Bolt, Spew, Flying Axehandles

Dear Minions:

Sick  Kids & adults here at the Binks Family bodily explosions factory.. skool tomorrer?  Will blog as possible, p’raps not today.


it’s not easy being green (urp)

While We’re here…

In response to this rant over here on how we FreeSpeechers are just crypto-fascists anyway on this topic, Binks said:

Hey Harebell:

Steyn is

FreeMarkSteyn (not run by him, or officially connected in any way) is

Hey Harebell:

Different sites, run by different people, covering some of the same topics. As to St. Paul, legit peaceful protest is great. Anarchist cookbookery and planned injury of people and property is not free speech. Whether the government overstepped or not depends on who and what the protesters were, and were up to. I’ll post the links and ask the question, though.

Binks, not Mark Steyn,

Response to another commenter here. I stand, sit, and slouch to be corrected. Oh, and..

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