunacies: Belgium is all that, plus crimes against humanity (Rwanda? Congo?). And these nitwits want to run the EUSSR. Next up on the table, the finer than fine Liberal Fascism by the neocon Jewish Jew Jonah Goldberg. Pure gold. Read it, read the blog. Finally, the Fagles/ Knox translation of The Aeneid, Virgil’s classic poem tying ancient Troy into Imperial Rome. It’s part epic, part Augustan propaganda that the era of the Emperor Augustus was the very golden age, the greatest thing ever. Christianity would challenge and overthrow all that, but it’s on the foundations of the ancient Greek and latin world (and their thoughts and dreams and nightmares) that we are ourselves. It’s also on the foundations of Virgil that we have Dante’s later poem of the spiritual life, amongst other things. The three books provide insight into our times, Europe’s recent history, and the ancient world. Without learning and relearning some of these things, we are literally thougless, mindless, and utterly forgetful creatures of the moment, blown here and there by the forces of the moment, or ourselves, or ruling powers and culture. ~

~ AS A PATRIARCHAL WHITE GUY, apparently I run the world and have all privileges. That must be why I don’t get overly bent when people mock white people, men, or the stuff white people like. One wishes other folks of other races, faiths, and backgrounds might learn to shrug things off, too. Maybe it’s a Scots or Canauck thing: people who don’t like us or what we think or say can get stuffed, or not, as they see fit. Whatever. See right there? THAT was true tolerance: your thoughts or beliefs may be manure, but I’m not goign to get bent out of shape about it unless it becomes a big problem. Like when you insist that ‘tolerance’ actually means loving, embrascing, endorsing, funding, holding celebratory must-love parades, and affirming every tenderly bruised self-esteem and touchy ‘tude in sight. ‘Stuff White People Like’? Hilarious! We bought the even better book. Laugh-a-paragraph. If the Touchy People had logic to their position, then clearly this white guy is a self-hating honky bigot. Good thing that for the Touchies that you can never revile Whitey or his– er, my.. evil civilization enough. ~

~ SINKING, BUT STILL LINGERING on Jago’s Canada’s Top 25 Political Blogs – August: we’re #20! Down from 12nd and 14st when Steyn trial hits lifted our stats up. Considering this lowly blog is up against politicos, wonks, long-time bloggers, decent writers, and heavy-hitters.. it’s still an honour. Moreover, considering our expertise is religious & Anglican news since 1998, measuring anywhere on the political spectrum is pretty surreal. That we’re still registering in Summer is odd too, when normally a lot of sites go south, and readership is busy vacationing in meatspace. Thanks to our readers, to the many fine bloggers we link to so you can get your news in one place and still visit them, to our commenters and donors– this blog’s for you! ~

Mark Steyn

~ AS THE MARK Steyn Of Evil points out in America Alone, modernist Anglicanism is hardly a serious religion; her western officialdoms all smack of the same corporatist, politically correct Zeitgeist-chasing reality-ignoring blindness that has made her tiny North American and British outposts fast-shrinking irrelevancies. Case in point: “Lambeth report ignores Islamic persecution”; and then there’s that racist swipe against bishops of growing parts of the Anglican Communism, showing what kind of class Western Liberals have when they think nobody’s watching …. (blogs.telegraph)

~ RUSSIAN CHURCH Urges European Christians to Answer Islamic Take-Over by Baby-Boom. Mark Steyn to blame …. (interfax-religion)

~ FREE SPEECH IN AN AGE OF JIHAD: “Mark’s keynote address to the recent conference in New York on free speech is now in print, along with valuable contributions from Roger Kimball, Andy McCarthy, Rachel Ehrenfeld, Ezra Levant and others. It’s available as part of our America Alone Free Speech Special: the bestselling book and the legal battle that ensued – together in one great package!” Exclusively from the Steyn Store, only $20.95 …. (steynstore)


~ EZRA WONDERS: “Is turn-around fair game?” …. (

~ LEVANT’S NEMESIS tells CBC: “I have never faced persecution…” …. (fivefeetoffury)

~ SUPER-BRAVE Paper that didn’t publish Mohammed cartoons: Images are key to the “entire experience” of a story …. (

Being Legally Bullied? Innocent? Join Ezra’s Crew Now!


~ GYAPONG: “We’re tag teaming it and we’re by no means done”…. (

~ MACKENZIE INSTITUTE: “To Fight for Freedom of Speech” …. (mackenzieinstitute)

~ PUBLIC ONLINE spaces don’t carry speech rights …. (

~ TURNING THE TABLES on the Inquisitors: “A barrister says the widespread condemnation of the court victory of a Christian registrar shows up the intolerance of today’s liberal crusaders …. (

~ FEAR TACTICS and free speech …. (

~ LIKE CANUCKISTAN— Italy: Over 14,000 Polygamous Marriages, Government Does Nothing in the Name of “Cultural Sensitivity”; The Wrong Muslims of Canada are appalled about the same here, but it looks like municipal, provincial, and federal governments seem to be doing the ostrich about it: “MCC urges police to lay charges against polygamous Muslim men” …. (Wz, mcc)

~ ANOTHER MEME in the making: “Death or pizza?” …. (fivefeetoffury)

~ LOOKING BACKWARD to look forward: some wisdom from John Locke on tolerance …. (rogerkimball)

~ QUOTA-TIME! “Superficial “diversity”: Are you a Canadian who’s ABW (anything but white)? Well then, amigo, you may have a future with the Ceeb. The National Post’s Jonathan Kay has the scoop on the Mothercorp’s latest recruitment drive” …. (scaramouche)

~ IT’S K.I.O.S.S.: Keep It Over-Simplified, and Stupid— “Nearly two centuries after Hegel, contemporary politics – especially of the Left – has not only abandoned dialectic and reason, it has regressed to mere “picture thinking.” However, the pictures the general public is presented with are only of two types: the “fascists” and the smiling face of “multiculturalism.” In this simplistic world-view, we are either in one camp or the other. There is no room for anything more complex or nuanced than this” …. (

~ VIA THE SHAIDLE: “Insensitivity Training: Chris Rock” …. (

~ THE CANADIAN Judicial System – Independent Or Simply Unaccountable? …. (

~ ALL SHALL OBEY! “High taxes on cigarettes, public smoking bans, graphic anti-tobacco ads and the like have not resulted in a smoke free world. Now, the doctors must be forced to join the crusade unless they are keen on fighting charges they are killing the population by failing to warn and subsequently prescribe treatment to suspected and admitted transgressors alike” …. (MaD)

~ IS IT HATE-SPEECH COMPLAINT TIME? “Suzuki’s Site Promotes Anti-immigration” …. (

~ PRAISE YE THE LEADER! “Shut Up and Play Your Guitar”.. When fascism turns into a religion …. (

~ SECURING THE FEMINIST, Senior, Disabled and White Working Class Democratic Vote …. (sda)

~ THE MIGHTY Jonathan Kay on a roll …. (5fof)

~ NO MORE CHANCES OF DEMOCRACY BREAKING OUT: “The EU won’t hold any more referendums” …. (telegraph)

~ CHINA TO CENSOR INTERTOOBS during Games– and to install spyware on PCs to spy on visitor …. (blogfreeworld)

~ DUST MY BROOM on “Blame the victim syndrome” …. (dustmybroom)

~ CRUNCHYCRITES: “Politicians want you to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but don’t ask them to reduce their air travel to exotic locations” …. (

~ CONSERVATIVISM FOR THE CHILDLESS: Libertarianism has all the answers.. “Atlas Shrugged, Freedom, and the Reincarnation of Whitaker Chambers” …. (

~ NOW THAT THE “province of Ontario has a Language Commissioner, he can use the power of his office to start Ontario in the process of being made officially bilingual. How will he do it?” …. (fd)

~ WE’RE NOT WATCHING or supporting, the Gulag Olympics (McDonald’s anyone?). It’s a shame we’re all so willing to support such a publicity stunt advertising the glories of evil. I’d really much rather buy Leni Riefenstahl’s OLYMPIA, that paean to the body Aryan at the 1936 Hitler Olympics. At least Hitlerism was beaten to death, and its horrors exposed to th world. “ZHENGDING, China – Behind the gray walls and barbed wire of the prison here, eight Chinese farmers with a grievance against the government have been consigned to Olympic limbo”; Megapundit: Countdown to the ‘Olympics of Shame’ …. (sleepyoldbear, Amazon, Macleans)

~ DAVID SUZUKI Foundation gets ripped a new one …. (stevejanke)

~ JONAH GOLDBERG: Capitalism is the greatest system ever created for alleviating general human misery, and yet it breeds ingratitude …. (

~ WHERE THE wild things are.. and not in a good way. This is way past ‘freedom of speech’ into ‘civilization-destroying, degrading, dehumanizing sub-barbarian behaviour’. There is an analogue here between those who want to Tear Down the West from within, and those who want to blow it up from outside. The anarchic & chaotic selfishness of the same-sex movement has meant 500, 000 deaths (and still counting); endless money to ‘solve the problem’; endless political correctness and ‘pride extremism’ to cover up real discussion of the real issues. The legendary orgies of Rome– especially at the top– were signs of her inward spiritual and civilizational death throes. What’s worse is the soft-fascism of some in the same-sex community, silencing the freedoms of speech of others, or allowing such in their name. WARNING: the pictures are very graphic and disturbing …. (atlasshrugs2000)

~ O, CANADA.. WHERE Vincent Weiguang Li is at the back of the bus, hacking off pieces and eating it …. (MaD, mypetjawa)



Cups at…/5322629

and more,




~ RELIGION OF PEACE? “Egyptian Christians Increasingly Persecuted, Government Denies it has Anything to do With Islam” …. (Wz)

~ DURBAN WATCH— Durban II: The UN Platform for. Undermining the West and democracy; Promoting anti-semitism; Demonizing Israel as racist; Foiling efforts to combat radical; Islamic terrorism; Manufacturing Islamophobia everywhere; Fomenting religious extremism; Curbing free expression …. (eyeontheun)

~ WHO THE WHAT-NOW? “Iranian Missiles in Venezuela a Reality. Missiles. Venezuala. Iran. Iran wants nukes. Nukes in Venezuela? How far do their missiles travel, anyway? 1200+ miles? What would be the fallout of 2 or 3 lobbed into Florida?” …. (faustasblog)

~ CALL YOUR CONGRESSMAN! MAKE THIS HAPPEN. THIS IS A GIFT! Let’s get off the jihad oil – lets top sending the petrol dollars over to that insane, culturally backward part of the world. Stop funding our executioners. NOW …. (atlasshrugs2000)

~ SOME GOOD NEWS: “America is in a unique position to avoid making the same mistakes the UK and continental Europe have made in trying to solve the tension between having an open, democratic society of religious tolerance, and halting the efforts of Islamists who use such privileges as cover to advance an anti-democratic, intolerant and even violent agenda” …. (

~ RAT-CATCHING: “A Northern Virginia think-tank is suspected of being a pivotal cog in the Muslim Brotherhood’s high command in America, newly released federal law enforcement records indicate” …. (ivp)

~ GOING ALL PALEOSTINIAN— Afghanistan: 5 year olds being recruited for jihad and “martyrdom”.. sowing dragon’s teeth, and the wind.. for generations to come …. (JiWa)

~ SCARAMOUCHE on the UK House dhimmi: “Tony Blair, whose understanding of Islam seems to have come from the likes of John Esposito and Karen Armstrong (and is thus woefully inadequate) wants to bring the three “Abrahamic faiths” together so they can, you know, all get along” …. (scaramouche)

~ JUST LIKE JESUS, RIGHT? “Isn’t slaughtering caravans for their goods the same as the loaves and fishes?” …. (MaD)

~ MEETING OF MINDS: The Canadian Arab Federation has thoughtfully included the following announcement in its most recent newsletter …. (scaramouche)

~ MINI-MADMAN Ahmadinejad’s Nuclear Jihad:”Iranian nation [will] not retreat one iota from its rights” …. (

~ NOBODY EXPECTS THE ISLAMO-LEFTIST Inquisition: “For those who miss the captivating antics of the Spanish Inquisition, there’s a modern-day version—the totalitarian “rights” types who will be getting together to bash Israel and the West at Durban II. From Europe News (h/t the CCD public message board)” …. (scaramouche)

~ THE COST OF CARELESSNESS.. ‘Lost MI5 Fax Could Have Stopped 7/7’ …. (dailymail)

~ JUST FULL OF IT: “The Ceeb as a rule never fails to put a negative spin on stories about Israel. Take, for instance, the one about Israel letting in and treating members of Fatah who were injured in an altercation with their Hamas “brothers”. Here’s how it was reported in the New York Times, a publication not exactly noted for being pro-Israel” …. (scaramouche)

~ US STATE DEPARTMENT OF ISLAM: “Frightening in its failure… deadly in its implications. The damn thing must be scrapped. Top to bottom, starting with Condhimmi” …. (atlasshrugs2000)

~ KUWAIT FINALIZES BILL Making it Illegal to Insult Islam on the Internet …. (Wz, Jiwa)

~ FOR THE MOMENT: “Turkish Islamists Back Down on Headscarves” …. (littlegreenfootballs)

~ RECONSIDERING Sharia in Sweden …. (

~ HERE COMES The Next Generation of the Religion of Peace in Canada …. (freedominion)

~ MORE CORPORATE DHIMMITUDE: “Texas Instr, Nortel, American Airlines, EDI, others add Muslim prayer rooms”.. let’s pre-empt the lawsuits! …. (creepingsharia)

~ EUROPEAN INTEL AGENCIES Warn of Female Suicide Bombers …. (Wz)

~ ATTENTION LEFTIES: “Saudi Arabia: “alleged” homosexuals arrested at a party” …. (blogfreeworld)

~ INDIA: In-Laws Set Hindu Man On Fire For Marrying Their Muslim Daughter …. (

~ AND JEW-HATERS REJOICED— Sunset for a twilight nation, by George Jonas …. (

~ CONNECTIONS— Indonesia: Jemaah Islamiyah is seeking Al-Qaida Funds …. (blogfreeworld)

~ TALIBAN-TRAINED Muslims infiltrating Britain …. (

Explaining The Al-Dura affair

~ IRAN CONDEMNS a journalist for publishing “lies” …. (blogfreeworld)

~ SOMALIA SORROW: Allah Bomb Kills 20, Mostly Women Working on Project to Clean up Streets of Mogadishu …. (weaselzippers)

~ NOT READY FOR my Burqua: The Growing Threat of Narco-Terror …. (blogfreeworld)

~ STOP THE WAR ON IRAN Protest: Iran Laughs. “On Saturday, August 2nd, more fools attempted to get their pro-active pre-surrender message out”; mini-madman Ahmadinejad rejects limits on uranium enrichment. Iran ‘will not give up a single iota of its nuclear rights‘ …. (rightwingnews, wnd)

~ IMMIGRANT Muslim Woman Sues Oregon City For Private Swim Times …. (

~ WAH, BOO-HOO— “Harpoon, the abridged version: As a public service to my readers, I will once again condense Harpoon Siddiqui’s Sunday Star screed into a few short sentences: Blah, blah, blah, Harper bad. Blah, blah, blah, Bush really bad. Blah, blah, blah, Guantanamo. Blah, blah, blah, torture. Blah, blah, blah, Abu Ghraib. There. Now you don’t have to read the sucker (unless you’re a glutton for punishment, that is).”…. (scaramouche)

~ GOOD NEWS! 100+ Pirate Radio Stations in Pakistan Call for Death to America! …. (mypetjawa)

MadTV Says The Unspeakable, And Funny

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