Canucki Election Results

Slippery Steve: Minority Gov. plus. More uncon waffles? Whither Freespeechers? Socons? Unborned?

Do-Over Dion: Done– and NO CTV FOR YOU!

Taliban Jack: Thanks For Showing Up, Comrades-R-Us!

Earth Mother Betty: Not Ready For Prime Time, Mommy.

BloqHeads: Go Away, Already.. you’re spoiling our big-kid democracy.

Results by riding.


A cautious incrementalist makes modest gains

“… from my own point of view, Mr Harper’s failure to sweep the land probably means that this inherently cautious politician will be unlikely to champion any serious reform of the country’s ghastly “human rights” commissions that consumed so much of my time and money this last year. He was awfully non-commital when I spoke to him about it back in the summer, and I’d imagine he’ll be even more so now.”

Yup. Can’t see it being any different: Harper is just another apologetical conservative morphed by power.

It looks like the author of The Blog Formerly Known As Free Mark Steyn made the right decision, blog-wise. He’s pretty amazing, wot?

Right: back to the trenches, everybody. More news from this semi-fatigable source later today, the Lord willin’, an’ the crick don’t rise.


Danged Crick Rose, eh?


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