Steynian 268

~ BIG DADDY MAO.. been reading the recent bio by Jung Chang and Jon Halliday. Mao started out as the lazy, bossy, father-hating feckless son of a hard-working and moderately well-off peasant father, and a doting mother. Sounds like Hitler, Stalin, and other mightily evil men: not particularly motivated, talented, or nice, with father-hating in the background.Perfect dictator-material.

Mao ended up directly taking orders and pay from the USSR, and worked to overthrow any home-grown government in China. At recent count, 70 000 000 Chinese died under the demon Mao; that’s not counting the slain people of Tibet, Vietnam, North Korea, Cambodia, or Tienanmen Square in Beijing itself– since Mao’s malign influence continues years after he assumed room temperature and (most likely) went to hell.

Watch out for the fatherless, and the father-haters. Th fatherless or father-haters can be big accidents waiting to happen: Freud, Hitler, Stalin, Charles Manson, Marx. World-changers, to be sure, tearing down the authorities and structures of the world around them, become chaos-bringers for the emptiness of their hearts.

Not that he’s a Mao, but look at the career of largely fatherless Obama. Wandering about for years, looking to belong to something. He’s been Kenyan, Indonesian, American, Muslim, nominally Christian, had a variety of parenting. Gets hooked up with hard socialists and America-haters, learns some skills and uses his law degree to support the cause. Hooks in with the Chicago crime-syndicate of big politics, does favours and has favours done. Eventually wanders his way into candidate for president, where his chameleonic skills allow him to disassociate from most of his past, to lie and ignore and forbid those past bits of his past– and present self which he wants nobody to consider.

Now, leading in the polls, Obama is a soft-dictatorial chameleon of any and all and no colour who hates people investigating and bringing up his past deeds and selves and friends and thoughts, because he is only ‘Obama Now’, a man of the fleeting moments– he is what he tells you he is. To challenge his projected self-image as a lovable smart good man is to threaten his very sense of self: to point out that he is imperfect– sometimes a hard, mean man behind a smile and smooth words– it’s not permitted. It’s fatherless Little Billy Jefferson Blythe Clinton, redux, but worse.

Evidence? See what happens when an older voter dares challenge the meta-narrative: actual public yelling and hectoring the questioner ensues; the mask slips.. the real Obama comes out to play: note the cuddly words, but the fact that he’s lost control of the message.

The worst part of all the messianic political art surrounding the ‘Obama Event’ isn’t that people get messianical– that’s predictable enough: but that anybody would barefacedly allow people to make such blasphemous art about them. Imagine: The Binks is Messianical. Grotesque art ensues? Chants? Weeping crowds? Greek temple stage? No. Frickin’. Way. If I said yes, anybody in their right mind should start laughing in my face, and reminding me that if I’m really a Christian, I’m infringing on somebody else’s claims.

“Jesus is Lord”– this is a simple form of the oldest proclamation of Christians– and a stab at the required political and religious Roman oath “Caesar Is Lord’. The Obama is nominally Christian– though of a black racist variety, but he should still know better. The Messiah™ is Jesus of Nazareth: crucified, dead, risen on the third day. For traditionally-minded the Jews, the Messiah is yet to come; for Islam, it’s a mish-mash of antiChristian and antiJewish stuff. However, secular messianism has had a rich history over the past century. Is Obama so shamelessly full of himself? That blind to history? That ‘modest’ so as to infringe on divine territory with his own Much To Be Modest About self? A messiah who is not The Messiah™ yet allows others to smear politics into religion in his name is actually into antiMessiah territory.

O magic negro
who takes away the sins of the racist past
have mercy on us;
O bringer of hope and change
bring unto us hope and change, change and hope;
O prince of peace amidst the nations,
help the French and Iranians to like America more;
O mighty king of the future,
bring us to your promised kingdom
of peace and love and warm puppies;
O sweep aside the dead freedoms and promises of the past,
we sacrifice them to your glory;
We believe in you, no matter what the infidels say,
cast out the MCain and the Palin
and all their works of darkness.
Now and forever. O-men.

Any truly Christian politician conceives of himself or herself as a servant of God, and of His loving providence over his people, particularly entrusted to their care, according to the custom, laws, and practices of the jurisdiction in question. A messianical politician conceives of himself or herself as a mouthpiece of ‘higher things’ (usually their own ‘divinized’ imagination & whims) ; theirs is a better, heroic path; sacrifices must be made for a better world; my kingdoms come, my will be done.. blah blah blah, Great Leap Forward, ho hum, Ein Volk, yada yada yada, Down With Capitalist Oppressors, and the body count mounts. The Father of Lies demands his proper due.

Some radicals in our civilization imagine and strive for a fatherless society, and a Fatherless universe. Radicals and Communists know that primary bonds of family interfere with the pliability of minions: thus, “traditional bourgeois assumptions” about family structure must be overthrown. Ask Bama-buddy and unapologetic U.S domestic terrorist William Ayers— ‘Bill Ayers forced me to have sex‘ with roommate’ says a recent story. Ask the social re-engineers of the 1960s.

Fatherlessless or father-hating is not a recipe for paradise, but chaotic hearts, wreaking havoc, seeking endlessly, trusting nothing. Woe to us when we listen to or elect such ones to power, without understanding the brokenness that drives them. Ultimately, it is a spiritual problem: rejection of the Father of All. But that’s a topic for another blather.

Love ya, Dad. And Hallowed Be Thy Name, O Father.


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FreeFall Friday

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Live From The Floor Of The NYSE

Mark Steyn

Their Marsupial Majesties at the British Columbia “Human Rights” Tribunal have dismissed El-Mo’s complaint against Maclean’s and voted unanimously to acquit the hatemongers:

The panel has concluded that the complaints are not justified because the complainants have not established that the Article is likely to expose them to hatred or contempt on the basis of their religion. Therefore, pursuant to s. 37(1) the complaints are dismissed.

For the full monster PDF ruling, click here. I’ll be discussing the verdict later today after 6.30pm Mountain Time with Rob Breakenridge on 770 CHQR Calgary. Further reports from The National Post, plus comment from Andrew Coyne, Michelle Malkin, and from Kathy Shaidle & Pete Vere – and there’s never been a better day to pick up a copy of The Tyranny Of Nice.

~ The Shaidle: “FLASH! Mark Steyn NOT GUILTY — but?”

~ STEYN: CANADA vs FREE SPEECH– DAY OF JUDGMENT!– Mark and Hugh Hewitt on the shape of things to come – plus: Wandering off the reservation; Great minds think alike; Third party groundswell; Cojones watch; A republic, if you can keep it; and keep Dean Barnett in your prayers; ~ Also: Readers weigh in in an all-new Mark’s Mailbox ~ and don’t forget: prizes galore in the SteynOnline 2008 Campaign Countdown competition! …. (marksteyn)

~ AFTER HOURS WITH THEIR FINGER TESTING THE WIND, scoping out the election polls, checking the entrails of past HRC victims for auspicious signs– TA DA! Elmasry/CIC v. Macleans/Steyn decision to be released Noon PST Friday Oct 10th, that’s 3 pm EST – we hope;); Shaidle: “Mark Steyn verdict TODAY — 3PM EST (bumped — scroll down for newer posts)” …. (, 5f)

~ THE TYRANNY OF NICE: “Out now! Kathy Shaidle and Pete Vere’s must-read book on the Steyn case, the Canadian state’s war on free speech, and what it means for America, too. This trenchant exposé comes with a rollicking introduction by Mark on his year in Canada’s “human rights” hell. Order your personally autographed copy today – or double your fun with America Alone/Canadian Tyranny: the bestselling book and the legal battle that ensued – together in one great package! Exclusively from the Steyn Store” …. (steynstore)

~ SCARAMOUCHE— “Judgement Day: Well, it’s finally here. After months of sifting though mountains of evidence offered by Slayer experts and other savants; months of concerted cogitation and deliberation (with the odd day off here and there for some well-deserved R&R), the B.C. marsupials are finally ready to reveal their verdict in the Steyn-Maclean’s show trial” …. (scary)

Democracy? Marsupialism!

Our Betters. So Shut Up.


~ SAITH EZRA, EVIL JEW-MAN: “…I mean October 15th!” Cuz he’s busy making sure that Harper The Jew gets a Zionist majority in Ottawa …. (


Dalrymple on Radicals:
“For people who have no transcendent purpose to their lives and cannot invent one through contributing to a cultural tradition (for example), in other words who have no religious belief and no intellectual interests to stimulate them, self-destruction and the creation of crises in their life is one way of warding off meaninglessness.”

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Idea: Let’s Give Him A Country To Run!

Sequel: Other Libs Got His Back.. sorta; and
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~ CAFLIK INSIGHT: Catholic magazine says defeat and remove Harper.. cuz Dion, Taliban Jack, or Erf Mummy Betty May would be just SO much better …. (

~ EFFECT & CAUSE! Blazingcatfur endorses Stephen Harper… Globe & Mail Follows suit …. (

Rick Mercer’s Sleepover @ 24 Sussex Dr.

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~ GARDENER Ordered to Remove Barbed Wire Fence on Grounds It Could ‘Wound Thieves’ …. (foxnews)

~ PANEM ET circenses …. (

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~ LIBERAL ‘GET TOUGH’ on crime legacy in action: Violent rapist to walk in six months. Thank heavens women can’t have a purse-sized taser or a concealed firearm for personal defense, or some rapist might get injured! …. (dustmybroom)

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FILIBUSTER:Weaning The Arteests

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Cups at…/5322629

and more,


Messiah NewsWatch

ACORN & Barack Hussein Obama

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Sec. Cuomo admits BAD LOANS. Obama’s Tie to All of It!

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~ MORE UKISTAN: Non-Muslim School Kids Being Served “Allah Akhbar” Meat …. (Wz)

~ MORE SCARYMUSH— “Satire is what closes on Saturday night: As we know, Tina Fey is dead-ringer (and sounder) for a woman she clearly loathes, Sarah Palin. But you can bet that no one on SNL is brave (foolish?) enough to impersonate the epitome of human perfection, the beloved of God, the one, the only…Barack Obama” …. (scaramouche)

~ OBAMA’S Radical Muslim Outreach–In Private, Of course …. (rightwingnews)

~ ACORN’S motto: “…but teach a man to steal an election, and he’ll vote forever. And ever. And ever…” …. (5fof)


Brantford ,Ontario , July 15,2008,Mahmoud Mohammad Issa Mohammad. He is a convicted terrorist who was ordered deported from Canada
Brantford ,Ontario , July 15,2008,Mahmoud Mohammad Issa Mohammad. He is a convicted terrorist who was ordered deported from Canada

~ REVISIT: “PM Harper, Why Is This Terrorist Still In My Country?” …. (dustmybroom)

~ TIME IMMORTAL: “Ohmigod…I agree with Rehmat about something!.. (ti)

~ MUST TO SPANK INFIDELS! Rabid Canadian Islamist Zafar Bangash calls for Global Jihad …. (

~ ARE WE NOW LIVING in the Islamic Republic of Canada, where women can wear masks? …. (dustmybroom)

~ MATTEL defends Islamic proselytizing doll …. (JiWa)

~ YOUTUBE Reinstates Pat Condell’s “Welcome to Saudi Britain” Video …. (Wz)

~ OVER ONE million European Christians kidnapped and enslaved by Muslims …. (

~ JIHADISTS AT ONE REMOVE— Hindu Fundamentalists attack and rape one nun, burn another; Mistaken for a Christian, Hindu girl burnt alive; Holy war in Orissa, India …. (Various)

~ AUSTRALIA: Study finds most non-Muslims still unaware that Islam has its own set of rules …. (

~ CUZ MO’ SAID SO! An American Muslim makes his case for Sharia in America. Yeah, yeah: same 7th century manure, different millennium …. (fd)

~ WHORES FOR ISLAM— “The wearing o’ the Green: And I ain’t referring to the Irish or environmentalist variety. In this photo of a still-standing New York City landmark, the upper floors are bathed in an aura representing the colour of its new owners’ religious affiliation” …. (scaramouche)

~ ISLAMIC SCHOLARS denounce dancing, say it leads to shagging violates sharia …. (

~ BRITS SEE Muslims as a threat too …. (timeimmortal)

~ UKISTAN— Chief Inspector of prisons warns of radicalization in prisons …. (socialcohesion)

~ RADICAL MEDIA-SKUNKERY: “Cherry-picking Harpoon: Some selected recent “wisdom” from the Toronto Star’s much-honoured, highly-revered pundit” …. (scaramouche)

~ NEW LEFT-WING meme expected: wah! Freedom for people and for oppressed women is costing us all 13.7¢ a day! Er.. um– No, that’s not it …. (dustmybroom, ghostofaflea)


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