Why, You Ask

"Um.. Okay.. who forgot to bring the torches?"

~ SO IT’S BEEN almost 10 months on this blog. Why? Why the odd mix of links, and all that ‘Islamophobical’ stuff at the bottom?

Well, they started it. The Elmo Team, With SockPuppets, seeking to muzzle Steyn. And I’ve always been of the principle that you may not have started the mess, but if it’s on your watch, you should try and clean it up.

Now that the muzzlers appear to have mostly given up on the HRC route of Islamic LawFare, they’re back in the media again with the same old arguments, only now, we know what they mean and represent, versus what they say and want you to think they mean.

Figuring It Out

As far as I can see, the Islamic community is like any other, except with a larger percentage of hyper-religiousity at that end of the scale. There’s your once-a-weekers, your high-holy-day people, and your “Put that on the Census” type of Muslim. There’s also a small group of socially ‘progressive’ liberal sorts like Irshad Maji and Tarek Fatah. These last also sometimes go by the name of ‘moderate Muslims’, but they– like their secularized brothers and sisters– are  in no way the majority, nor the noisiest.

So about that radicalized 5-10%.. the Elmasry & Khaled Mouammar President of the Canadian Arab Federation (he of the Ryerson Forum) types that trot themselves out as moderates, but aren’t? They are soft-Jihadi lawfare warriors. We are right, all Kaffirs in Kaffirdom are wrong, the Jews are evil and America more eviller, and all would be better if you all converted and Islam conquered, and we’re working to that end even if it means we’re fundamentally traitorous to the country we live and the majority of the people, and what Canada is actually all about.

Of course, don’t ask why after centuries of Islam, their own homelands are all too often cesspits of tyranny, corruption, Hitler-loving ignorance, backwardness, and religious extremism. That’s ALWAYS someone else’s fault: The Jews, probably. Even before the collapse of the Ottoman Empire– the last gasp of the Caliphate– it was The Jews.

Them Linkages

That’s why all the Jihad links we post. Not to provoke so much as to expose, to do what too many Arab and Islamic apologists won’t– to look at the whole of their tribal religious culture and the reality versus the rhetoric, and to let people know we are at war, and with what sort of people. Even if only 10% of the Islamic world is jonesing for Jihad, that’s still 120 MILLION people. And even if it’s only 5% of Muslim newcomers to Canada who dream those dreams, that’s still a lot of Canada-hating people in our midst– maybe 30 000-35 000.

Like a teenager, much of Islam is good at blaming others, denial, projection, downright dishonesty, and not conecting the dots. Part of growing up is to recognize the ‘other’ as one like oneself, and to be able to stand in the others’ shoes, and reflect realistically on your own strengths and shortcomings.

It appears to this observer that the affinity between the Western Left and the Jihad (or, in previous decades, the Left & Soviet fascism) is this fundamental immaturity and raging teenaged self-pity. Both hate ‘The West’ even though all of the benefits they enjoy and take for granted come from Western technology, culture, and economies. They want to tear down, but have only the foggiest and simplistic notions of what to replace it with. Caliphate? Inclusivist Utopia? Why not Wally World or Purple Pumpkin Land?

Wake Up, Smell Coffee

The Jihad is upon us; the now-peacable Mouthpieces of Sauron talk and advocate, but as we see in falling England, will shove and dictate and bully as they sense power in their hands. Canada has a proud tradition of waking up, standing tall, and being the meanest b*stards on the battlefield (ask Kaiser Wilhalem, or the SS, or the Taliban). This is a different battle, but  here at FreeMarkSteyn we’re shouting and providing intel and warnings about what’s up in this new and strange war, where the enemy are both outside and inside the gates, and the first stage of battle is about ideas and courage, with bombs and open conflict to come sooner or later.

He's All Smiles!
He's All Smiles!

People who espouse Sharia and Al-Qaedism and Caliphatism and lawfare should be sent back to their ancestral homelands, to enjoy the same there. Canada demands adherence to her principles and loyalty to her cause. Canadian citizenship is not a right, but a privilege, and those who hate her, or want to mutate her into some Jew-hating Christian-bashing burqaed slave-wench, are certainly welcome and free to go to a place more to their liking. After all, if you spend your life trying to make your new home like your old home, it rather makes more sense to go to your old home and improve it, rather than to try and tear down your new home to build one like the old one.

So Sorry For You

By my Canadian freedom I openly say what I think, as paid for by the life of my Great Uncle, the suffering of my Grandfather, and the service of many other relatives and friends over the past 75 years. Their sacrifices will not be in vain: I will not rest from being a watchman and warrior as I may for these good things handed on to me to hand on to future generations, until my watch is done.

So Jihadiots, Leftiac Fascists– go seek your golden age and your perfect world somewhere else. This one– imperfect as she is– can be bettered, and is a good enough waystation on the pilgrimage to the better Kingdom beyond the all-healing grave.

That, fundamentally, is the issue. All problems and questions have spiritual roots. A perfect world as heaven on earth (Caliphate, InclusiveLand) is to mistake earth for heaven, and this world as perfectible by us. Hundreds of millions of corpses have been sacrificed on this altar of Serenity Heaven Now! since the birth of Jihadism and modern utopianism. You think we’d learn.

Disagree? Feel free to comment. It’s a free country. No nastiness, please.

A sinner and a fool,



3 thoughts on “Why, You Ask

  1. I’d look awful in a single sheet with eye holes, nope I can’t embrace “Diversity” when it dictates I’m worth half the value of a man.

    I welcome any race, religion and creed into Canada but it’s their job to integrate and become Canadian. I have no intention of practicing “Reasonable Accomadation” on an immigrant. I’ll save “Reasonable Accomadation” for the elderly, the infirm, the physically challenged and the mentally ill.

  2. I thank you sincerely for all that you do in this connection. I sigh with despair when I look at UK and European blogs on this subject. I sigh with despair when I listen and watch a world of apathetic people. I wait patiently for the people to rise up against the real horrors going on in the world in the name of islam. I long for governments in the west to stop the political correctness and I long for them to speak the truth. I long for the UN to disappear and for a new organisation in the name of truth to take its place. I long for all muslims to depart to muslim lands and leave us in the West to our world which has changed for the worst since they arrived.

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