Steynian 245

Mo Dowd, Matt Damon Repeat NutRoots Lie About Palin

~ PRAYERS, PLEASE: Massive Hurricane Ike ravages southeast Texas …. (

~ GO DONATE to Mark Shea, evil papist culture-warrior …. (

~ WHAT LIBERALS think they are; what they really look like …. (geraldnaus)

~ YOU WILL BUY! You will love! The Tyranny Of Nice …. (tyrannyofnice)

Mark Steyn

~ FREE SPEECH IN AN AGE OF JIHAD: “Mark’s keynote address to the recent conference in New York on free speech is now in print, along with valuable contributions from Roger Kimball, Andy McCarthy, Rachel Ehrenfeld, Ezra Levant and others. It’s available as part of our America Alone Free Speech Special: the bestselling book and the legal battle that ensued – together in one great package!” Exclusively from the Steyn Store, only $20.95 …. (steynstore)

~ STEYN: The MSM as effete space aliens …. (


~ GLENN REYNOLDS advocates the Ezra strategy …. (

Being Legally Bullied? Innocent? Join Ezra’s Crew Now!


~ FIRST PRINCIPLES.. Pope discusses “the poles of subjective arbitrariness and fundamentalist fanaticism”; and since supernature abhors a vacuum, “Pope Warns France: If you Forget Your Judeo-Christian Heritage, Islam Will Overrun Your Country”; Benedict XVI on the Roots of European Culture …. (JiWa, Wz, Zenit)

~ YOUR BIG BROTHER FRIENDS! The NDP is reading your email; BC NDP suspends reality: forces women, gay, handicapped and minority candidates on voters …. (rjago, p2bc)

~ COMPASSIONATE, TOLERANT LEFTY CBC readers on Pope visit to France: “the pope is a fraud”, a “fool”, an “idiot”, “get lost” …. (proudtobecanadian)

~ ABOLISH human rights censorship powers, Rory Leishman …. (

~ FAMILY COALITION Party Leader says: Eliminate the Human Rights Commisions …. (

~ WHAT EVER HAPPENED to ‘Sticks and Stones?’ by Frank Furedi. The freedom to offend is a very small price we pay for upholding a democratic way of life …. (pajamasmedia)

~ CLUELESS CAPO: “Hershell Ezrin, the Canadian ewstablishment’s capo di tutti capos has some thoughts on, er, “diversity” …. (scaramouche)

~ QUESTION OF CONSCIENCE— “Why are pro-choice activists so dismissive of freedom of conscience?” (except their own, of course) …. (

~ THE McNAUGHTON SQUAD— BCHRT to examine case of woman who thought neighbours’ kids were too loud. No confirmation whether Khurrum Awan will be appearing as an expert out of jurisdiction witness …. (

~ FREEDOM versus Freedumb …. (

~ CANADA: “Immigration must be an election issue” ..(fivefeetoffur)

~ ‘ART’ THAT’S DA BOMB—literally: A silly “artist” who sculpted a bomb that unleashed havoc has had the last laugh …. (scaramouche)

~ BLOODY MICKS! A Final Solution To The Irish Problem …. (

~ IN CANADA’S polite society, even dirty tricks are handled with tact …. (nationalpost)

Crippled? By Torture? Ha ha!

~ HA-HA! CRIPPLE!! Barack Obama Campaign Mocks John McCain’s Disability in New Ad! Obama shoots and blows off his foot .(rightwingnews, jawa, atlas2k)

~ LEFTY RELIGIOUS FASCISTS— Two prominent liberal Christian “thinkers” have expressed their concerns about Sarah Palin’s religious beliefs. Both are examples of an overly-simplistic interpretation of church doctrine, and religious bigotry of the highest order …. (

~ AND SPEAKING OF LIPSTICK on a pig…: A scan of Google images turned up this charmer. Sooo clever, with a Der Sturmer sort of vibe …. (scaramouche)

~ CARING, SENSITIVE progressive mocks crippled hero …. (fivefeetoffury)

~ OUR BETTERS— Progressives: Marching Forward Into the Past …. (

~ THE U.S. IDEOLOGICAL BATTLE— “This shapes up as a battle between “Professionalism” (shackled by ideological group-think and prejudice) and Authenticity (freedom of thought and expression) and I do believe that the people instinctively know which one they favor. I also believe they are right” …. (

You’ll want to buy this spiffy new shirt!

~ STUDIES in Sensitivity in Brussels, by Diana West …. (atlasshrugs2000)

~ FASICISTICAL GAY GUY SAYS ‘CHRISTIANITY has not done socialism any favours. The Left must embrace progress and winners, not the workshy and the weak — says Matthew Parris below. He has some interesting points but seems to end up with an attempt to convert the modern British Left to Fascism …. (timesonline)

~ STEVEN EDWARDS on The Trouble with Religious Hatred Laws …. (fivefeetoffury)

~ DAVID WARREN REVISIT: “Mr Harper’s promises to revisit abortion and same-sex marriage in the last election were chump change to secure the “social conservative” vote he needed to win office. Those who take chump change have their reward; they are not entitled to expect leadership from such fey commitments. Whereas, Mr Harper’s failure to rise in defence of free speech showed a flaccidity below my lowest expectations” …. (DW)

~ TOTALITARIAN FUN.. Stasi tactics from Camp Obama …. (spectator)

~ THE NEW EZRA RULES! The New Chicago Rules – They bring an interviewer, you bring a camera …. (americandigest)

~ SELF-DEFENSE against Muslim nutbars: read the comments …. (

~ ABC EDITED OUT KEY POINTS From Palin Interview. Fascist media is all about proving the prefab talking-points, to build up the pre-existing narrative about Palin’s redneck hickness, and McCain’s decrepitude. More at PuffPo: “It’s really sad when you think about it… The American Left treat the terror prisoners at Gitmo better than the second female VP candidate in US history” …. (, anchoressonline)

~ FUN WITH COMMUNISTS.. A Vietnamese bishop has said goodbye to this people, explaining that he expects to be jailed for his participation in public protests, as evidence mounts that authorities are preparing a crackdown on Catholic demonstrators …. (

~ RETARD-WATCH– MICHAEL FRANC: Trig Palin is a gift to his siblings. “Your Brother Is a Blessing” …. (nro)

~ EUSSR PAPER: “The Solution to the Irish Problem”; EU Officals Expect Ireland to Hold Second Lisbon Treaty Referendum, with the expected democratic result desired by Brussels, this time …. (sigcarlalf, GofV)

~ THE UCKY UNPERSONS.. “As one of Canada’s largest invisible minorities, conservatives (by which I mean so-cons, fiscal conservatives, libertarians and classical liberals), have little to vote for in this election. Marginalized by society at large as too pro-American (i.e individualistic), too hard hearted (too fiscally sensible) and old fashioned (believing that history did not begin some time in the spring of 1968), we struggle with the stigma of being Right” …. (

~ SACRIFICES MUST BE MADE! Greg Weston: Dion’s enormous $435 million green shaft “plan” would actually cost nearly $10 BILLION …. (proudtobecanadian)

~ DEMOCRACY IN ACTION— What do dead voters have to do with coed restrooms? Court says challenge to ‘discrimination’ ban failed because dead voters not represented …. (wnd)

~ MELANIE PHILLIPS— “Britain’s astounding retreat from reason is now legitimising anarchy. A jury has solemnly decided that it is ok to break the law and cause more than £35,000 criminal damage to a coal-fired power station because of the threat of man-made global warming” …. (melaniephillips)



Cups at…/5322629

and more,




David Horowitz on Al-Jazeera Part 1

Part 2 here

~ O, LITTLE TOWN.. Muslims Continue Pushing Christians Out of Bethlehem: Bombing Churches, Forced Marriages, Killing Converts Rampant …. (Wz)

~ PAGING TALIBAN JACK: What does Mr Layton think about this supporter? …. (damianpenny)

~ LEFTY EVIL: US Religious Groups Planning to Host Iftar Dinner for Ahmadinejad in NYC. If we be nice to him, he’ll be nice to us, Preciousss …. (Wz)

~ SCARAMOUCHE— “Hair today, sharia tomorrow: Come one, come all to the Toronto Star’s pity party. The theme of today’s soiree: hijab-clad chics who’ve been the victims of bad hair cuts and been deprived of that posh salon experience, all because of insensitive infidels” …. (scaramouche)

~ CLASS, NO CLASS… Ground Zero etiquette: A tale of two roses …. (michellemalkin)

~ STATEMENT of Iran at the Human Rights Council on the integration of a gender perspective in the work of the Human Rights Council …. (

~ VERY SIMPLY, this is what evil looks like: How Daily Kos marked 9/11 …. (5fof, caei)

~ JIHADISTS try to kill diplomat in Muhammad Teddy Bear revenge plot … (

~ CHRISTIAN MISSIONARIES shadowed by Turkish army …. (speroforum)

~ MEXICANS vs. Muslims in Greeley …. (

~ UK: BANNED JIHADI Muslim Cleric Gives Speech via Video Link to Followers in East London, Says Next 9/11 Will Take Place in Britain …. (Wz)

~ ON THE OTHER SIDE? Victor Davis Hanson: Read an account of 9/11 little told by the liberal media. “The Other 9/11 Story” …. (victorhanson)

~ JIHADIST PREACHER Anjem Choudary: ” We will ensure that one day you will integrate into the Sharia Islamic law” in Britain …. (jihadwatch)

~ ABC’S JIM SCIUTTO Blames Muslim Anger on Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo …. (newsbusters)

~ JEW-ASPLODING: Iran’s Holocaust Bomb …. (

~ CONTROVERSIAL “Obsession” movie delivered nationwide …. (

~ ALASKA’S Muslims concerned that Palin “has never bent the knee taken the initiative” …. (jihadwatch)

~ BRITISH TV-4 accused of pro-Muslim bias …. (telegraph)

~ THE MSM MUSTA missed this scandalous bit of ugliness: “How the attacks on 9-11 were remembered at Trinity United Church of Christ” …. (

~ TOLERANT QATAR: Man who got Drunk on Flight Sentenced to 40 Lashes in “Accordance With Sharia Law” …. (Wz)

~ THERE’S A STORM brewing between Minnesota officials and Muslim school …. (creepingsharia)

~ MORE INNOVATIVE social policy… Saudi Arabia: Top Sharia Judge Issues Fatwa Authorizing Murders of Satellite TV Owners …. (weaselzippers)

~ WAR IS DECEIT: “Raymond Ibrahim suggests it might be productive to consider Islamic war doctrine. He must not have got the memo: Islam means peace” …. (ghostofaflea)

~ ATLAS SHRUGGED: “I can only equate the Jews clinging to the antisemitic, anti-Zionist …. (atlasshrugs2000)

~ HATE CAMPAIGN GEARED towards Town Hall Chiefs over asking non-Muslim councillors to respect the rules of Ramadan …. (socialcohesion)

~ PALEOSTINIAN Father Protects “Family Honor” by Burying his Daughter Alive …. (Wz)

~ TERROR-BUDDIES @ CAIR exploit 9/11 to highlight year old case …. (creepingsharia)

~ RELIGION OF.. “Serial Terror Blasts Strike Indian Capital, Indian Mujahedeen Claims Responsibility” …. (counterterrorismblog)

~ MALAYSIAN BLOGGER arrested under Internal Security Act for “remarks that insulted Muslims, besides allowing postings that insulted Islam and Prophet Muhammad” …. (JiWa)

~ RACISM IN THE ISLAMIC WORLD How can peace prevail in the Middle East in the face of Islamic bigotry and hate? When will moderate Muslims speak out? …. (factsandlogic)

~ BRUSSELS: Muslims Throw Rocks at People Attempting to Hold Vigil Commemorating Victims of 9/11; UK: Muslim Groups Holds Rally Marking 9/11, “Islam is Superior and Will Never be Surpassed. The Flag of Islam Will Rise Over Downing Street” …. (Wz)

~ AMERICAN teacher in Bahrain charged with insulting Muhammad had portrayed him “in ragged clothing” …. (JiWa)

Lan astaslem
: “I will not surrender/I will not submit.”


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