Steynian 229.5

Mark Steyn

~ STEYN-HATER ELMO is at it again! “I can’t think of any other explanation for this – what else do Mark Steyn and the nutty chaps at Winnipeg Indy Media have in common? They now share something, though – having run afoul of Mohamed Elmasry and the Canadian Islamic Congress” .. (Breakenridge)


“If you think the slippery slope is a cliche, ask Ezra Levant.  Societies, especially ones founded on the common law, are run on precedent.  This is why the slippery slope is a perfectly valid, though not decisive, argument.  Your opponent can always say, well what’s wrong if we do slide down the slope?  Few statists and collectivists, however, are so brave as to be so obvious.”

~ Copybook Gods ~


~ TODAY’S MUST-READ: A Dust My Broom eyewitness account of “An evening with Mohamed Elmasry” .. (DmB)

~ THE USUAL SUSPECTS @ IT AGAIN! Islamophobia lecture: Mohammed Elmasry, Khurrum Awan, and Derrick O’Keefe joined by publicly unannounced additional speaker: Greg Felton…. “Wow that’s some lineup! I’m amazed Vancouver didn’t collapse into this Blackhole of Islamist & Pseudo -Leftist Anti-Semitism!!”.. (Blazing)

~ SHAIDLE: “That mean old wicked nasty George Bernard Shaw!”; Toronto: the old Iroquois word for “shut up or you’re under arrest”.. (5fof)

~ DENYSE O’LEARY: A quick primer if you are a prof (or anyone) who is new to the issues and struggling to make up your mind.. (Post-Darwinist)

~ OF COURSE, “Respecting their free speech rights is not optional,… unless they are Christians” .. (MaD)

~ FD IS TRACKING Warman vs Ouwendyk – Connie’s report .. (FD)

~ CATFUD— Reader Mail: A letter to MPP Lisa Macleod, a conscientious MPP .. (Blazing)

~ OUR ONTARIO MEDICAL SLAVES: “To me, there’s a story behind the story here: The Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons didn’t just change their policy and decide to force doctors’ hands at a whim. Recall the Canadian Medical Association Journal guest editorial of July 2006. It was co-written by Jocelyn Downie and Sanda Rodgers. Jocelyn Downie had been appointed to advise the interim board of the CMAJ–a lawyer, she was, not a doctor, and a lawyer who advocates for decriminalizing assisted suicide and euthanasia, alongside her pro-abortion views (death all round, but let me not digress).”.. (Gyapong)

~ BE PREPARED! Wear your CHRC approved mediocrity mask! .. (MaD)

~ ONTARIO MEDICOS: Forcing Our Doctors’ Hands: If a person cannot act according to their volition, they cannot be said to be free .. (CC)

~ PROPOSED U.S. Government Regulations Strengthen Doctors’ Increasingly Threatened Freedom of Conscience .. (lsn)

~ ACTON INSTITUTE: Birth of Freedom (and a short lesson about libertarianism and Christianity) .. (Shotgun)

~ DEBORAH GYAPONG has “Another example of how the Ontario Human Rights Commission is a menace to religious freedom and conscience rights” .. (DG)

~ WHO’S THE PARIAH? “Thanks are due of course to the Jackbooted Stalinists running our Human Rights Commissions. APSA members are being asked to cancel the scheduled conference due to the abuse of Free Speech rights by our Human Rights Kommissars”; Academics Fear the Human Rights Commissions; Canada’s bad reputation is forcing political scientists to think twice .. (Catfur)

~ “DIGITAL BROWNSHIRTS” threaten Ron Fournier. Thou shalt not criticize the Messiah! .. (Insta)

~ THE OLYMPIC GAMES SHOW: A Propaganda Victory for China? By: FrontPage Magazine: A former member of the Chinese National Team discusses how Beijing has used the Games to conceal the real nature of its regime”.. (FPM)

~ THE PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC of Ontario: Selective Human Rights- Fraudulent Democracy … (CFS)

~ TAKING ON THE HRC & Section 13: “Catching up with Marc Lemire”.. (Pundita)

~ OLYMPIC FUN!  US citizens detained in Beijing over Tibet protests are released, returning home; and Olympian Political Correctness .. (boingboing, nro)

Georgian War

~ THIS IS WHAT democracy looks like: “Georgians take to the streets of Poti to demonstrate against Russian occupation. This is what democracy really looks like. This is really speaking truth to power. And for all the puppet heads — and the Canadian government — who talk and talk about human rights but cannot muster any outrage when confronted with an actual illegal war, actual illegal occupation and actual war crimes, this is what democracy looks like”.. (Ghostly Fleas)

~ UNTO OTHERS.. Christians in Georgia open doors to needy.. (CanCHR)

~ MARCHING IN GEORGIA: There is little doubt that the Georgian President, Mikheil Saakashvili, provided Putin with his long-awaited casus belli when he ordered the shelling of South Ossetia, on August 7th. But Putin’s war, of course, is not about the splendors of South Ossetia, a duchy run by the Russian secret service and criminal gangs. It is a war of demonstration. Putin is demonstrating that he is willing to use force; that he is unwilling to let Georgia and Ukraine enter NATO without exacting a severe price; and that he views the United States as hypocritical, overextended, distracted, and reluctant to make good on its protective assurances to the likes of Georgia”.. (daimnation)

~ A VERY NASTY I-WAR: Russia-Georgia CyberWar Assessment, By Aaron Mannes.. (CounterTerror Blog)

~ CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: NATO’s toothless reaction to the Georgian invasion is troubling news for New Europe. “NATO’s Soft Cower”.. (nro)

~ THE BLOG FOR THE Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia .. (


~ .. AND TAKING NAMES— “George Petrolekas: A letter from Canada– In response to the Taliban’s recent threat-filled ‘letter to the Canadian people,’ a Canadian officer has a few choice words”.. (Gates of Vienna)

~ CHECK IT OUT… “Shariah Finance Watch is a blog that wants to educate the perils of the West conforming to the laws of Shariah. This type of banking and finance is a guise to instill Shariah laws into the west by changing the way we do business, from banking to loans. It is not “ethical” or “interest free” but restructured”.. (JiWa)

~ VERY BAD PEOPLE— Muslim Brotherhood’s #2 Man Talks (Carefully) About Obama, CAIR.. (LGF)

~ THE CONNECTIONS— Tale of a German Sheikh: France’s novel of the moment links Islamism to Nazism.. (

~ RELOADING.. Financial Jihad: this will free up a billion or two for dawah and other stealth jihad activity in the West. “Gulf States To Earn Record USD 562 Billion In Revenue”.. (JiWa)

~ FRONTPAGEMAG— “Hadith of Hate” Banned at USC– “Finally, a breakthrough decision against the hate-mongering Muslims Students Association”.. (fpm)

~ FIGURING IT OUT… “Europe must realize: Jihadism is an Ideology not only a theology”, By Walid Phares.. (CounterTerror)

~ INTERESTING: Anti-Hate group asks Dems to Ban Radical Muslim From Convention: “.. as recently as last month, under Mattson’s watch, ISNA propagated material on its national website calling for the murder of Jews and the waging of war against Jews and Christians”; Meet Ingrid Mattson, appearing today at the Democratic National Convention.. (

~ LEAKED DATA ON Radicalization in the UK, By Matthew Levitt .. (CT Blog)

~ BOOK-BANNING.. Random House and the Islamic War against Free Speech, By Robert Spencer .. (FPM)

~ ANTI-CANUCKISM?… Terrorists target Canadians in Algeria.. (

~ RELIGION, Radicalization and the future of Terrorism, By Roderick Jones.. (CT)

~ COMMENTARY: The “Open-Minded” Critics of Israel, by Daniel Halper.. (Commentary)

~ ANDREW BOSTOM— Like Prego Pasta Sauce, Benny, “It’s In There!”; and elsewhere, “Iraq’s Shari’a Compliant Adieu to the U.S.? “Bye-bye! From now on, we don’t need you here” .. (bostom)

~ ANY GUESSES WHY? Pakistan’s Christians Face Uncertain Future after Musharraf Resignation.. (CanCHr)

~ WOMEN UNDER ISLAM .. Searching for Freedom, Chained by the LawHuman Rights Voice.. (EoUN)

~ PONDERING: Jesus of Nazareth Could Not Be the Eisa of the Quran .. (IW)

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