Steynian 228

Intelligent Creationism & Godless Materialism

Fools jump in where angels fear to tread!

Science cannot ‘prove’ metaphysical first principles like God; nor can science itself scientifically justify materialism or atheism/ agnosticism. First principles (logic, God’s existence, how we know anything) are not subjects for scientific debate– the “heavens declare the Glory of God “to someone who already knows and loves God, and the evidences of faith are not the evidences of science. Equally, materialism is actually an unscientific philosophical position, as are agnosticism and atheism: you cannot prove a negative (God does not exist), nor can you do it through theory, experiment, or scientific evidence. There is no test for ‘god-ness’.

Modern materialist science forgets there is are prior philosophical foundations for science, reason, logic. Those who claim that materialism is ‘scientific’ are simply wrong. There are no experiments for that, either. It’s a presupposition, however much in the background or forgotten. Science presumes creation, intelligibility, some coherence and consistency in the way things are– these are metaphysical first principles.. or as Aristotle put it , the ‘meta ta physica‘ or Metaphysics, literally ‘the things prior to the sciences’. We may think we can jump off our metaphysical shadows, but just because we take them for granted, or as non-existent, doesn’t mean they are (or aren’t).

The ID debate appears very much to be a post-enlightenment fight-back against materialism; it’s much like the fundamentalist/ liberal debate over the ‘historicity’ of the Bible. If we grant that science can determine our metaphysics (or lack of them), we’ve battled on the wrong ground, abusing the proper character of the ‘proofs’ and ‘evidences’ of faith.

The materialists have also claimed too much, that science is the true and only form of knowledge of things; as Christians, we need really good scientists to do objective (non-materialist) science; and to have their metaphysics on straight: God exists and he created all things visible and invisible, and that he makes each thing or creature make itself according to its own proper life and purpose (cf. Aquinas: Grace perfects, it does not destroy nature). However, there is no scientific test for any of that: faith, like a set of glasses, corrects our vision about the true nature of things as created, but again, you can’t ‘prove’ that in the way scientific materialism demands, because they’re mistaken in their first principles, and in their demands for scientific proof of spiritual things.

The analogy of ‘Design’ implies a designer, which leads to endless arguments about how that is provable or not– however, that God– if provable– is not God almighty, maker of heaven and earth, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, but only perhaps a kind of Deistic caretaker or watchmaker, who makes his creation, winds it up, and then sends it forth.

The God who is Creator, Logos, Life-Giver is presently making and upholding all things, and making them make themselves: creation is a present activity, as well as describing the finite status of all things made, and their relation to an infinite maker. Spiritually speaking, that it is God working in us and through us, St. Paul puts it this way: “..continue to work out your salvation with fear and trembling, 13for it is God who works in you to will and to act according to his good purpose..” (Php 2:12b-13). That’s called ‘double-agency’: God makes us remake ourselves in His image, in Christ Jesus His Son, through the present and indwelling power of the Holy Spirit, the fount of our life and will.

I’m not sure if this clarifies or muddifies, but it is the shortest answer I can give to “What’s wrong about ID”, without being a materialist, or a creationist, or anything else that fits the terms of the current debate as I no doubt poorly comprehend it.. it’s a battle of analogies on both sides, on the wrong grounds, on a really important question.

Anybody who wants to know more should read the theologian and philosopher Austin Farrer, a peer and friend of C.S. Lewis. His essays, sermons, and books all address the issue of God & Creation– or finite and infinite– in various engaging and thought-provoking ways.


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~ EN FRANCAIS 2— Liberté d’expression: Un journaliste bangladeshi accusé de “crime contre l’humanité” pour dénoncer le suprématisme musulman. “Un journaliste bangladeshi accusé de “crime contre l’humanité” pour dénoncer le suprématisme musulman. Son pays veut le pendre, ce qui pourrait se produire d’ici quelques mois. Sallah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury est un journaliste, un éditeur et un activiste pour la paix qui a renoncé à la haine des Juifs et au suprématisme musulman qui infecte son pays depuis ces dernières années. Cela lui vaut d’être accusé de « crimes contre l’humanité » et de « ternir l’image de l’islam.” 19 août, par Annie Lessard, Marc Lebuis …. (pointdebasculecanada)

~ ADVENTURES In Multiculturalism …. (dustmybroom)

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~ THE DAWA’S THE THING: “An Islam Online reader seeking guidance asks whether it’s okay for her daughter to take part in a school play. The reply: By all means let her participate, as long as she realizes she’s not just play-acting, she’s a girl with a mission” …. (scaramouche)

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~ MALAYSIA COURT: Muslim convert’s past identity “ceased to exist” upon conversion. Pakistan: kidnapped, forced to convert to Islam Christian girls still unable to go home …. (JiWa)

~ “HEALER” ON HOLD: Has-been crooner Chris de Burgh, who claims to be able to heal the afflicted with a mere touch of his hands, has been trying to bring his healing powers to one mighty afflicted area, the Middle East. Too bad for him he’s been rebuffed by the mullahs, who have some very different ideas about how to “heal” the region (i.e. by excising the “cancer” of Israel) …. (scaramouche)

~ SHAKEDOWN ARTISTES— “CAIR Minn shakes down another U.S. corporation – Old Country Buffet”…. (creepingsharia)

~ LEFTY ANTI-ISRAEL BIAS: Gwynne Dyer vs Gwynne Dyer …. (rjjago)

~ JOHANN HARI – Islam & The Athiests’ Double Standard …. (am770chqr)

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~ KINDLY BBC charity funded jihadists …. (JiWa, Malkin)

~ A CRESCENT POINTING TO MECCA? Stop the Flight 93 Memorial Blogburst: DC Fundraiser CANCELLED …. (stoptheaclu)

~ TERRORIST defence: I wasn’t targeting civilians, just Canadian soldiers …. (dustmybroom)

~ CANADIAN FIRM hit by Algerian terrorists …. (

~ BRITAIN: pharmacies to offer “free medicine checks during the holy month of Islam to make sure Muslim customers’ health is not affected if they stop eating between sunrise and sunset” …. (

~ SAUDI GRAND MUFTI declares celebrating birthdays an infidel practice …. (

~ THAT EVER- HELFPUL UN Bans Criticism of Islam …. (

~ RELIGION OF… Indonesia: Muslim mob storms Sunday service and hangs banners declaring ban on churches, while police make no effort to intervene; Yemen detains 9 people for converting from Islam to Christianity …. (JiWa)

~ CHILDREN forced to whip themselves. It’s a religion, dontcha know …. (dustmybroom)



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3 thoughts on “Steynian 228

  1. Hi Binks:

    Re the ID business…

    Naturalism generally assumes that everything comes about either by chance or necessity. Of course, there are observables (like chaos) that result by some combination of chance and necessity.

    The general assumption by most modern day “scientists” is that science is based on naturalism: all phenomena appear as a result of natural mechanistic rules. That science is the pursuit of knowledge and truth is all but lost.

    It so happens that chance and necessity cannot account for what is observed in cellular structure. The complexity far exceeds what is permitted by presently known natural laws.

    When something like an intricate mechanism is observed, we tend to assume it was designed by some human agency. For example, finding an iPhone carefully packaged on a remote mountain top does not lead us to think it is a natural item formed by chance or by the laws of physics.

    So to invoke an additional agency to explain irreducible complexity is to abide by sensible, scientific rules of inquiry. Something is not explained by the information at hand, so it is named, and investigated further.

    “Intelligent design” is not an unreasonable name because it is consistent with everyday experience of attaching what is known to what is seen. There is no necessity to specify who or what the “designer” might be. Just because such a designer could be thought of as the Creator by believers is no reason to deny an additional agency beyond chance and necessity.

    My opinion is that in the present “debate” typical “fascience” is forcing a new definition of science; instead of the inquiry into knowledge and truth, science is based only on naturalistic laws. Because the designation, Intelligent Design, is so easily interpreted to be the result of the believer’s God as agent, the ID supporters are scorned as nothing but religious activists or bigots.

    Fascience is but a segment of the pandemic defiance against deterrents of unfettered, individual freedom. Such defiance, recently rampant, leads to fascism in every sphere of life and living.

    And the horrible irony is that fascism crushes the individual with the weight of the state.

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