Binky? Who Is This ‘Binky’ U Speak Of?

With Fondest Affections To Mrs. Binky,

Who Spent Yesterday Defending Democracy

At The Local Polling Station,

And Who Loves LolCats/ Dogs.

~ Hubbinkles ~


One thought on “Binky? Who Is This ‘Binky’ U Speak Of?

  1. exactly,,,this is what I did…looking like a ludicrous fool, wearing a pink cat mask to vote…had a bunch of neighbors take the video and and now I have to figure out how to upload it to youtube…I have to advertise for a student to pay him/her to assist me in upgrading my computer skills…no idea how to get the video on youtube (over two hours and it still didn’t upload) and make the point about the disgusting situation of Elections Canada…allowing people to vote with their faces covered…next it will be drivers licenses and who know what after that…
    Someone should investigate the workings of these elections organizations that seem to operate without accountability to anyone…

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