Steynian 231

~ BITTER FRUIT: The wise Man said “By their fruits ye shall know them.” Sadly, Ezra is finding out the exact quality of the cadre of tormentors, malcontents, bullies, soft-fascists and other bully-dolts who are trying to bury him with complaints and legal mud. He’s the biggest and loudest target out there: if they can take him down (the calculation goes), the rest of us rebel scum will fall. That’s the theory, anyway. But you’ll know them by what they do: so these various assailants are not interested in rights, freedoms, or even, necessarily, the issues they yell most loudly about. They’re hoping and working for one thing: Shut Up, Ezra. Go away, Ezra. Submit, Ezra. But above all, just shut up. This is a war. We need to support the main targets, keep donating and praying and encouraging. The bad guys (and even the people of good will who just legitimately differ with us) are very patient, and think we’ll lose interest or courage, and just pack up and go away. Let’s not prove them right. ~

~ TRUE CONFESSIONS.. whilst blogging, The Binks watches DVDs, longer Youtube & Google vids, and TIVOed TV. The fave shows right now? Deadliest Catch (those crazy-brave Alaskan crab-fishermen), and Gene Simmon’s Family Jewels. No accounting for taste, but both are full of infotainment, reflection on character in modern life, and are decently done. Too much Discovery channel disaster-pr0n or shark-mongering is tiresome. So if you’fre feeling grateful for this blog, why not buy The Binks a season of Family Jewels, or a signed copy of a Crab-Fishing book from two of the captains from the show? Keep The Binks Happy whilst he’s blogging! ~

Mark Steyn

~ FREE SPEECH IN AN AGE OF JIHAD: “Mark’s keynote address to the recent conference in New York on free speech is now in print, along with valuable contributions from Roger Kimball, Andy McCarthy, Rachel Ehrenfeld, Ezra Levant and others. It’s available as part of our America Alone Free Speech Special: the bestselling book and the legal battle that ensued – together in one great package!” Exclusively from the Steyn Store, only $20.95 …. (steynstore)

~ STEYN: L’ÉDITION EN FRANÇAIS: EST ARRIVÉE! For our readers in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Mauritius, but probably not (until the appeal is heard) Québec. Disponible de Amazon, FNAC, et Decitre …. (Steyn En FRANÇAIS!)

Being Legally Bullied? Innocent? Join Ezra’s Crew Now!


~ LEVANT GETS AN APOLOGY from Fast Forward Weekly …. (shotgun)


~ GYAPONG surveys the political landscape: “I’m afraid that the Harper government takes social conservatives for granted, thinking they have nowhere else to go. Well, fiscally-conservative evangelicals may be unlikely to vote Liberal, but they could stay home, stop donating any money or vote for the Christian Heritage Party to send a message”; Nicholson “cuts loose” Ken Epp’s private members’ bill …. (

~ INCORRIGIBLE: WALLY KEELER— Elbowing HRC’s Since 1992. Odd that he’s not been shipped off to re-education camp.. maybe because he looks a bit like Karl Marx? We’ve even added him to the blogroll of evil …. (

~ AUTHOR HOWARD ROTBERG’S trial starts tomorrow… After four long years. These are not ‘fair trial’ processes, but modern versions of endurance trial …. (fivefeetoffury)

~ ALL THE COOL KIDS are doing it! Hate-Crime-O-Matic …. (am770chqr)

~ CAPTAIN ED picks up APSA “boycott Toronto” story

~ THE GLOBAL WARMING CIRCUS is Full of Clowns …. (dailybayonet)

~ THE SHAIDLE— “Green, pro-union, socialist type” reviews my e-book …. (fivefeetoffury)

~ START YOUR INSENSITIVITY TRAINING NOW: “Life on Mars, quite possibly the most important television of our time and a starter course for anyone in need of insensitivity training. Life on Mars suggests there are many, many people who want to recover our sense of duty, our common sense and our capacity for the blindingly obvious” …. (

~ CRYING CENSORSHIP, by Stanley Fish …. (nytimes)

~ TALENT IS DISCRIMINATORY! Another Triumph for Socialism- 9yo Banned from Little League …. (thepeoplescube, hallsofmacadamia)

~ HARDLY A PREVENTATIVE.. Weimar Germany had hate laws too. What happened? Hitlerism was hard-fascism. hate-speech laws and codes are soft-fascism. Get it? On the very same spectrum of the government telling people what to say and do …. (MaD)

~ GIRL IN BLUE is back from Summer slackitude.. and looking for the National Post …. (

~ WANT EUSSR? Cardinal Says EU Undermines Christianity …. (brusselsjournal)

~ OUR BETTERS in Edumacation: “And the Laws of Grammar are Oppressive and Discriminatory too” …. (dustmybroom)

~ OH, WELL.. NO SHORTAGE OF PEASANTS, RIGHT? “Thousands of Chinese farmers face ruin because their water has been cut off to guarantee supplies to the Olympics in Beijing, and officials are now trying to cover up a grotesque scandal of blunders, lies and repression” …. (dp)

~ SILENCING THE PAST for political correctness– UK Veterans’ parade cancelled due to ‘lack of facilities’ but gay pride march goes ahead …. (dailymail)

~ THE FUTURE UNDER SOFT-FASCIST BARACK— Obama threatens TV stations airing Ayers ad; Obama Calling on DOJ to Silence Ayers Criticism. You know, because instead of answering critics, or admitting you once had nutty friends, it’s just better (and quicker) to threaten people …. (Various)

The Forbidden Crime

~ TAKING ON WHACKADEMIA— The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) Hitting Colleges Hard: Here’s a full-page ad that FIRE put into U.S. News and World Report’s America’s Best Colleges issue …. (

~ IT IS HUMANITY’S “longest lasting form of discrimination. It has held sway over its victims for three millennia; and though it has been officially outlawed for almost six decades, it continues to plague the lives of millions” …. (

~ AMERICAN DIGEST: “As the first Totalitarian Olympics since 1936 oozes away in our rear-view mirror, it’s time to reflect on the high-minded lessons they taught to a troubled world” …. (AD)

~ FASCIST TYRANT TV, By: Humberto Fontova: “Hugo Chavez cracks down on “treacherous journalism.” …. (frontpagemag)

~ SELECTIVE Human Rights- Fraudulent Democracy …. (canadafreepress)

~ DENVER FOOD NAZIS— “No Wonder T.S. Eliot Was A Conservative– Don’t even think about eating a peach inside the Democratic convention” …. (eddriscoll)

~ FREEDOM will find a way– APPARENTLY, PEOPLE ARE ROUTING AROUND New Zealand’s Internet publication ban …. (

~ CENTRAL PLANNING FOR BOOZE— “Recent trips to these central-planning nightmare stores has become even more of a chore than it used to be, because should you ask the clerk for a plastic bag, you instead get a lecture on why plastic is bad for the environment” …. (dailybayonet)

~ IT’S MUNICH 1933 ALL OVER AGAIN! Michelle Malkin Attacked By “Reality Based Community”, death threats ensue …. (mypetjawa, DW)

Dem BrownShirts Take On Tiny Asian Woman


~ MUST-READ TOTTEN: The Truth About Russia in Georgia …. (littlegreenfootballs)

~ INVASION: RUSSIA PRESSES ON, RECOGNIZES REBEL REGIONS— US aid warship will defy Russian control of Georgian port of Poti …. (atlasshrugs2000)

~ YOU AREN’T THE BOSS OF US! Nice harder? …. (ghostofaflea)

~ ROLL BACK Russian Expansionism …. (americanthinker)

~ TOTTEN: Georgia didn’t start the fighting in the Caucasus …. (

~ ATLAS2K— “Georgian soldiers were shooting down women, old people and children in South Ossetia”? …. (atlasshrugs2000)

RUSSIA? Same As It Ever Was


~ GEEZER MONSTER— PM Harper, Why Is This Terrorist Still In My Country? Ordered deported in ’88, terrorist still in Brantford …. (DMB)

~ ALLAH IN DENVER— Of Democrats and Co-Conspirators; The Democrats’ ‘Soft’ Jihadist …. (Various)

~ UN HUMAN RIGHTS Expert Hails Gaza “Peace Boat Activists” for Breaching Israeli Blockade …. (Wz)

~ CANADA’S Guantanamo problem …. (canadafreepress)

~ WHOLE LOT OF bullying going on.. CAIR tries “to force” movie-maker to change title of movie; More Reactionary Outrage From CAIR …. (JiWa, Wz)

~ MUSLIM HACKERS attack Dutch websites over Fitna …. (5fof, JiWa)

~ EVIL HAIR-CRIMES! Jihadists blow up barber shop in northwest Pakistan …. (

~ AN NC ISLAMIST on Religious Child Abuse Child Jihadis: “The Future of Islam’s Glory and Pride” …. (Wz)

~ SUV SCUMBAG Tar Heel jihadist gets 33 years …. (

~ WHAT YOU MEANT TO THINK WAS.. Australia Terror Trial: Muslim Leader Says Books on Training Mujahedeen, Assassinations and Rules of Jihad, “Mostly About Islamic Law” …. (Wz)

~ WORD FROM Osama bin Laden: “Battle, animosity, and hatred — directed from the Muslim to the infidel — is the foundation of our religion” …. (

~ OLMERT STILL TRYING TO SURRENDER.. Three guys, a trailer, and Israel’s survival, by Caroline Glick …. (

~ THE GAZA PLAYGROUND from Hell: “We Don’t Play Like Other Kids Because We’re a Part of Jihad , our Mission is to Liberate Jerusalem” …. (Wz)

~ THE NIGERIAN FRONT— A clear statement of intent, and a warning for prospective dhimmis, in Nigeria’s Kano state. “‘We are in power to implement Sharia,’” by Nasiru Muhammad for the Daily Triumph …. (JiWa)

~ DANIEL PIPES on how the Muslim world perceives Obama …. (JiWa)

~ MISUNDERSTANDER OF THE RELIGION Of Pieces — UK: White Muslim Convert Arrested on Terror Charges …. (Wz)

~ NO RIOTS ENSUE… teen girl forced to strap on semtex suit no sign of Patriarchy say western feminists. …. (MaD)

~ FITZGERALD: The rich Muslims should pay for the poor Muslims.. yeah, you know like they didn’t rush to help Muslim victims of the Indian Ocean Tsunami, since Allah was punishing said victims, or some sorry balderdash like that …. (JiWa)

~ GERMANY: Tens of Thousands to Protest the “Islamophobic” Anti-Islamization Congress’ Meeting in Cologne …. (Wz)

~ IRAN BEATING UP tourists for not observing dress code. Tehran Tourist Bureau puzzled by lack of visitors, repeat tourism …. (jihadwatch)



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