Steynian 257

Surprised By The Obvious

Denial is great: a favourite human pastime, whether on the political Left or Right. It comes as a shock and surprise to a lot of people that reality can be unpleasant, not what we want or expect, or otherwise than we imagine. Deliberate blind-spots ensue, because we can deny awareness of such ickiness. Wah, boo-hoo.

On the right, we are enamoured, they say, of established badness. We can be cautious, lazy, sleepy, and content that things will run themselves– you know, Just Because™. On the Left, as they say, you find people enamoured of new evils, because recklessly trying new stuff chases boredom away, and– who knows– something might just work and Make It All Better.™ In both cases, it is denial of the entropy of things on the one hand, and the danger of blind novelties on the other– both to deny some aspect of reality we would rather were different.

What realities? That we are finite, imperfect, and not all that we want to be, nor want to be all that we actually are. That the world is a dark place shot through with glory and hope, and sometimes it just plain sucks. Some are rich, some poor; some well, some not. Some live long lives, some short. All the answers and theories we debate these days are, of course, answers to some aspect of the suckitude of existence, but the conservative takes a fundamentally pessimistic view; the liberal an optimistic one.

Here at FreeMarkSteyn, we’re against rainbows, unicorns and kumbayah worldview not necessarily because we’re sour and miserable (or perhaps we are, but that’s beside the point), but because it’s an attempt to impose a forced smile and outlook on reality: to conform reality to our wishes and good intentions.

Reality always bites back. So when the Clinton administration thought it would be great for poor people to have low-mortgage homes. Great. Add greed, de-regulation, and 8 years, and we’re 2 billion in the hole.

Or on the fact that people disagree, often for completely reasonable causes. It’s icky; inconvenient; if we’re ideological volk, then the dissidents are part of what stands in the way of Happy World Yet To Come. Disagreement becomes evil, disloyalty, upsetting to the script and the herd.

Or on that Human Rights legislation? Such a nice idea. Now we’ve got government telling people what to think and say, in Canada, and in the U.S., one political candidate not far from becoming President for 4 years, who is trying to outlaw criticism of his talking points. Dirty elections are as old as elections: what’s new here is the control Obama and his Commissars want to exercise on American voters, pundits, and political rivals.

Here is bald-faced evil, smiling and waving in public in Canada, and the United States. We are a bastion of civilization, democracy, and freedom in a world of declining freedom– we are needed, and simply cannot allow such decay to go unchallenged and unhealed in our political bosom.

We are surfing in dangerous waters these days: reality bites, but we have to bite back. Denial is a luxury we cannot afford any more.


Compare & Contrast

“Freedom of speech
is an American concept,
so I don’t give it any value.”

Dean Steacy, internet investigator
for the Canadian Human Rights Commission

“I am a Canadian,
a free Canadian,
free to speak without fear,
free to worship in my own way,
free to stand for what I think right,
free to oppose what I believe wrong,
free to choose those who shall govern my country.
This heritage of freedom I pledge to uphold for myself and all mankind.”

Prime Minister John Diefenbaker, July 1, 1960, House of Commons
Enshrined in the Canadian Bill of Rights

.. logically therefore, Dief isn’t Canadian. Or else, just maybe freedom is a deep human longing, not limited to one place, time, or nation.

~ PRAYERS for Eastern Canada, please …. (accuweather)

Mark Steyn

~ STEYN– LET MY PALIN GO! Who played the professor on “Gilligan’s Island”? Plus: Yes, we ban – and Mark returns to The Hugh Hewitt Show …. (marksteyn)

~ ON STEYN’S SAY-SO, “Reproductions: Great news! Canadians have finally started having more babies, which means we can rest easy, at least for now, about the nation’s depopulation sitiuation” …. (scaramouche)

~ ON THAT BABY-DEARTH: Russian abortionist says abortion is murder …. (


~ SCARAMOUCHE ON “A case of mistaken Levantity: Something I didn’t mention in my report about the lunch featuring the troika of Human Rights speakers—the amusing slip of the tongue by B’nai Brith’s David Matas. At one point during his rambling spiel, Matas called Ezra Levant “Oscar Levant.” He corrected himself immediately, but, being a fan of old Hollywood musicals—and the acerbity of Oscar, a once famous mid-20th Century depressive and wit—I couldn’t help but giggle at the error. And then, imagination sparked, I thought of how An American in Paris might be remade today” …. (scaramouche)


~ THE SECOND FREEDOM— Repressing Religion: US Releases Annual Survey on Religious Freedom …. (

~ DUST MY BROOM: Propaganda 101, by Fenris …. (dustmybroom)

~ DID SOMEBODY say “hidden agenda”?: What the Libs (who’ve long accused the Tories of hiding their true intentions) may be keeping from voters …. (scaramouche)

~ MAYBE SO, MAYBE NOT, but thanks, KS! “Maybe the best edition of ever” …. (fivefeetoffury)

~ SOCIALISM, Art and the Tories …. (dustmybroom)

~ JAY CURRIE: “Time they are ‘a changing” …. (jaycurrie)

~ ENGLAND EXPECTS.. “The descendants of Admiral Nelson and Captain Hardy have words for the MoD. I suspect most are unprintable” …. (ghostofaflea)

~ NEW SHIRE NETWORK Podcast explains Astroturfing For Fun and Profit …. (shirenetworknews)

~ DAVID WARREN ON Voting with the Tribe …. (insidecatholic)

~ CLASSICAL VALUES: “These are just a few examples. I can’t draw the exact line, but I think there is real tension between the First Amendment and the right to be free from intimidation” …. (classicalvalues)

~ INSIDE the liberal mind: Jason Cherniak …. (fivefeetoffury)

~ BY THE POWER OF NDIPPER! “So Jacko… you sit down with the Taliban… don’t forget to put “killing uppity women” on the short list, huh?” …. (

~ NROTC ON Libel and Political Speech …. (nrotc)

~ LONGING FOR THE MAN OF POWER.. “That the ignorant bourgeoisie radicals of North America fawn over Chavez, and his mentor Fidel Castro, is somewhat excusable. This continent has never known dictatorship. The Salem Witch Trials, the excesses of George III, even the wartime powers of Lincoln, Wilson and Roosevelt, are petty by comparison to what actual dictatorship looks like. Power, red in tooth and claw” …. (

~ SILENCE! “European Parliaments Silences Our Collaborator: So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Goodbyeee.” The sin? Not mongoose pr0n, but telling the truth about EUSSRocracy …. (brusselsjournal)

~ NO APOLOGIES NEWS— The anti-life bias of Canada’s judicial establishment, more foibles and foolishness from the “Human Rights” establishment, and a BC school board thumbs its’ nose at the Corren agreement …. (

~ I HAVE FREE SPEECH; DO YOU? Wally Keeler has some work for you to do …. (

~ YOUR PAPERS, PLEASE! The moronic British ID card: “As civil libertarians like to remind us, one of Hitler’s first acts as chancellor was to impose compulsory ID cards on every German citizen. If the smiling Ms Smith’s ID card was the beginning of the totalitarian state in Britain, it came not with a bang but a simper” …. (telegraph)

~ BY THE POWER OF BLOG! Blogging roundtable: Candidates dropping like flies …. (shotgun)

~ MORE LEFT-WING hypocrisy at the Toronto Star …. (girlontheright)

~ HEATHER MALICE— “The day Michael Coren’s editor called Heather Mallick’s bluff” …. (

~ IT’S DEADLY, JIM! Is Modern Liberalism Gene Roddenberry’s Fault? …. (

~ EN FRANCAIS— Élections fédérales: Stéphane Dion a donné l’exemple. Jack Layton, c’est maintenant à votre tour d’agir, par Barbara Kay. “Stéphane Dion a fait la bonne chose en congédiant Lesley Hughes, candidate libérale dans le comté Kildonan-St-Paul (Manitoba). Hughes a refusé de reconnaître le caractère anti-sémite de ses théories du complot sur le 11/9. J’attends maintenant avec impatience que Jack Layton répudie énergiquement une candidate tout aussi problématique, Samira Laouni, dans la circonscription montréalaise de Bourassa. Elle a été l’une des principales organisatrices d’un dîner bénéfice du Congrès islamique canadien avec Yvonne Ridley comme conférencière. Ridley est une apologiste du terrorisme, des Talibans et du Hezbollah”. 27 septembre, par Annie Lessard, Marc Lebuis …. (

~ POST-OLYMPIC FUN! China’s “Slave Empire”– “Peter Hitchens on abysmal conditions in Africa. China certainly is a force of evil, both at home and abroad. I guess killing tens of millions for the benefit of socialism wasn’t enough, so now a lil imperialism is en vogue. These poor, hopeless, angry people exist by grubbing for scraps of cobalt and copper ore” …. (geraldnaus, instapundit)

~ ON THE PERIL OF The wussification (etc) of America (and Canada to a larger degree) …. (p2bc)

~ SOCIALIST Diversity racketeers want their piece of bailout pie …. (michellemalkin)

~ I (STILL) Wanna Be Nefarious! …. (

O: The Glorious Leader! & US Election Links

"Police State Tactics."
All Hail Glorious Leader

~ MISSOURI GOVERNOR Accuses Obama of Conspiring to Violate Civil Rights; Backlash to Obama officials squelching political speech; Volokh Conspiracy has lots more. Outrage is not enough: clearly, if no outrage ensues from the Left, a minority of Americans want a soft dictatorship …. (Various)

~ HEWITT on the Truth Squad– “This, too, is astonishing, and there is no doubt that Obama is behind this attempt to suppress political speech. Where’s the ACLU, or Professors Tribe, Stone, Sunstein et al?”; “The Stench of Police State Tactics” …. (hughhewitt, powerlineblog)

~ TALKING POINTS UBER ALLES! Obama’s Brownshirts are at it again: Notwithstanding their efforts to silence Dr. Stanley Kurtz of the National Review (while avoiding debate on his research), Obama’s thugs are at it again; Professor Mitchell Langbert suggests an effective response for bloggers of both political persuasions disgusted by these Jihad/ Gestapo-style tactics. More to come …. (Various)


~ OBAMA had South Carolina ‘truth squad’.. ‘To respond forcefully’ to ‘incredible distortions … from the Clinton campaign’ …. (wnd)

~ “I HAVE A BRACELET, TOO”.. Family Told Obama NOT To Wear Soldier Son’s Bracelet… Where is Media? In other debate fallout, “Interviewed by Megyn Kelly, Kissinger said Obama is full of **** …. (Various)

“From, Sergeant, uh, uh, from the mother of, uh…”

~ HELLO MUDDA, Hello Fadda, Here I am at Camp Obama– “You too can learn the Alinsky techniques of community organizing by signing up for Camp Obama” …. (

~ BLOG GETS hacked by Obama operatives out to kill free speech. The following is one of the videos that Barack Obama does not want you to see …. (stoptheaclu,

~ GERALD NAUS: “Don’t you dare lie about the Messiah!” …. (geraldnaus)

~ TACTICS & STRATAGEMS.. Barack Obama and the Strategy of Manufactured Crisis; Obama, Oprah, and the Guru: Malignant Narcissism …. (americanthinker)

Does Barack Obama Favor Sex Education For Kindergartners?

~ MORE ON THOSE MISSOURI GOON SQUADS: Would people really refrain from criticizing Obama just because they fear being, er, sent to prison for it? “Oh, the fun we’ll have with a deep blue Congress and an Obama-run DOJ and FCC. He promised you a ‘new type of politics,’ didn’t he?” …. (instapundit)

~ OBAMA’S Marxism steps out of the shadows and into the public realm; The Hidden Radical Shows Himself …. (canadafreepress)

Hope For The Change

~ OBAMA-LOVING ONE WORLDER LEFTOID MONEY-BAGS George Soros Takes Aim At Canadian Politics – Again …. (sda)

~ READ MY LIPS: In Missouri, Barack “Obama Is a Muslim” …. (

~ STRAYING OFF THE GULAG— “Left Angered Over Erin Brockovich Praise for Sarah Palin” …. (

~ PEOPLE’S CUBE: Obama’s “Current Truth Squads” See Heavy Action …. (

~ BO CAMPAIGN Releases USS Obama Concept Warship. Bad people in the world to surrender …. (


~ LEST WE FORGET— History of Jihad against the Greeks (1450-1853) …. (

~ CANADA? TERROR? PAH! “The Star’s lame post mortem: After consistently downplaying the Toronto 18 terror plot, the one which led to one of the young conspirators being convicted last week (with more convictions likely to come), the Toronto Star clues in (kind of, sort of, not really) to the fact that, just because terrorist-wannabes are young and naïve and newbies in the art of jihadi havoc, that doesn’t preclude their being a genuine threat (my bolds)” …. (scaramouche)

~ A HOT CARGO from Iran?: Mystery surrounds hijacked Iranian ship – The Long War Journal …. (americandigest)

~ OH NO! THE BIG GUNS! UN Security Council Sends Sternly Worded Letter to Iran Demanding Halt to Nuke Program…..Take That Mullahs! We REALLY mean it, this time …. (Wz)

~ ATTACK ATTACK ATTACK …. Andrew Bostom breaks his silence on the the blogosphere’s dirty not so little secret – the smear campaign of “fascist” fighters for freedom …. (atlasshrugs2000)

~ BITTEN BY HIS OWN SHARIA— UK: Pole Dancing Daughter of Radical Cleric in Hiding After Islamist Death Threats …. (Wz)

~ EDUMACATION, Iranian-Style– “While Quakers, Mennonites, and World Council of Churches reps were yakking with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Thursday, some of the latter’s friends were getting ready to celebrate Al-Quds (Jerusalem) Day in Tehran”; A Dinner with Ahmadinejad; More on “Dinner with Ahmadinejad” …. (reformedpastor)

~ CATFOOD— Rehmat Speaks on the Lesley Hughes Affair …. (

~ PAKISTANI TRIBES FIGHT BACK AGAINST TALIBAN: “Moderate tribesmen in parts of militant-ravaged north-west Pakistan are challenging Taliban extremists threatening to overrun their area, in what could develop into a mass resistance movement” …. (pajamasmedia)

~ MULLAH KREKAR Threatens Author With Death …. (

~ CONFRONTING a Mendacious Bully. Geert Wilders: Wisdom and Courage …. (

~ WHY RECONCILE with people who want to take you over? …. (marginalizedactiondinosaur)

~ PEACE IN OUR TIME? “…it should be clear—but is not to many in the Foreign Policy Establishment — that it will be impossible to appease the Islamist regime in Tehran and the Islamist leadership in Gaza and the West Bank. Iranians and Palestinians may have “legitimate grievances” (let’s debate that another day). But the more salient fact is that they will see appeasement as weakness, and they will find weakness provocative. If there are any well-established laws in international relations, this is among them – despite attempts by revisionists to repeal it” …. (nrotc)

~ SPLODY FUN! Fire and blasphemy: Thinking about writing or publishing a “controversial” book about Islam’s founder? You might want to think again; Muslim gang tries to firebomb British publisher of Allah novel …. (scaramouche, timesonline)

~ MALAYSIA proposes convention on Islamophobia in U.S …. (JiWa)

~ SDA: MEANWHILE, Offices Of Da Vinci Code Publisher Remain Cool To Touch …. (sda)

~ “REBRANDING” BALKERS— “As expected, Israeli Consul General to Toronto Amir Gissin’s plan to “rebrand” Israel so that people with see it as being useful to the world and won’t get behind the OIC’s eliminationist agenda has met with some, er, hostility. The Canadian Arab Federation, for one (an organization that was recently given a whack of cash by the federal government to promote the creative efforts of Canadian Arabs) has some harsh, not to mention hateful and deranged, words about the plan, ones fully in keeping with the eliminationist agenda” …. (scaramouche)

~ CHRISTIAN GIRLS beheaded by Islamist radicals …. (

~ UK ALMOST LOST: Al-Qaeda actively recruiting prisoners for the “jihad against Britain” …. (jihadwatch)

~ WHAT IS AN “Islamophobe?” By: Brigitte Gabriel …. (frontpagemag)

~ MEET THE Arafat sniper who now works for Jesus …. (wnd)

~ PALEOSTINIANS: “I was on my way to a fight and a hockey game broke out” …. (jaycurrie)

~ THE BRAVEST MAN— in Europe: I spent some insanely quality time with Geert Wilders, Parliament member of his own party, the Party of Freedom and film producer FITNA. If you missed it – deprive yourself no more …. (atlasshrugs2000)

~ KIDDIE WIVES— UK: Nine-year-old girl rescued from forced marriage; forced marriage an issue in UK …. (, blogfreeworld)

~ GEERT WILDERS: “You have almost lost Europe. I think it’s one minute to 12:00.” …. (

~ SPEAKING OF COLOGNE: NO, NOT THE ANTI-ISLAMIFICATION RALLY, ISLAMIC TERRORISTS BUSTED– “Cologne has been in the Atlas news an awful lot lately hasn’t it? Just last week a Jew was beaten in Cologne ( A First Person Account) at a stop the islamification rally in Cologne. Mild mannered peaceful protesters were set upon by Leftists, Muslims (aided by law enforcement). The height of insanity was the peaceful protesters taunted with “Nazi!” and “Fascist!” …. (atlasshrugs2000)

~ ISLAMIC BANKING set to gain from credit crunch …. (socialcohesion)

~ PROOF THAT “Islam, a religion of mercy, does not permit terrorism”? …. (

~ SCARAMOUCHE: “Today’s unintentionally hilarious Orwellian headline from the Tehran Times: Nasrallah pledges to maintain spirit of consensus in Lebanon. Translation: Hellzbollocks’ Nasty Nasrallah is going to firm up his (and the mullahs’) stranglehold on Lebanon. In the “spirit of consensus,” of course” …. (scaramouche)

~ MEMRI REPORTING: Mass Killings and Human Rights Violations in Syria …. (

~ MISSOURI GOVERNOR Blunt Statement on Obama Campaign’s Abusive Use of Missouri Law Enforcement …. (pw)

~ EU TERROR CHIEF Rips Member States for Refusing to Link Islam With Terrorism …. (Wz)

~ GUIDE DOGS allowed into UK mosques …. (socialcohesion)

~ SOCIAL ENGINEERING: “Australia’s Leftist government to devalue marriage and make most sex between singles into prostitution” …. (

~ OBAMA’S BUDDIES— The Ayers-Weatherman Terrorist Attack as It Might Have Happened …. (

~ TOLERANT MUSLIM MAN Suing Supermarket Chain Because he was Asked to Handle Alcohol …. (Wz)

~ A CHANGE is gonna come: Blogger Urban Infidel has some photos of the anti-Ahmadinejad protest in New York City …. (scaramouche)

~ FESTERING PITS OF EVIL— “UK: One in Ten Muslim Prisoners Have Been Recruited by al-Qaeda” …. (Wz)

~ OPPORTUNITY lost: Phyllis Chessler poses an intriguing question: “I know that Ahmadinejad entered the Grand Hyatt Hotel earlier tonight. What I don’t understand is why he has also exited it. Are there no Iranian dissidents or human rights activists prepared to arrest him on the spot and transport him to stand trial in The Hague? As the Israelis did for Herr Eichmann?” …. (scaramouche)


One thought on “Steynian 257

  1. A glimmer of hope for democracy:

    What happens when some dude hates the bloc so much that he buys one of their urls and redirects it to

    >Duceppe responds by trying to get that site shut down and blaming it on the Liberals in his riding.

    What happens in a country that respects free speech when such blatant lies are bandied about by one of its major parties?

    >Bloggers fact-check and provide free publicity for the maligned:

    Being unable to shut others up, Duceppe decides instead to silence himself by being absent from the upcoming debates IN HIS OWN RIDING. How’s that for being ‘present’?

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