Steynian 246

~ BOWELS.. guts.. viscera.. as in visceral reaction. That’s where the Left is with Palin Derangement Syndrome. Bonkers, irrational, raging, twitching and foaming at the mouth.

It all makes sense, if you’re a Utopian, who thinks that Really Super-Neat Things™ are just around the corner, and all that stands between it and us is [current obstacle/ person here]. It’s like kids standing out front of a giant carnival, but being prevented from entering. Hence the ‘anything goes tantrum of the American Left. Utopia Lost. Palin is spoiling our heaven-on-earth happy!

It’s hard for liberals, in their endless War Against Reality. They’ve got the magic happy-plan, and all they need is to get us all lined up and taking part, like good utopian minions.

Best. Empire. Ever.

Such imagined worlds seem very modern and new– but the planned perfect society was the idea of Augustus Caesar: the Pax Augusta/ Romana, as articulated by the poet Virgil, and the writer Cicero. The cost of Augustus’ revolution? The loss of political freedoms, a cuddly dictatorship, with no checks or balances on the Imperial power.

Individuals are made subservient to the master-plan, the ideal theory of the Roman Golden Age, under the perfect ruler. Except people are not Lego, and reality does not always fit the theory. Said Canadian historian Charles Norris Cochrane in his classic ‘Christianity and Classical Culture‘ (1939), written 20 years after the start of the perfect inhumanizing system of Soviet Communism, and 10 years after the birth of another perfect system, Hitlerism:

“…the idealist commits the crime of Prometheus in seeking to appropriate what belongs to Zeus, or like Adam in the Garden, eats of the forbidden fruit in order to become “like God”. In other words, what he does is to treat knowledge not as a means to ‘wisdom’ but as a source of “power”. The power to which he aspires, however, proves to be quite illusory. For what he has in fact accomplished is to substitute his notion of order for the order which exists in the universe; the fictitious for the actual; the dead concept for the living reality. His problem is thus to give currency to this counterfeit of cosmic order by persuading or compelling men to accept it as genuine. The effort to do so constitutes the history of ‘politics’ in classical antiquity.” (p.98)

Same manure, different millennium.

The history of the past century and more is a search for that perfect system; to impose on the universe and persuade (or compel) other people to take on some concept of utopia. Or as T.S. Eliot said,

They constantly try to escape
From the darkness outside and within
By dreaming of systems so perfect
that no one will need to be good
But the man that is shall shadow
The man that pretends to be.

Whatever her good intentions, it certainly appears that Lynch and many in the HRC– when not dreaming of being secret agents or thought police– are this kind of utopian. So declares our very own Canadian HRC boss Jennifer Lynch:

“Here we are– just 8 years into the new Millenium – and we find ourselves at an interesting, challenging and hopeful time. A time when the opportunity of realizing our mission of building an inclusive society is in sight…”

Ah yes, here we are. Dream.. mission.. building.. inclusive society. Her fellow Canadians as subjects over which to exercise ideological and governmental power. By her and her ilk, and for our own good. The fictitious inclusive order of the universe shall be realized. Her notion, her kingdom come, on earth, as it is in theory.

It’s bigger than her: utopias bubble all around us: the EUSSR; ObamaMessianism; UN utopianism; International Courtism; soft Marxism; Jackboot ideologies of all shapes and sizes, all For Our Own Good™. The fight is big. HRCism is a localized symptom of a really big, popular bad idea, a temptation in the human heart towards heavens on earth.

If you don’t want to play? You’re not Canadian, nor inclusive & tolerant. Silly rabbit: YOU are the problem. Evil incarnate, deserving of no respect, courtesy, civility, assumption of humanity. You are Steyn, Palin, Levant, Harper, Boissoin, McCain, Shaidle, and Scott Brockie.

McCain As He Really Truly Is, via Liberal-Vision

See how evil he is? We the wrong-headed really do deserve the spite and spittle, dontcha see?

Sadly, the reality is that it’s the darkness within that never gets addressed in heaven-on-earth; and that all of us– including our would-be-masters– are imperfect sinners with imperfect understanding, mixed motives, and confusions.. like all the rest of us… except they presume themselves called to a high and lonely destiny. All evil is externalized: out there, somebody else’s fault.

It all makes perfect sense. Now get to work eradicating it!

One of the lesser evils,


~ AND LO, THE EARTH TREMBLED… spawn of Binks, a.k.a. ‘Steeb’ has entered upon the dark and dangerous path of blogging on teh interwebs. He’s got just a couple of entries up, but go see, and make his hits meter happy. Any suggestions, mockery, soul-crushing criticism most welcome. He welcomes your Lego-pictures for his ‘Lego Of Tha Day’ segment, and any cool YouTube suggestions. No trolls, please …. (steeb) ~

You all want to buy this spiffy new shirt!

“Muslim hate fanatics plan to take over Britain by having more babies and forcing a population explosion, it has been revealed. The swollen Muslim population would be enough to conquer Britain from inside, they claim.”

~ UK Muslim Anjem Choudary ~

Mark Steyn

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