Steynian 217

Mark Steyn

~ FREE SPEECH IN AN AGE OF JIHAD: “Mark’s keynote address to the recent conference in New York on free speech is now in print, along with valuable contributions from Roger Kimball, Andy McCarthy, Rachel Ehrenfeld, Ezra Levant and others. It’s available as part of our America Alone Free Speech Special: the bestselling book and the legal battle that ensued – together in one great package!” Exclusively from the Steyn Store, only $20.95 …. (steynstore)

~ MULLAH “MOSQUITOES” Krekar sues Norway for “inhuman treatment”.. “Yes, that Mullah Krekar: The same one who has been a leader of a jihadist group responsible for suicide bombings in Iraq, convicted of terrorism in Jordan, and ordered bombings from Oslo.” Looks like Skeeter has the whole Lawfare/ Soft Jihad Racket pretty well in hand. We’ll be waiting for a condemnation of this scummy & murderous character from Elmasry & The SockPuppet Brigade. And waiting, and waiting, and waiting …. (


~ GOOD NEWS— Punished first, acquitted later; Shaidle: “Second Muslim complaint against Ezra Levant dismissed” …. (ezralevant, 5fof)

~ ANOTHER RENEGADE! Government MP: HRCs are “kangaroo courts that selectively oppress Canadians” …. (

Being Legally Bullied? Innocent? Join Ezra’s Crew Now!


“Prophetic writers are a holy nuisance to everyone, but especially to themselves. The gift of prophecy renders a man incapable of a quiet life, incapable of enjoying idle pleasures, incapable of looking the other way — when it is to no immediate personal advantage to be staring at the truth.”

~ Warren on Solzhenitsyn ~

~ SOME FINE SCARAMOUCHE— “Big Brother and the Witholding Company: This one goes out with jeers and raspberries to our HRCs and Ts, as sung by the late, great Janis Joplin” …. (scaramouche)

~ NEVER FORGET LEFTIES GONE AMUCK— Alexander Solzhenitsyn: a memorial to the gulag’s millions of voiceless victims; and “Will To Truth: On the Death of Alexander Solzhenitsyn” …. (MaD, insightscoop)

~ UNFUNNY COMEDIAN told to go stuff it by city councillor over frivolous “Pot Smoking” Human Rights Complaint …. (

~ THE WEST SHOULD HEED Solzhenitsyn: “Thirty years before Phil Gramm complained that we have become a nation of whiners, Solzhenitsyn said much the same thing” …. (

~ THE UNDERPOPULATION PROBLEM: Steven W. Mosher on the demographic consequences of birth control policies …. (insightscoop)

~ FUN AT THEM THAT FASCISTICAL GAMES! Welsh Flag Banned From Olympic Games. Even for fans. You know, separatism and all. Tibet. Hong Kong. Taiwan. The Internal Divisions. And on and on. In other news, “Amnesty Int’l: Granting China The Olympics Has Made Things Worse” …. (downwitheverybody)

Big Version (1280px × 1024) here

~ THE ARCHBISHOP OF CANT: Sharia-Infatuated Rowan Williams: ‘A Common Word for the Common Good’ …. (

~ BULLY CHINA apologizes for roughing up journalists on eve of Games; 300,000 surveillance cameras keep an eye on things …. (,

~ EN FRANCAIS— “Nous prenons des vacances! Merci de votre fidélité. Revenez-nous le 15 août”.. lots of links from the past under the link …. (

~ THE JDL TAKES ACTION: “No doubt fed up with the fecklessness of the Jewstablishment (which is so engrossed in the search for phantom Nazis that it is ignoring the very real and present danger), the JDL has taken it upon itself to shake people awake” …. (scaramouche)

~ US BLOGGER TO BE TRIED for insulting Singapore judges. Singapore is a totalitarian kinda place …. (

~ DAVID WARREN on Solzhenitsyn; Roger Kimball has “A footnote on Solzhenitsyn“; Alexander Solzhenitsyn: His final interview …. (Various)

~ BREASTS ARE PEOPLE, TOO! “A Vancouver mother plans to complain to the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal after she was hustled off to a back room when she tried to nurse her baby at a major clothing retailer, she says” …. (

~ LABOUR MP ATTEMPTS to Remove Religious Freedom of Conscience after Christian Marriage Registrar Victory …. (lsn)

~ VIA ORWELL’S PICNIC: “Solzhenitsyn condemned the West for its assumption that all societies must conform to its democratic, pluralist model, for “the mistake of measuring them all with a Western yardstick”. That criticism is even more pertinent today than in 1978. He further denounced materialism and the welfare state, while pointing out the biological analogy whereby “extreme safety and well-being”, such as had come to be regarded as a birthright in the West, led to extinction. So did lack of courage, another Western weakness: “Should one point out that, from ancient times, decline in courage has been considered the beginning of the end?” …. (

Cowardice Is Not A Virtue

~ ACTION DINO: “So what if none of us ever got to say what we thought was important?” …. (MaD)

~ THE THOUGHT POLICE, By: Ralph Peters.The Left vs. free speech …. (

~ GEORGE JONAS remembers Russia’s Literary Patriot …. (

~ R U CONSUMED H8 2?– “Surrendering Reason to Hate? Rick Moran’s morning essay made me think about what I do as an online commentator. The piece is a lengthy discourse on the craft of blogging. Moran explains his motives and development as an online writer, discussing some of the ups and downs of the trade. Of particular note is his discussion of partisan flame wars and the demonization of the other”; Via …. (americanpowerblog, PW)

~ FEEL THE EVIL STUPID: “Outrage du jour, or: How the the EU Bureaucracy is Helping the Islamic Cap’n Hook Evade Justice”, by Roger Kimball …. (newcriterion)

~ LAW COOL IS ON “First They Came for the Polygamists”; Or, Osgoode Profs Are Always Right …. (

~ JUST ASKING, IS ALL: “In a world where something on the order of 250,000,000 have been killed by their own totalitarian leadership — a number that by equivalent ratio should (but has yet to) bring the US’s share to some number of tens of millions piled deep beneath a Nevada test range or something — where are the greatest illuminations of the greatest lights of the leftist experience?” …. (proteinwisdom)

~ MINDWASH POLITICAL DRAMA: “Just because it’s famous doesn’t mean it’s important”; and goofy-science: “Jonathan Kay asks: Apparently, AIDS is just as prevalent in Canada as in sub-Saharan Africa. Go figure!” …. (girlontheright)

~ THE CONSTANT VILLAINS OF THE PIECE: “The White Anglo Saxon Protestants are always the villains, everyone else noble “savages” or simple kind-hearted peasants. Racial and ethnic bigotry was a matter of course for all of human history until very recently. It was more noticeable among the white races because, due to historical accident, it was the nations of European descent which modernized first. Had the roles been reversed, it’s unlikely a boat load of Englishmen showing up in Calcutta harbour, looking for work, would have been greeted all that kindly by the local authorities” …. (

~ PROTEIN WISDOM on “Freedom of Accredited Speech” …. (pw)

~ Y2KYOTO: The Great Biofuels Con! “[A] 2006 report from the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) had already suggested that for the EU to meet its 10 per cent target from home-grown biofuels would require a staggering 70 per cent of arable land to be taken out of food production” …. (sda)

~ WHO’S DOING WHAT-NOW?! “Cuba (UN-Libre) in the Spotlight at the UN Human Rights Council” …. (claudiarosett)

~ WHEN YOU CONTRAST this recent essay bu Pierre Lemieux “The Idea Of America”, with Jonah Goldberg’s Liberal Fascism, you realize the historical short-sightedness of some otherwise excellent commentators– There was an America? The good old 1950’s? Most golden ages are in retrospect, and only in some aspects; otherwise, sich ideas can be false ideas which lead to worse ideas of recreating the present in the image of a one-sided view of a moment in the past. Jonah Goldberg’s account of the 20th Century is a fuller account of the American experiment, the good and the bad …. (

~ POST-BEHEADING, Greyhound Canada pulls ads …. (dustmybroom)

~ IT WOULD APPEAR that Kenneth of TimeImmortal is fully in the grip of Breeder Imminent-Baby Madness, and poems-to-the-mother-of-his-baby syndrome. Huzzah. More of this would solve the whole ‘Western Civ is unbreeding itself out of business’ problem this blog and Mark Steyn is concerned about. Thinking on Solzhenitsyn, one wonders if the real problem today is a loss of courage. Many of us are simply afraid to have babies– especially more than a singleton. Worshipping yourself is an easy bet.. but babies are all about unpredictability, broken hearts, expense, a part of your heart living outside you and doing all sorts of things, a mirror to your own frailties and failings. There’s a world of joys and compensations far beyond any trouble– but that only becomes obvious when it’s YOUR flesh and blood you’ve helped procreate. In any case, you go Kenneth, Grace, and Baby! Only 11 weeks until the sleep deprivation experiment ensues. Mind you, singleness is pretty scary, too— especially in old age …. (TimeImmortal)


Our Brave Western Elites

Dealing With Jihad, Lawfare, and Other Unpleasantries

~ PRO-TERROR PROTEST— Canadian Arab Federation promoting vigil at airline company office …. (dustmybroom)

~ ROBERT JAGO— “One of the few papers in France to publish the Mohammad cartoons is in trouble again. They were able to weather the Mohammad thing without firing anyone, but this time, maybe not so much” …. (rjjago)

Signs– “AMSH – Association of Muslims with a Sense of Humour”, and “Allah is Funny.”
Mullah: “Infide-e-e-els!!”

~ CATS & DOGS LIVING TOGETHER? “Rare event: Has the moon turned blue? Are piggies flying? Has Hades developed permafrost? The only reason I ask is because Rami Khouri, the Palestinian who serves as editor-at-large for Lebanon’s The Daily Star and occasional columnist for the Globe and Mail, has written a piece in which he—gasp—actually holds the Palestinians accountable for their own haplessness (sort of)” …. (scaramouche)

~ REMEMBER, O INFIDELS: “You Still Can’t Write About Muhammad“; says Instapundit: “Will other religious groups take the lesson that violence works? Because, in a world of the spineless, it does, and at very low cost. Thanks, guys, for establishing this incentive structure.” UPDATE: Oddly enough the politically-correct weenies at WikiWorld are considering deleting an article on the controversial academic in question. More on this story below …. (stoptheaclu, pajamasmedia)

~ ALMOST PARADISE… “A few friends of mine went to a party in Jerusalem that was primarily made up Anglophone reporters, people who work for NGOs and UN agencies. What amazed them was the pervasive sense of the people they met and spoke with that Israel was the greatest human rights violator in the world and that the dismantling of Israel would be a great step forward for global human rights.” …. (lgf)

~ DON’T RETIRED DEMOCRAT SENATORS Have Better Things To Do Than Incite Sympathizers of a Convicted Terror Abettor To Harrass the Prosecutor’s Children? Evidently not …. (nrotc)

~ LET’S PASS ON THE JEW-BASHING FUN— “Israel will almost surely boycott the next UN racism conference in Geneva, its ambassador said Wednesday, warning that the meeting is likely to sink into the same anti-Semitism that prompted the US and Israel to walk out of the last one seven years ago” …. (

~ BRITISH MUSLIMS Help Taliban & Al-Qaeda Kill British Soldiers …. (

~ SHOCKED! SHOCKED, THEY TELL YOU!! “Here comes the (child) bride: In keeping with the example of the most perfect human being ever, a gent who had a penchant for marrying ’em young, boychicks in the Wahhabi ‘hood are said to be getting married before they’re even old enough to shave. Saudi officials purport to be shocked— shocked!— by the preteen nuptials” …. (Scaramouche,

~ DEFENDING THE EVIL GUY— European Court Of Human Rights To UK: Obey Your Master …. (downwitheverybody)


~ THE END OF FREE SPEECH:  RANDOM HOUSE PULLS BOOK, FEARS MUSLIMS— “One of the largest publishing houses in America is has called off the publication of a romanticized book about the prophet Mohammad’s favorite wife, seven year old Aisha, for fear it would offend Muslims” …. (Atlas2k, Various)

~ THE NROTC: “Ah, yes, the traditional end of summer: The Eid” …. (nrotc)

~ YOU FIGURE IT OUT— Melanie Phillips: “So let’s get our head round this: Palestinians committed to the destruction of Israel fled from other Palestinians committed to the destruction of Israel into Israel, which is providing them with sanctuary and medical treatment, while the president of their putative state who bases his claim against Israel on its alleged refusal to admit Palestinian ‘refugees’ refused to allow actual Palestinian refugees fleeing Palestinian violence access to that same putative state, while Israel agonises over whether to grant them permanent asylum.” …. (damianpenny)

~ THE COUNTER TERRORISM BLOG on “Islam, Islamism and Jihadism in Italy” …. (counterterrorismblog)

~ ANDREW C. MCCARTHY: The U.K. has not only put out the welcome mat for jihadists of other nations. It gives them uncontested space to radicalize other disgruntled Muslims. “Extradition Delayed Is Justice Denied” …. (NRO)

~ TERRORIST, child soldier or Gitmo victim? “Outrage over Omar Khadr, a Canadian arrested in Afghanistan at the age of 15 who is still being held in Guantanamo Bay, should be based on the facts” …. (

~ CURIOUSLY ENOUGH, “Indonesian Christians are fighting harder against sharia than the British” …. (Wz)

~ DEPORTED FOR Practicing Christianity– “A “diversity of clerics” gathered in Madrid last month for the World Conference on Dialogue organized by King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, an interfaith dialogue designed to bring all religions together in a spirit of cooperation and mutual understanding, etc blah yak; yes, we’ve heard it all before” …. (, creepingsharia)

~ CURSE THAT FLIPPER! “Fatah Terrorists Who Participated in 1978 Coastal Road Massacre Say They Were Guided by a Jew Hating Talking Dolphin” …. (Wz)

~ CANADA: Free Abdullah Khadr and let him work at the al-Qaeda mosque.. yeah, that’s the ticket! …. (dustmybroom)

~ TYSON FOODS Issues Press Release Defending Decision to Drop Labor Day in Favor of Eid al-Fitr …. (Wz)

~ SAYS SHAIDLE— “Muslims just keep bringin’ the crazy” …. (5fof)

~ FOR THE LOVE OF ‘victims’: “Once again the mush-brained Jew-haters open a vein and gush copious amounts of blood for Palestinian “victims” …. (scaramouche)

~ A DEADLY Love Triangle: Why Iran and Hamas adore Darfur’s genocidal dictator …. (weeklystandard)

~ BLAZING CATFUR: “Child Brides married off to Condemned Prisoners, Hitler Moustache Worship…and this is a slow news day” …. (

~ POOR LITTLE DARLINGS— “Muslim rights groups fear feds’ terror profile– “What don’t Muslim rights groups supposedly fear? What efforts by law enforcement don’t Muslim rights groups fight and try to prevent? And can anyone name any ongoing effort by the named Muslim right groups attempting to prevent or halt Islamic terrorism?”” …. (creepingsharia)

Video: “Hello Martyr, Hello Fatah”

~ JOKING THROUGH ADVERSITY: The search for comedy in the Muslim world ends here— meet Ahmadullah Mujajo, the funniest man in Kandahar …. (scaramouche)

~ THE MIGHTY Melanie Phillips of The Spectator does her best to explain the latest Fatah versus Hamas death-cult melodrama …. (dustmybroom)

~ 11th CENTURY FAITH, MEET 21st CENTURY MEDICINE— France: Muslim Man Attacks Male Gynecologist While Wife was Giving Birth …. (Wz)

~ MUSLIMS INCREASE complaints, companies fearing CAIR, PR backlash, submit, cower, appease, grovel …. (creepingsharia)

~ SMILES & CUDDLES ALL ‘ROUND! “Normalizing genocide: The usual suspects are defending one of their own— Sudan’s Butcher of Khartoum. At the same time, the butcher is looking to favourable optics from the Beijing Olympics to divert attention away from the ongoing butchery.” Special logic. (1) Unproven Assertion: Islam Is The One True Religion. Illogical conclusions: What we do in the name of Islam is just fine, because we’re doing it and we’re Muslims. Makes perfect sense, right? …. (Scary, Wz)

~ MASTERCARD Starts Islamic Credit Card …. (FD, Wz)

~ FLAMING IDIOCY: “Majority Democrats in the California Assembly have rejected two amendments that would have allowed schools to fire any employee discovered to be part of an extremist terror network and require users of school facilities to affirm they are not terrorists” …. (wnd)

~ GHOST OF FLEAS: “A Taliban communique gives the lie to every leftist platitude. This is not about oil. This is not about Israel. This is not about neocons. This is not about George W. Bush. This is about Islam” …. (ghostofaflea)

~ EVIL WESTERN CLOTHES Turn Women Into Sex Objects, Helps the Spread of AIDS Which was Sent by Allah …. (Wz)

~ FRANKISTAN: Muslim school “in danger of disappearance” asks the State for positive discrimination …. (blogfreeworld)

~ RELIGION OF.. UK: Muslim Bride ‘Beaten Every day by Husband and Mother-in-law’ After Coming From Pakistan for Arranged Marriage …. (Wz)

~ OOPSY-DAISIES— “Obama’s Muslim-outreach director resigns. Amid questions about involvement in Islamic investment fund, various groups” …. (wnd)

~ DECAYING MEME EXHUMED, smells dead and unfunny: “Herald Tribune editorial cartoon the very picture of effete European idiocy.” WHich European country DIDN’T have a finger in the Saddam pie, exactly? …. (rjjago)



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One thought on “Steynian 217

  1. I was inspired by Mark to create a new blog about the dark side of Islam.
    Light on text, it is heavy on videos and photos right from the Muslim horses’ mouths, it’s called
    “It isn’t Islamophobia when they really ARE trying to kill you”

    I’d love to have it linked to this blog if possible.

    Bonni Intall

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