Steynian 258

In A World…

Do you like movies? I do. Good ones, anyway.

Most of the best have moral content, heroes and baddies, and ultimate concerns. Even the secular-minded long for the old stories, even if they confine absolute good and evil to movie-screens and books.

Of course, there are the uber-fans of movies, who adopt it as a serious lifestyle— faux Klingons and Hobbitses and Vader wannabees– who try to capture some of the excitement and certainty by geeking out in such a way.

Of course, there is good and evil in the real world, no matter how much modern meta-narratives might contextualize such ‘values-talk.’ Much of modern politics is a crusade, however cloaked and on behalf of non-Western devices and desires. However repressed or refangled, right and wrong, good and evil keep coming out at us, for they are part of the very fabric of reality, of the universe, of our own natures, and the nature of God. As the writer J. Budziszewski puts it in his book of the same title, there’s “What We Can’t Not Know: A Guide” about the nature of things [review here].

The difficulties of prudence and discretion– knowing when, how and what to do, in the right way– are ever with us, especially when we are all tempted to waffle, excuse our own failings & compromises, or else overstate things. Common-sense, conscience, the stated and enshrined spiritual, moral, and legal traditions are all maps to the terrain– which is why, of course, radicals seek to cast all debate adrift from such mooring points, that innovations and social engineering and top-down improvements may ensue, according to the wisdom of our self-appointed betters. All the best would-be revolutionaries are doing it!

The other difficulty in our era is that we are all compromised, part rebel, part longing for better and more certain things. We have our dial-up porn; massive luxury, comfort & safety; fornication and serial polygamy in our divorce culture; disposable and decorator children; smörgåsbord spiritual and moral tastes; a confusion of personal taste and more essential matters. We must look to ourselves, even as we battle the and exterior forces threatening our Western civilization. Feeling good is easier than being good, or doing good.

Transpose our situation into your favourite movies– there are no cheers for the shirkers, wimps, traitors, or bad guys. Pick a real-world battle– there are any amount right here, right now; and pick a movie hero to sidekick for and emulate as you do your duty.. Aliens’ Ripley, or Hellboy, or Lord Of The Rings, or whichever. Then, get to work.

The time is late, the battles many, our enemies busy.


~ PRAY FOR AMERICA: “I HAVE A REALLY BAD FEELING ABOUT THIS.. The bailout plan was voted down in the House with 2/3 of Republicans and 40% of Democrats voting against it. It happened on the Dem’s watch, General Pelosi in command. The Dow is down 600 points already. Do you think things are bad now? They are about to get worse” …. (

Mark Steyn

~ PENNIES FROM HEAVEN— Steyn’s Song of the Week: Johnny Burke, swinging on a star …. (steynonline)

~ CANADA’S Fertility Rate at 10-Year High: Statscan …. (


~ LYING JACKAL Lies, Smears Ezra, what else is new? …. (


“At some point everyone learns that no demagogue can deliver on his promises, but always on the reverse. A dictatorship is always temporary in nature; a permanent tyranny cannot exist. It will continue up until the time that it breaks down from its brutality and inefficiency. From that moment on, the individual will realize that he can defy it without much fear of reprisal, with the result that every tyranny will finally collapse from its own corruption, which is temporarily followed by a democracy.”

~ Richard Fernandez, The Belmont Club ~

~ THE GYAPONG— This is some scary stuff . . .but open your eyes and read it; Follow the money . . .writes Bill Wilson; Damian Thompson writes; Obama and the freedom of speech chill; I haz uh brazlitt!!!; Evidence of Democrats defending Fannie and Freddie; The Binksmeister on Obamanation …. (Various)

~ DARTH DION: The empire needs more taxes and bigger government! …. (MaD)

~ NEIL BISSOONDATH HAS FREE SPEECH: DO YOU? Wally Keeler wants you to get to work. Here’s the new official site …. (,

~ SPINE-ALERT: “Tension Mounts as Australian Doctors Now Threaten Exodus if Mandatory Abortion Law is Passed” …. (lifesitenews)

~ PONDER THIS— “FP: Why do totalitarian ideologies like communism wage war on God and faith? Wolpe: To acknowledge God is to acquiesce in one’s own limitations. The world is not ultimately the servant of the historical process or the tyrant’s whim, but under the dominion of its Creator.” …. (frontpagemag)

~ HATEFUL Heather Mallick defended by the Winnipeg sun …. (MaD)

~ PETER KREEFT on How to Win the Culture Wars– A war which is, by the by, more important than the war with Radical Islam. “What shall it profit a man to gain the whole Islamosphere and lose his own soul.” …. (

~ THE JEW SHAIDLE WONDERS “So where’s my ZOG cheque at?” …. (fivefeetoffury)

~ ACTUAL NEO-NAZI ALERT: “The distant sound of breaking glass” …. (melaniephillips)

~ BRASS BALLS Radio did a great hour-long interview with Kathy Shaidle regarding Canada’s HRCs and her new book, The Tyranny of Nice. “My first interview about “The Tyranny of Nice” …. (Various)

~ A NOTE TO the NDP: Kick Stacy Douglas off the ballot …. (MaD)

~ BIRTH OF FREEDOM Shorts Series: Is Secularism Neutral? …. (

~ DIVERSITY = bankruptcy …. (fivefeetoffury)

~ PROTEIN WISDOM: “what really protects free speech here in the United States is the value we place upon it, and the shame we would feel handling criticism by way of law suits. When it comes to silencing critics, on the other hand, the Obama campaign appears to have no shame. That augers poorly for the culture of free exchange. As Tocqueville reminds us, habits of the heart, even more than the law itself, stand as our most important protections against tyranny. If Obama continues to break one free-speech taboo after another, the law will surely follow” …. (proteinwisdom)

~ DEFENDING William Whatcott: pro-life, anti-gay activist pushes freedom of expression to the limit …. (shotgun)

~ MULTICULTI sentiments are dishonest …. (timeimmortal)

~ INEVITABLE PROGRESS!– The March of Human Rights! New Zealand is waking up to the threat posed by the UN Human Rights Cabal …. (

~ WESTERN STANDARD: How to Handle Hate Crimes …. (shotgun)

~ LIBERAL CANDIDATE says we need fewer doctors and she Lies about Porn being subsidized by taxpayers …. (MaD)

~ POLITICALLY CORRECT Liberals would rather see soldiers die than cut funding to stupid artsy things …. (MaD)

~ THAT PRINCIPAL— A real hero …. (timeimmortal)

~ ROGER KIMBALL: “Who caused “the biggest financial crisis since the Great Depression?” …. (

~ SHAIDLE— “OK, I’ll play: Chinese women can’t drive. How’s that? Stresses in multiculturalism focus of diversity symposium” …. (fivefeetoffury)

~ WHILE THE PLEBS SUFFER, the nobility marches on: “Massachusetts Congressman Barney Frank (D – Corruption) has a lot to do with the mortgage crisis” …. (classicalvalues)

~ ACTUAL Gay-bashing incident was hate crime, police say. Gee, d’ya think?!? Mind you, being naked in a public park is a bad place to be when it comes to personal safety …. (theglobeandmail)

~ THE DEATH-DEALING CONKER! Health and safety team enters conker championships …. (timesonline)

~ CANADIAN DOCTORS beware: “human rights” commissions dicatate your morals …. (

~ MODERN LIFE: The Death Cult Paradox …. (dustmybroom)

~ DAVID WARREN on “Real women” …. (davidwarrenonline)

~ THE FEARLESS CHRIS REID— Run Mercer! Run! “It sounds like what Rick Mercer fears more than a maniac on a stabbing rampage are women, minorities, and us gays being self-reliant and able to defend ourselves” …. (shotgun)

~ UNLIKE PRO-FAMILY Conservatives, the you’ve got to be kidding party is about “working” families …. (p2bc)

~ LEFT-WING BANK-WARS: How allies of George Soros helped bring down Wachovia Bank. Funding the left wing attack machine with profits from subprime mortgages. Welcome to the world of billionaire “progressives” Herbert and Marion Sandler …. (americanthinker)

~ PALINOSIS PATIENT Eve Ensler Lives to Prove that Self-Parody is the Sincerest Form of Parody …. (huffingtonpost)

~ THE LATEST SMEAR from Warren Kinsella, scourge of all the Canadian neo-Nazis currently living in their mothers’ basements …. (shotgun)

~ YOUTUBE ELECTIONEERING— You Tube pulls a popular anti-Democrat video off the web …. (

~ GHOST OF A FLEA— Slouching towards Bethlehem …. (

~ MUMBLE, MUMBLE.. Sheepish Ceeb “apologizes” for Mallick’s malice: Heh; What A Difference A Looming Conservative Majority Makes; Sarah Palin supporters wring Mallick apology from Canadian Broadcasting Corporation …. (Various)

~ CATFUR ON Batspit Crazy IV: Canadian Dimension of Lesley Hughes fame continues to defend 9/11 Conspiracy Theory; A “proper little Canadian lefty” …. (blazingcatfur, dp)

~ HEATHER MALLICK, Barack Obama and Gnostic Liberalism; CBC admits: wrong to publish Heather Mallick’s anti-Palin column; Heather Mallick has no clue about Canada; Jonathan Kay: an astonishing mea culpa from the CBC …. (Various)

~ THE MYTHICAL LEFT— “Now that it’s clear that the Liberal’s do not have a chance in hell of overcoming the support deficit between themselves and the Conservatives, Liberals are just throwing in the towel and calling for all-out, strategic voting by the left” …. (mikebrockonline)

~ NOT FREEDOM BUT ANARCHY— Beer Boycott to Resume after MillerCoors Again Supports Sadomasochistic Sex Fair …. (lifesitenews)

~ CANADIAN FUDGE: “When such a mentality controls the politics of a country’s largest cities, argument is largely pointless. You can’t convince people who aren’t interest in being right or wrong, or Left or Right, but simply feeling good. Trudeau entered politics saying he wanted to put reason above emotion. His political legacy is an electorate seeking after one emotion, smug contentment” …. (

~ THE MOST POINTLESS “Human Rights” Complaint Ever …. (

~ SHOTGUN SAYS: “The truth about immigration… is that costs exceed benefits” …. (shotgun)

~ JUST ANOTHER POLITICIAN? Small-c conservatives say Harper has “betrayed” their principles …. (freedominion)

~ MINDWASH— “Social Justice” Course – Don’t Censor It, Drop It! …. (

~ THE BAILOUT: Three words– Prayer. And. Fasting; and “Financial Affirmative Action: How leftist groups got us into the credit mess” …. (anchoressonline, sigmundcarlandalfred)

~ BREACHING THE BUBBLE-ZONE OF FORBIDDENNESS! Behind Bars For Saving Babies’ Lives …. (

~ SCARAMOUCHE— “Shoeless Jews: This letter appears in the National Post” …. (scaramouche)

~ RED HOT! GET YER RED HOT social engineering right here! “A Father Is No Longer A “Legal Parent”.. the new Canuckistan, where every Dad doesn’t matter …. (

~ STATE-RUN Canadian Media Corp. Apologizes for Palin-Smearing Article …. (stoptheaclu)

~ AN EXPLANATION for why the militant Canadian left is floundering — in a single screen grab, by Jonathan Kay …. (nationalpost)

~ NO GOV-TEAT, FREESPEECHING IT— REAL Women Of Canada — Strong Even Without Government Funding …. (

~ IS BIG BROTHER riding shotgun? “When the Germans — who, after the Gestapo and the Stasi, know a little something about surveillance and the loss of privacy — ban these devices, why should we let them into our daily lives?” …. (pajamasmedia)

~ PALINOSIS— Taking Sarah Palin Derangement Syndrome To Its Natural Conclusion …. (rightwingnews)

~ EURIDIOCIES— Propaganda and paranoia in Brussels; Financial crisis: Europe could make US crisis look like a tea party …. (telegraph)

~ FACT CHECK – the New Liberal Ad says ‘Cap and Trade’ is the answer …. (rjjago)

~ SCARAMOUCHE– SHANA TOVA: “Wishing all my Jewish friends in the blogosphere a happy, healthy and sweet New Year–from me, mine and three sock puppets. Blogging will be necessarily light today as I get ready for the holiday (and cook up a storm), and non-existent tomorrow and Wednesday” …. (scaramouche)

~ ON THE Indoctrination Camps of America …. (americandigest)

~ THE HEZBO-CRUNCHIES! Look At All Those Honorary Greens …. (

~ FENRIS BADWOLF— Slave Markets of Toronto …. (dustmybroom)

~ THE LIGHTER SIDE: “Plenty Of Reasons To Vote Liberal & Other Humor” …. (

O! Glorious Leader!

Communing With His Own Messiah-ness
Communing With His Own Messiah-ness

~ KATHY SHAIDLE TAKES AIM: “Obama’s “truth squads” and flash mobs target critics”; also via …. (examiner, 5fof)

~ OBAMA GOON SQUAD Prosecutor Speaks– Defends Tactics; Missouri Media Defends Obama Goon Squads… Smear McCain!; “Political Punch” Joins Obama Goon Squad– Scrubs Conservative & Anti-Obama Comments! …. (

~ BLOG TRASHED— Macsmind Temporarily Down– “Mac got hacked by Obama operatives out to kill free speech. They crashed him good and he is in the process of moving to a new server” …. (stoptheaclu)

~ IS THERE NOTHING That Obama Can’t Do? Police State Politics; Obama goes to war against freedom of speech …. (sda, Jiwa)

~ ‘BAMA-BACKER DOWN! Apparently… Tony Rezko just realised… there isn’t gonna be a commutation from the Governor …. (

~ HIS SPECIAL FRIENDS: “I’d hate to think that when Obama is finally asked about Ayers, he’ll be able to snark back with something like, “Yes and they’re also saying that my friendship with Ayers is part of something called the ‘Cloward-Piven Strategy,’ which I’d never heard of until now” — to great laughter from a pliant and clueless audience” …. (classicalvalues)

~ CUDDLING WITH FASCISM— Obama Treads Carefully Between Black Liberation Doctrine And Public Policy …. (stoptheaclu)

~ I DECLARE MYSELF NOT GUILTY! St. Louis Prosector who joined Obama ‘Truth Squad’ pleads innocent. This kind of cynicism belongs in the Hall of Fame of Shame …. (

~ SO WHAT exactly does a “community organizer” do? Barack Obama’s rise has left many Americans asking themselves that question. Here’s a big part of the answer: Community organizers intimidate banks into making high-risk loans to customers with poor credit …. (lgf, A2K)

~ OBAMA’S SCORCHED EARTH Policy, by Bernard Chapin: “Team Obama seeks to muzzle critics through smears, intimidation, and censorship”; More Obama gangland tactics: Signs banned at Virginia rally today; The Ed Morrissey Show: Kevin McCullough, debates, bailouts, and Truth Squads …. (Various)

~ “SMEARING”? In the past two weeks, Barack Obama’s campaign has unleashed two angry email campaigns to mobilize supporters against a Chicago radio host they claimed was smearing Obama …. (blogs.kansascity)

~ DER STURMTRUTHERS— Official Missouri Truth Squad Incident Report …. (

~ DOCUMENTS Reveal Obama’s Close Ties to Terrorist …. (

~ STANLEY KURTZ— “For all the noise John McCain has been making about the financial crisis, Barack Obama’s involvement has been much deeper and more long-standing. The only downside for Obama is that his involvement has been in creating the crisis, not solving it. In a piece called “O’s Dangerous Pals,” I show how Obama’s ties to ACORN aided and abetted a key pioneer in the banking practices that brought us to this sorry pass”; Running Out the Clock on Obama—Ayers; “Radicalism disguised by a claim to be postideological” …. (nrotc)

~ MARK SHEA: “Obama Appears to be Getting in Touch with His Inner Brownshirt” …. (

~ SHAME ON THEM BOTH, if this is true: “John McCain’s campaign has a truth squad which includes prosecutors who support his candidacy, according to reports and a campaign source. Last Tuesday without any fanfare, the Barack Obama campaign announced Jennifer Joyce and Bob McCulloch, the top prosecutors in St. Louis city and St. Louis County, were joining something called an Obama truth squad”.. Wah! He started it! …. (

~ BACKLASH to Obama officials squelching political speech — Law enforcement threats, intimidation likened to ‘police-state tactics,’ by Missouri governor …. (worldnetdaily)

~ THE CONVENTIONAL WISDOM “is that Obama is the man of the future. It’s argued that he represents what the younger generation desires. But what if, on the contrary, Obama actually represented the last gasp of the past?” …. (richardfernandez)

~ BRACELET UPDATE: “The mother of Sgt. Jopek, an Obama supporter, doesn’t object to Obama wearing the bracelet. She is also okay with him bringing it up during the debate because McCain broached up the subject” …. (

~ AN INTERVIEW With David Freddoso, Author Of The Case Against Barack Obama; Where Obamaphiles Finds Their Inspiration …. (rightwingnews)

~ MUST-SEE TV: A Special Message from Barack Obama’s Teleprompter …. (americandigest)


~ SUBMIT! October is Christian Islamic History Month Kiddies brought to you by Mohamed Elmasry & the CIC. Islamic History Month was recognized officially by Parliament October 25th 2007 as a result of a motion presented by Liberal MP Mauril Bélanger. Ah, Islamic history: the bloody sword, plunder, rapine, oppression of minorities, slavery, subjugation of women, crushing of freedom, intellectual backwardness, a sweet vista of.. um.. er– well then …. (

~ IT MUST BE MONDAY.. UK Muslims warn of more violence if book published …. (fivefeetoffury)

~ DUNKIRK? BRITISH Shadow security minister, Pauline Neville-Jones promises a Conservative government would ban sharia courts, crack down on Islamic extremism and oppose the “blind alley” of multiculturalism; in other news, “From Lionheart: Brits Finally Fighting Back!” …. (ghostofaflea)

~ CANADIAN MUSLIM POLITICIAN Says Foreign Paid Clerics Spreading Salafist Ideology, Canada More Fundamentalist Than her Native Morocco …. (Wz)

~ ONE ORGANIZATION that was conspicuous by its absence from the dinner with the Iranian president last week was the National Council of Churches. In a statement that NCC General Secretary Michael Kinnimon made at a rally against Ahmadinejad last week, we indirectly find out why …. (reformedpastor)

~ SLAPSTICK Jihad triumphs again at the UN Human Rights Council …. (

~ JIHAD-BUDDY Hugo Chavez Ready for Nuke Plants …. (mypetjawa)

~ A HAPPY ANNIVERSARY?! London Muslims Celebrate 9/11 …. (lgf)

~ MAINSTREAM US Islamic Websites — and Terror, by Patrick Poole. “Terrorist lectures, death fatwas, hate sheikhs, Al-Qaeda videos – what’s your pleasure?” …. (frontpagemag)

~ GOV’T & MEDIA COLLUSION in Downplaying Latest Delhi Terror Blasts …. (

~ SAUDI INFILTRATION into U.S. Education via Title VI Outreach …. (creepingsharia)

~ AND DON’T FORGET… It’s All Israel’s Fault™ …. (sleepyoldbear)

~ SHARIA FINANCE SCANDAL hits Chicago …. (creepingsharia)

~ RADIATION OR CHEMICALS KILL PIRATES WHO HIJACKED ISLAMIC IRAN SHIP.. A tense standoff has developed in waters off Somalia over an Iranian merchant ship laden with a mysterious cargo that was hijacked by pirates …. (

~ JONATHAN KAY on the hypocrisy of York University’s “Students Against Israeli Apartheid (SAIA)” …. (np)

~ THREE HELD as Mohammed book publisher set ablaze …. (creepingsharia)

~ ‘KITTENS’, “a long-running UN musical: An unwelcome addition to the cast of the UN nuclear watchkittens—Growltiger Iran and Rum Tum Tugger Syria are demanding their own box of kitty litter at the IAEA” …. (scaramouche)

~ NEW REPORT: Religious freedom in Egypt, declining …. (blogfreeworld)

~ WHAT CANUCKI KIDS learn during Islamic History Month …. (fivefeetoffury)

~ UK ISLAMIST CLERICS WARN of Further Attacks on Publisher of Book About Mohammed and Child Bride …. (Wz)

~ JIHADIST excoriates Zardari for “flirting” with Palin …. (

~ FBI HUNTS AMERICANS trained overseas for terror: Feds launch dragnet to stop ‘October surprise’ attack …. (wnd)

~ OREGONIAN DISTRIBUTES “Obsession” Even Though Portland Mayor Asked Them to Refrain, “There is a Principle of Freedom of Speech Involved Here. I Could Find no Reason to Reject This”; Muslim Obsession interviewee throws Obsession under the bus, calls it “Satanic” …. (wz, jiwa)

~ UNHAPPY Egypt: “sectarian split” or great religious divide? …. (dhimmiwatch)

~ COMING SOON To A TV Near You: The Next Intifadah …. (sigmundcarlandalfred)

~ THE UN HOSTS death and tyranny; CAIR and Obama camps enjoy …. (creepingsharia)

~ “JEWEL OF MEDINA” Author Attacks Academic who Called it “Pornography”: Says she Wrote it to “Honor Mohammed” …. (Wz)

Video: Islam in the UK

~ IMAGINE THAT! Terror-State Fun: Syrian Mukhabarat Perhaps Responsible for Car-Bomb Attack …. (blogfreeworld)

~ DAILY KOS: “Obsession” Movie Motivates “American Terrorists” to Gas Muslim Children in Ohio Mosque…(Update) HAZMAT Crew Said Nothing was Detected …. (Wz)

~ CONFLICT and Song: The Music of the War on Terror …. (

The Proclaimers: The Long Haul

~ IT’S ZAFAR BANGASH!.. perennial candidate for the title “Canada’s Most Lunatic Islamist”– praising Ahmadinejad’s UN speech …. (

~ PRO-TERROR CAIR’S Press Release: Muslim Interviewed in “Obsession” Calls it “Vile Piece of Propaganda”… Repeats Jewish Conspiracy Theory …. (Wz)

~ SHAKEDOWN— UK Muslim sues supermarket for making him carry beer on a forklift. Since when does a prohibition on booze mean not working with it? …. (dhimmiwatch)

~ FRONT PAGE IN THE NETHERLANDS— Geert Wilders’ NYC speech, plus Pamela Geller’s interview with him …. (atlasshrugs2000)

~ FRANCE tries to hold back the tide of Islamization: A losing battle, not assisted in any way by reports such as this one from the IHT …. (scaramouche)

Sunday Propaganda Film

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