Steynian 248

~ YOU WILL BUY! You will love! The Tyranny Of Nice …. (tyrannyofnice)

Mark Steyn

~ CAMPAIGN 08– PROMPT QUEEN: The audacity of Hope …. (

Being Legally Bullied? Innocent? Join Ezra’s Crew Now!


“I believe that the duel between Christianity and atheism is the most important in the world. I further believe that the struggle between individualism and collectivism is the same struggle reproduced on another level.”

~ William F. Buckley ~

~ SCARAMOUCHE— “The deep freeze: Free speechers should offer a nod of recognition to Simon Fothergill. Mr. Fothergill, a lawyer who toils for Canada’s Attorney-General, has compressed the philosophy of the anti-hate Utopians into a single brief sentence. In an article by the National Post’s Joseph Bream, he is quoted as saying that if Section 13 puts a chill on public discourse, it is only to be around the fringes of hate speech, and that this is not “a terribly bad outcome.” “A little bit of chilling … is tolerable,” he said.” Hard-hitting Scarmouche lyrics ensue …. (scaramouche)

~ THE GYAPONG— “I’m back from Rome and have to read this”; St. Peter’s Square at sunset; Even the CHRT is questioning the scope of the law; Victor Davis Hansen on Obama and hubris …. (gyapong)

~ AWESOME SHAIDLE: Finally! “Rights laws outdated in Internet age, [HRC] hearing told” …. (5fof)

~ TALKING BACK TO TYRANTS— Archbishop of Toronto Condemns Attempt to Curb Ontario Physician Conscience Rights. Useless United & Anglican Church leaders should be tarred, feathered, and placed n a raft in the middle of Hudson Bay …. (lifesitenews)

~ HAVE YOU ASKED your Candidate about the HRC’s? …. (sda)

~ SOCON.CA— “No One Gets A Free Pass” …. (

~ THOUGHT MOBS, commanded by The One: “Obama’s character assassins target another National Review journalist” …. (

~ BASHING GOD by Dissing Sarah …. (

~ BEEB QUARANTINE – fears outbreak of ‘Jesus Cooties’; Christians shouldn’t have to pay taxes toward the BBC …. (, MaD)

~ NO-GO ZONES BISHOP His Grace Michael Nazir-Ali: Britons suffer ‘cultural amnesia’ about Christian art …. (

~ UGLY SCHADENFREUDE— CNN’s Crowley: Obama Team Wanted ‘Horrific’ Wall Street Headlines. Markets Crash, Media Hysterical, Democrats Thrilled …. (newsbusters, pj)

~ WHAT THE [insert expletives here]?!?! “Canadian Human Rights Commission Lawyer Fothergill – Government must be free to criminalize citizens without challenge” …. (blazingcatfur)

~ E-MAIL PAIKIN NOW! An (Election) Show about Nothing …. (

~ TEH SHAIDLE ON The accidental brilliance of Tina Fey …. (5fof)

~ SHOTGUN BLOG: Free Speech and Canadian elections– “A while ago a civil servant working for the Human ‘Rights’ Commission claimed that free speech was not a Canadian value. I wasn’t surprised to learn that those that head the HRC have no legal background. Or, at least, I assume that they don’t, otherwise they would have known this section of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms” …. (


~ VOLOKH: Symbolic Expression in Late 1700s and Early 1800s Speech Restriction Law: “Let us begin our view of symbolic expression in Framing-era law by looking at speech restrictions. We’ll get to speech protections in coming posts, but the law of speech restrictions is relevant because speech restrictions and speech protections were seen as closely related during the era: The restrictions were recognized exceptions from the constitutional freedoms, and the freedoms were recognized as being constrained by the traditional restrictions” …. (

~ GOOD FOR HIM! Antonio Hadjis of the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal: Maybe Section 13 (1) belongs “in the past” …. (, bluewavecanada)

~ EVEN MORE “human rights” madness: The OHRC rides to the rescue, redressing “gender bias” in, er, the maintenance of casino loos …. (scaramouche)

~ OBAMA— Obama backers were behind the mortgage industry meltdown; The Best Congress Fannie Could Buy; Whose policies led to the credit crisis? …. (Various)

~ MARSUPIALISM— “Human Rights” Commission’s head ‘roo says: “No ‘free pass’ for online comments” …. (p2bc)

~ CRAZY ENGLAND: “To round out the picture, Councils are recruiting what has been predicted will become a mini-Stasi-like forces of “citizen snoopers” or “environmental volunteers” to report people — i.e., neighbors — who commit crimes such as failing to sort out their garbage properly before placing it in litter bins. The London borough of Tower Hamlets, for example, calls these “environment champions” and proudly claims they report on “a number of environmental crimes, issues and concerns, such as graffiti, dumped rubbish and abandoned cars.” …. (spectator)

~ WARNING: PALINOSIS OUTBREAK— A Public Health Announcement, by Roger Kimball …. (pajamasmedia)

~ MEDIA ON Marc Lemire and freedom of expression; Rights laws outdated in Internet age, hearing told. Support the principle, not the beliefs. Then, stomp the beliefs. That’s how free speech works …. (shotgun, g&m)

~ CRUNCHING the numbers: Moths flying out of your pockets? That’s because they’re being picked by the authorities …. (scaramouche)

~ BROWN-SHIRTS— Obama’s speech-squelching thugs strike again; Obamaphiles Drowning Out Criticism Again; Exclusive: DOJ will not conduct witch hunts for Obama …. (Various)

~ EUPHEMISMS ASIDE— Abortion survivor: ‘If Barack Obama had his way, I wouldn’t be here’ …. (

~ EARTH MOTHERNESS.. National Post Editorial Board: Beating up on bloggers diminishes Greens …. (nationalpost)

~ HATER CANUCKETTE NUTBAR Jill Greenberg made editors of the Atlantic and 37 babies cry. She’s still at it. Michele Catalano takes a close look at the Jill Greenberg affair in a piece titled “Unrepentant Photographer Turns McCain Into a Monster” …. (Various)

~ BIGOTED Liberal MP Raymond Chan says you should shut up, immigrants should not even try to fit in …. (MaD)

~ PROBAMA Google harassment continues …. (stoptheaclu)

~ VIA CATFUR: “Day 2 of the Section 13 (1) Constitutional Challenge” …. (

~ THERE ARE DAYS.. ya just want to live in a comfy ex-missle silo, ya know? …. (missilebases)


The Death Of The U.K. Elites

“It is almost unbelievable that this should occur in a modern, democratic, Western country, and, moreover, under a government that claims to be liberal, and to care about the right of women and homosexuals among others. But, tracing the actions of the pro-Islamic Labour Party, and of modern liberalism more generally, it should have been predictable. Modern liberalism is not a force for human rights and equality (though it still uses these terms where they can be of use in breaking down British tradition); it is a selfish urge for freedom for one’s own self – others be damned. Multiculturalism frees the liberal from the demands of ‘culture.’ Mass immigration frees him from the need to know his history. Invoking the Inquisition of three hundred years ago frees him from having to confront the reality of Islamic fundamentalism. The establishment of sharia law no doubt frees him from holding any position whatsoever.”

~ Via Kate @ SDA ~

~ LEST WE FORGET: The Jihad against Armenians and Georgians (1071 to 1920) …. (

~ THE NEW BRITANISTAN: “The Sharia Council of the Darul Uloom London even appears to assume the possibility of child marriages, as there are instructions on its website for how to deal with the divorce of a girl who has not yet reached puberty” …. (spectator)

~ POLAND CELEBRATES 325th Anniversary of the Victory at Vienna, Saved Europe From Islamic Conquest …. (Wz)

~ BOSTOM SHREDS A BAD REVIEW— “The New Republic has published an abbreviated version of my full response to Benny Morris’ false claims of “omissions,” in his book review of The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism” …. (

~ UK: “SHARIA LAW now legally binding”; Sharia comes to the UK. East Meets West: Sharia Law Sanctioned in UK …. (JiWa, EO)

Proportionate response
Proportionate response

~ JIHADISTS threaten to poison Denmark’s water supply …. (

~ FEAR & FICTION— Caving to intimidation, a leading publisher cancels a novel about the wife of the Prophet Mohammed …. (frontpagemag)

~ MEANWHILE, Iranian Apostates Must be Killed …. (nro)

~ SAUDI CLERICS Issuing Death Fatwas for TV Producers of Turkish soap operas …. (lgf)

~ JIHAD VIOLENCE OFFENDS MUSLIMS — no, wait, scratch that — Obsession DVD offends Muslims; Columnist: Obsession distribution all part of the vast right-wing conspiracy …. (JiWa)

~ AUDIO– BETWEEN THE COVERS: “It’s extremely important for Muslims and for non-Muslims to find a way to approach an Islam that can function as a normal religion and serve the interests of the Muslim believers in being good believers and being participants in…God’s world,” says Stephen Schwartz …. (radio.nationalreview)

~ A CONSERVATIVE government must exclude sharia ‘courts’ from British justice …. (blogs.telegraph)

~ MUSLIMS continue pushing Christians out of Bethlehem …. (blogfreeworld)

~ PWNED, BUSTED, SPANKED— Now We Know What Happened to Al-Qaeda’s 9-11 Message …. (

~ CONFIRMED— WHILE campaigning in public for a speedy withdrawal of US troops from Iraq, Sen. Barack Obama has tried in private to persuade Iraqi leaders to delay an agreement on a draw-down of the American military presence …. (Various)

~ HE WAS A MUSLIM IMMIGRANT, RIGHT? “Another calculated fallacy indulged by conniving fembot totalists is calling the Montreal mass killer “Marc Lepine” and leading us to believe he was a typical Quebecois Habitant lad” …. (ghostofaflea)

~ SHARIA & SOFT JIHAD— Swift Plant: Fired Muslim workers planning lawsuits …. (

~ RECON FOR JIHAD— Probing the Infidel World: “Most of us have become familiar in recent years with the concept of a terrorist “probe”, an operation mounted to test the defenses of the West and perhaps throw a feint to keep our security forces off-balance” …. (

~ THE RELIGION OF ‘THE HARLOT WAS BEGGING FOR IT’— “Playing the victim card: When all else fails, claim that you’re the “victim” and the unveiled, drunken little harlot who “lured” you into raping her is the victimizer.” …. (scaramouche)

~ SCARAMOUCHE— “Opportunism knocks: According to Amir Tahiri, candidate Bambi, who keeps crowing about how much he yearns to get American troops out of Iraq a.s.a.p., encouraged Iraqi leaders to put the brakes on any American withdrawal. The reason: he wanted to score points with his key constituency—and take credit for the withdrawal when he gets to be prez” …. (scaramouche)

~ IT ALL MAKES PERFECT SENSE™ an American Muslim Explains the Morality and Genius of 9/11 …. (mypetjawa)

~ AN IRON BURKHA DESCENDS ON EUROPE – ENGLAND IS TOAST, says Abul Taher. “ISLAMIC law has been officially adopted in Britain, with sharia courts given powers to rule on Muslim civil cases” …. (,

~ BRITISH Secretary for Justice Jack Straw says Pakistan’s security vital for UK; condemns US unilateral operations in Pakistan …. (JiWa)

~ BLOGGER Erraji Released : Committee to Protect Bloggers …. (blogfreeworld)

~ THE ORIGIN of Veiling the Women in Islam and its Present Role, by Dr Radhasyam Brahmachari …. (

~ THE WEAKEST LINK? — Jamie Gorelick, Mistress of Disaster. 9/11.. Fannie Mae.. on and on …. (

~ WONDERING WHAT Muslim terrorists really think of Paul McCartney? Aaron Klein sings Beatles songs to senior militants! …. (wnd)

~ DANISH CITY targeting Ramadan fasting …. (upi)

~ MORROCAN IMAM: marrying 9 year old girls permissible; “mainstream” Muslims accuse him of “distorting” Islam.. you know, like Muhammed did …. (

~ MORE IDIOCIES on counterterrorism policy from UK …. (blogfreeworld)

~ DOWN UNDER— Australia: Islamist terrorists convicted …. (blogfreeworld)

~ SCHEMING ZIONIST PLOTS— Joooos on top: If you google “Jews,” this is the number three link–one of those demento “the Jews control the world’s media and therefore the entire world” sites …. (scaramouche)

~ ELECTRONICS GIANT LG Launches World’s First TV With Built-in Koran …. (Wz)

~ NEW HOPE IN SPAIN: Doctors Remake Clitoris to Women who had suffered FGM …. (blogfreeworld)

~ ITALY WILL SOON Have New Law Blocking Construction of Mosques …. (Wz)

~ EN FRANCAIS— Élections fédérales: Le NPD doit indiquer la porte à Samira Laouni. “Messieurs Layton et Mulcair, il est temps de choisir votre camp. Ou vous défendez les valeurs fondamentales du Canada et du Québec, ou vous vous rangez du côté d’organisations islamistes téléguidées par l’Arabie saoudite et l’Iran. Les électeurs ont le droit de savoir où se situe votre allégeance.” …. (



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2 thoughts on “Steynian 248

  1. Folks, you need to know this!

    I have just encountered and learned some very astonishing news and I need to be sure people are aware of the situation!

    Canadian and American people need to know it doesn’t matter who we vote for in upcoming elections as, if we vote Conservative or Republican we get to have the “Bilderberg Group,” dictate our country!

    If we vote Liberal or Democrat we get to have the “Bilderberg Group,” dictate our country!

    Should we vote NDP we get to have the “Bilderberg Group,” dictate Canada!

    We are not living in a democracy in Canada, USA or the United Kingdom as I once believed and have had the wool pulled over my eyes for years – but I knew something was wrong as it seemed this last while that no matter who we vote for we get the same results!

    Whichever party is in power looks after Corporations and the the average hard working citizen and retiree is getting the shaft and – should Bilderberg Group have their long term goal all citizens of the world will become slaves to their bidding and desires as a super dictating corporation!

    These past few weeks have been very shockingly eye opening to me and while I realize I cannot hack at this dilemma like a mad dog, it is very upsetting to realize we are not free citizens and we are living inside a political tyranny of dictatorship and on top of that they have it set up so that each citizen is helping the Bilderberg Group oppress each and every one of us!

    You ask why hasn’t the press and media alerted the public to this altercation of our freedoms and choices?

    The answer to that question is simple – the “Bilderberg Group,” has monopolized and now owns the media and the press via business buyouts!

    Don’t believe it?
    Learn for yourself! Google the Bilderberg Group, read what you find!
    Read the various articles and about the European Union!

    Look up and check out Journalist Big Jim Tucker, Daniel Estulin or even David Icke ( who sometimes goes into strange areas of stated findings, but still has some very interesting facts and knowledge! )

    Go on search engines as well and check info on the Illuminati on the internet!

    This is very discouraging news, however it needs to be dealt with and at least by alerting people and making them aware of our impending loss of even more freedoms and rights, this is a small effort that I can do at this point, to begin to get ourselves out of the whole we’ve all dug ourselves into!
    It doesn’t matter what political party or nationality, religion or faith or non faith you proclaim or belong to!
    We all stand to loose devastatingly should we allow this type of tyranny to continue unchecked!

    Because of our natural human habits of herd instinct, complacency, indifference, not minding the store closely enough and our pre-programmed belief system of trust in our news media and journalists, a dark thief is busily robbing and extending plans to default us of even more rights and quality of life style!
    I’ll let you read and investigate for yourselves and decide what you can or cannot do to oppose this type of dictatorship!

    Mark Bartok

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