More Steyn Trial Feedback

Saith Binks:

It’s very good news for Mark Steyn, of course, though not for his pocketbook.

But nothing has changed–  we still have quasi-judicial tribunals ruling on free speech, so the basic question still remains: does the government have the right to regulate free speech and thought in Canada?

Until we get some serious revision of the Human Rights Act, there’s nothing stopping anyone from walking up and slapping Steyn or Ezra Levant or whomever else they don’t like with any number of human rights complaints. Months of mock-trial, expensive layers, and trouble ensues again.

The ordinary Joe or Jane Canuck is no safer today than last year when this all started. The Human Rights Commissions have probably learned only two things: the internet bites back when bloggers get rolling on an issue; and don’t chew on famous and well-connected targets.

More reaction:

“It is unfortunate that the BC Human Rights Commission decided to rely on a test case that was dealt with by the Saskatchewan Court of Appeals. Nevertheless, we are happy to note that the Commission clearly stated that Maclean’s articles were not factual and promoted Islamophobia and stereotyping.”

~ Khaled Mouammar to Blazing Catfur


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