Steynian 233

~ THROUGH HISTORY, some people live a whole life in a few decades: the dead-at-35 Mozart comes to mind, along with many of the great and accomplished through history. Obama has much to be humble about– for a self-anointed political Saviour, he’s accomplished little of note in 47 years, aside from his 143 days in the Senate. As we’ve said be fore, he IS old and experienced in the ways of communism, political subterfuge, showy hypocrisy, soft-fascism, and.. to put it plainly.. evil. As such, he fits well in the Democratic mold: the progressivist fascism of the early 20th century is his inheritance and pattern, as transmitted through the soft-fascist 1960’s rebellion of the hard Left. He’s really done so very little in his life of noticeable goodness, and yet it all seems like he’s been preparing– and been prepared– to become the most extreme Left soft-fascist President ever seen, since FDR and Woodrow Wilson. The Left see this as a kind of revelation, utopia-rising, a chance to fulfil the civil rights hope of the 1960’s, and the old statist dream of an America United by government force and ideology.

Like other would-be populist dictators of the past, Obama has a remarkable confidence and opinion of himself, for someone who has done particular nothing of note, and what he has done, never very deep or very prolonged. Ask his slum-dwelling brother in Kenya; or the kids waiting for his promise to build that African school; or the people living in the slum he headed up. After all, there is no substitute for experience, and no better proof of character and skill. Obama’s main sustained job has been.. as a candidate. Since he’s busy concealing the concrete details of much of his past, we presume nothing more. Perhaps those who back him want a weak figurehead, so they can pull the levers and make the policies; and/ or perhaps the Clinton Crime Family hopes he’ll flame out, and they can step back up in four years. Dunno. But there’s a world shadow-puppetry, and a very deep stink around this guy, and not a little whiff of brimstone. People of good will who love freedom– on the left or right– had better pray, work, and hope that this bad man does not gain control of the most powerful nation in the world, and the only one which represents and fights for freedom worldwide.

Keep track of the Real Obama (and his nasty Missus) via the website of the same name, to which I fling links and such every day. It’s an education.

~ ELECTION-FEVER? Are Canuckis soon? Probably. But whether we do or not, let’s all beware of a strain of perfectionism in modern politics whic hampers and cripples the Left and Right. Leftoids like to attack countries and people and policies and politics due to their supposed flaws and foibles– because, of course, we should only vote for perfect people, or perfect countries– or leftwing politicians. On the right, the fact that PM Harper is now a cautious Ottawa politco willing to ignore the SoCons he still expects to vote for him– well, there’s not much to expect from a minority government in any case.. he needs a turn at the helm and we need to remind him to ease up on the soft-totalitarian control and secrecy, no matter if he’s our guy or not. He acts with little civility or grace towards political opponents.. it’s classless and partisan and teenagerish. You have to be bigger than your opponents and not smaller– it costs little to be a gentleman, and big-hearted about things.

In any case, we don’t live in a perfect world, but as fallen people in a fallen world being remade by God’s grace and power. We can’t expect absolute holy purity in things of this world– yet we may still discern the best of all possible mixed choices in our fallen situation. It’s a matter of the right perspective, as a quote we had yesterday puts it:

“Genuine religion is a kind of absolute defense against bad ideologies, from the violent aggression of Nazism to the passive aggressiveness of blind Obamism. Conversely, virtually all bad ideologies — the ones that do real damage — become pseudo-religions, drawing on religious energy and emotion in the absence of religion.”

Leftism began as an continues to be is a faux-faith, and a blind one at that. That’s why otherwise good people will side with evil, failure, and stupidity, and against the evidence of their brains and lying eyes and experience. It All Makes Sense™.. except that It doesn’t. It’s a First Commandment thing.



~ THE EZRA.. Cartoonists convention …. (ezralevant)

~ ANOTHER DAY, another liberal mind changed by encounter with — reality …. (fivefeetoffury)


~ DEBORAH GYAPONG— Great letter by Tim Bloedow on pornography; Most interesting comments from Tom Flanagan; The Synod of the Word; Conservatives risk losing socon support— Fr. de Valk …. (

~ THIN-SKINNED HOTLINE! Oh, the fun we shall have, or: “Police? Yeah, the guy at the U-Haul counter laughed at me. Again!” …. (fivefeetoffury)

~ PROTEIN WISDOM— Brave New Wor(l)ds – “A Utopia, of sorts, where “unity” prevails — even if in order to do so free speech is (like some bad Disney project) “re-imagined” as a right that is heavily policed by the state, with the upshot being that only the speech that doesn’t hurt or offend or cause a rift in the progressive unity continuum is protected, with the rest relegated to a growing repository for what is termed “hate speech.” …. (proteinwisdom)

~ RELIGIOUS Free-Speechers Still Trying to Have it Both Ways? …. (am770chqr)

~ THE AMAZING SMRTNESS OF BINKS: How can anyone support anything called “decontamination”? …. (5fof)

~ CANADIAN HUMAN RIGHTS Tribunal Annual Report 2007 just released.. Looks pretty dry at first glance …. (

~ SHIRE PODCAST goes Back to the USSR with David Horowitz …. (shirenetworknews)

~ FREE KATHY SHAIDLE! DNC Day 3: My latest in FrontPage; Is this a convention or a table reading for “Freaks”? Junk that didn’t make it into my FrontPage piece today …. (fivefeetoffury)

~ CANADIA 2/3rd’s as evil as Nazi Germany …. (MaD)

~ RANDOM EVIDENCE of Truther nuttiness …. (rjjago)

~ A LOVELY VACATION-SPOT: Musician on Trial …. (am770chqr)

~ RACISM at CHRC, 10 companies fined for hiring too many white males! …. (MaD)

~ WHO DA HITLER? Proving yet again that no sign of intelligent life exists among Canada’s “Artistic Community”. Having read some of Duh Fuhrer’s views, all I can say is he’s an clever intellectual dabbler who constructed Big Theories like 9/11 Truthers fabricate conspiracies. And a leftist windbag, with some charisma. Hitler as monster or enigma or swear-word doesn’t make sense. Take any stupid idea, put some political power and obedient minions behind it, and voila! — socialist paradise for some, Hitlerian nightmare for the ‘enemies’. Same old 20th century utopianism of Russia, Cambodia, China, Italy, North Korea, Germany.. utopia failed, bodies in piles. Of course, most lefties in Canada’s gov-teat artistic class no think much, head hurts by facts …. (,

~ SOUTH OF THE BORDER— New Federal Regulation Favoring “Conscience?” …. (wesleyjsmith)

~ THE LATEST— Anti-smoking fascists: Tobacco too affordable in Alberta, must raise prices. To be clear: I hate smoking and the stink of it (allergies) and was raised in a home where I’m pretty sure I was a pack a day by the age of six with the second-hand smoke. However: the government is nuts on this topic, and loves the tax-income …. (dustmybroom)

~ ONTARIO SEEKS to tweak media’s ‘human-rights filter’ …. (fd)

~ COMRADE OBAMA— His Reality: ABC Reporter Arrested in Denver Taking Pictures of Senators, Big Donors. More bully-boy behaviour; Obamunists Attack Radio Station for Shining Light on Bill Ayers; Obama’s Riefenstahl Moment. Obama Campaign Tries To Shut Down Radio Show. Nice decent folk just don’t like thinking about this …. (Various)

Just Asking:
“Obama’s suggestion that it is illegal for a 501(c)(4) entity to fund issue ads that are negative toward him appears ludicrous. Here’s the real question, though: if Obama is elected President, will he appoint an Attorney General who will carry out politically-motivated prosecutions like the one he is now demanding? I suppose we can’t know for sure, but why wouldn’t he? If he demands criminal prosecution of free speech that opposes his political interests when he’s a candidate, why wouldn’t he order it as President?”

~ John Hinderaker ~

O’ hail the Messiah! – Soviet Anthem redux

~ CRUNCHY RELIGION— C of E: Goofy Ways to Not Save the Planet …. (reformedpastor)

~ IS IT JUST ME, “or does it seem that the people who are the most demanding of tolerance tend to be those least likely to display it themselves?” …. (

~ CRUNCHY TAXES— How Carbon Taxes are Killing BC’s Government …. (

~ RACIST FASCISM— How Influential Is Black Liberation Theology On The Obamas? …. (rightwingnews)

~ PLEASE REMEMBER— Social Justice: Just another word for communism …. (dustmybroom)

~ AWWWW– DO WE HAFTA? “…a Facebook group called News Bloggers for Fairness in Reporting recently developed a News Bloggers Code of Ethics.” …. (fivefeetoffury)


~ CAPTIAN ROBERT P. WAGNER is welcomed by the people of Georgia as Coast Guard Cutter Dallas arrives at the Black Sea port of Batumi to render humanitarian assistance …. (ghostofaflea)

~ GERMANY: Georgia on My Mind …. (brusselsjournal)

~ BERNARD HENRI-LEVI: Russia Is Brazen, Europe Is Weak …. (sigmundcarlandalfred)

~ EUSSR DOUBTS— Irish youths reserve your strength until an hour of glorious duty …. (blogs.telegraph)

~ HOW I LEARNED to Stop Worrying and Love Cold War II …. (pajamasmedia)

~ REMEMBERING THE LEFT’S LOVE of abortion, eugenics, and Fascism… Marie Stopes is forgiven racism and eugenics because she was anti-life …. (blogs.telegraph)

~ PUTIN’S DANGEROUS GAME: Russian-backed Chechen President to inaugurate “largest mosque in Europe” …. (creepingsharia)

~ GIVEN RUSSIA’S NEW aggressive foreign policy as seen by its invasion of Georgia, few can doubt that it will exploit the power of European gas dependency …. (americanthinker)

~ VLAD “THE IMPALER”— Putin’s ad …. (pajamasmedia)

~ RUSSIA and the West: A Dialogue of the Deaf …. (brusselsjournal)


~ STINKING KUFFAR HARLOT was asking for it… Canadian journalism student gang-raped in France. Gang-raping kuffar harlots is a big thing in the European Muslim community, but is largly covered up by the media and governments. Prayers, please …. (dustmybroom)

~ JUST HOW DEEPLY in denial is the CBC? …. (fivefeetoffury)

~ THE WEST’S mortal enemy; Alleged Canadian terrorist Momin Khawaja to be aquitted …. (ghostofaflea, dustmybroom)

~ SHARIA, STEP 2– Once you’ve cowed everybody, then “UK: Muslim council chiefs order non-Muslim concillors to fast during Ramadan.” Order …. (

~ THREE CHARGED in ‘al Qaeda in Britain’ Plot; Umar Rabie ID’d …. (mypetjawa)

~ BREAKENRIDGE: “Imposing Religion” …. (am770chqr)

~ “DEFENDING ISLAM”, hacker defaces thousands of Dutch websites …. (JiWa)

~ EDUMACATION… Pakistan: Poll Finds 15% of “Educated” People Approve of Suicide Bombings, 50% if its Against Jews …. (

~ RUSSIA: bank cards with zero annual percent now available to Muslims …. (

Paul Ruff Stands His Ground – No Sharia For Me

~ WHITEWASHING jihad to a sexy modern soundtrack …. (JiWa)

~ LOVELY IRAN: Amnesty International Warns Number of Child Executions has Reached “Crisis Levels.” Um. The what-nows? …. (Wz)

~ FJORDMAN: On Science and Religion and Islam …. (

~ MISSED HER BY THAT MUCH.. Dad Arrested for Kidnapping Daughter to Stop Marriage to Non-Muslim …. (

~ THE SHADOWY CANDIDATE— Rashid Khalidi. Another relationship Obama must explain …. (therealbarackobama)

~ KNOW WHAT ELSE “separates” people? Beheading! …. (fivefeetoffury)

~ TEH EVIL JOOOOOS! Hizbollah Terrorists Ready to Kidnap Jewish Businessmen in Venezuela …. (mypetjawa)

~ STOP THE ETHNIC Cleansing of Greenlanders! …. (

~ MALAYSIA: relentless “Muslim youth” still protest Avril Lavigne concert …. (JiWa)

~ YOUR WARM & CUDDLY Muslim Brotherhood in North America …. (am770chqr)

~ HANDY-DANDY Ramadan 2008 Community Publicity Kit Released. Why wait? Get your submission on! …. (dustmybroom)


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