Steynian 273

~ REPARATIONS NOW!– for one side of the Binks family tree, the Sassenach English interfered regularly with our freedom of speech, movement, happiness, life, property, cultural well-being, and self-esteem from the 1290s until 1700-ish (and yes, my people were at Culloden). 400 years of oppression! Where’s our $apology$? Spread the wealth around? Heck, most Scots had to leave the place– all because of the English fiddling in our business, chasing us about, burning our places down and pilfering our stuff. And no, it doesn’t matter if various Scots have been running England for years (Blair, Cameron, the Queen Mother, etc.). Show me the siller! Get me some groats! Pay up, ye sassenach scoundrels! ~

~ THE OBAMUTOPIANS imagine a brave new world, just a few stolen votes away. Equality, enforced sharing and spreading of wealth, paying back whitey, whatever the infinite hope made particular and ugly. The irony? That unlike almost every other country on the planet, or in history, they are free to wreck what they already have, which is the richest, most free, most creative society and country in human history. Imperfect? Everywhere and everywhen always was. Read the Greek histories, or Roman satires.

No matter: better throw away an existing amazing country for an imaginary perfect country that is impossible, than face the reality of imperfection, disappointment, injustice, and all the other realities of humans at work together. Of course, the added irony is that instead of the imagined failings of others, we will all get to enjoy directly or indirectly the immediate and present failings of Obamunism, blindly breaking and stealing– sorry, “redistributing”– and managing democracy and capitalism For Our Own Good. Ah, power over others is suh-weet. Of course, lame-duck President Bush has helped, by allowing massive nationalization of a part of the American economy, so the future government will have even more power than Obama could have imagined in his wildest messianic dreams. Irony zone right ahead! ~

~ TO BE CLEAR, what this headline “The Battleground Poll: A Dead Heat!” actually means is that Obama is entirely losing, in reality-land. However, with is campaign spending FOUR TIMES as much as the Republicans; with the last-gasp dinomedia and leftward punditry pushing his campaign uphill; with the pollsters straining everything leftwards; with the vote-thievin’ Acornites trying to subvert voter’s rights; with the Clintons and Biden half-opposing Obama; with the McCainiacs moping and all-but-conceding (remember the Kerry polls, anyone?), Obama may pull this one out of the disaster-zone. This commentator is tired with whiny-baby (or turn-coat) defeatist conservatives. Generalissimo Obama has handed over dozens of campaign-killers, but aside from pithy YouTube bits, the American Republicans don’t seem to have much steam for the fight. It would be a shame if America was crippled or lost because people just couldn’t be bothered. ~

~ BEEN THERE, done that. Part of the mind-control and conflict-management of contemporary Canucki or Obamunist strikes this Anglican as mighty familiar. The techniques of marginalization and thought-control which are the commonplace of group-management have been popular in liberal Anglican corporate management for a couple of decades. Predefine the debate, deal with the opposition as if they are naughty, clueless, or extreme; make it more and more intolerable for opponents to stay; keep pushing the agenda meeting by meeting, year by year. Normal people have better things to do: radicals keep showing up, because utopia is at stake.

So parish after parish, committee after committee, diocese after diocese has been beslimed and taken over. Of course, the new religion isn’t Christianity but a spiritualized socialism, so it has little drawing power or staying power. So in North American, even with liberals in command for 30+ years, revenues and bums in pews keep vanishing. If it weren’t for zombie-like feeding on the givings and work of dead Anglicans (selling properties, forcing church closures, firing uppity clergy, drawing down investments and gifts), the liberals would have to close up shop now. As it is, Canadian Anglicanism has self-imploded to the point it has no nation al income, churches are closing everywhere, and people are staying away in flocks (with serious conservatives heading in every direction away, at speed).

Obamunism will work, like any liberal ideology. But the net effect will be death, decline, disruption. For modern people, who value experience above all else, perhaps it will only b the bitter fruit of experience that will teach them the lessons that they won’t otherwise learn from wisdom, past history, and recent similar disasters in other countries. North American Anglicans? Not so much. Sect.. cult.. tiny joke.. warning.. footnote in history. ~


~ ALL THE COOL KIDS WILL BE THERE! — (1) CHRC vs FREE SPEECH: Party in Halifax; (2) Ezra & Friends on Media & Free Speech …. (GiB, Ez)

~ HATE SPEECH VS. FREE SPEECH: FINDING THE BALANCE— “Balancing act: This talk is being offered during Toronto’s Holocaust Education Week (November 2-8)” …. (scaramouche)

Balance? Who sez?

“One week ago Canadians voted in a general election. I have a fresh new Member of Parliament, as I am sure many of my readers do. It’s time to call their offices and ask where they stand on Section 13 and the HRC’s in general. Even if your MP has not changed, why not write or call and remind them that just because an election happened the issue did not go away.”

~ Daily Bayonet ~

Mark Steyn

~ CAMPAIGN 2008: LEFT-WING AND A PRAYER– Change you can’t believe in – plus: You can go home again; “Socialist is code for black”; CNN and Palin; Cut to the chase; the Ayers ad you’ll never see; Page-Turners For Obama; FPOD?; and Et tu, Bozza?; ~ and don’t forget: prizes galore in the SteynOnline 2008 Campaign Countdown competition! …. (marksteyn)

~ THE PROPHET STEYN? — “I was horrified and alarmed back then, too”; Steyn’s prescience …. (dg,


~ EZ: THE CHRC prosecutes a Member of Parliament …. (Ez)

~ EZ: SILLY KANGAROO! “Don’t you know the rules? Convict first, then censor!” …. (Ez)

~ UNKNOWN THOTS— Today’s Levant-Jaunt …. (

~ JAY CURRIE: “CHRC beclowns itself again” …. (jaycurrie)

~ DOES THE CENSORSHIP of the CHRC know no limits? …. (timeimmortal)

~ THE CHRC & Ezra; How Dare You Try to Defend Yourself Against the CHRC! …. (/, DB)


~ GYAPONG— Denyse O’Leary on Liberal Fascism; Ezra Levant’s great “HRC” theatre; We get a world crisis with Obama says Biden; Joe the Senator gives us a really good reason not to vote for Obama …. (Various)

The Moon Man

~ CATFUR: “The CHRC self-commissioned Section 13 (1) whitewash by Richard Moon to be released Nov 7th.” And “Bad Moon Rising?”; ShotGun: “Moon over Ottawa“. Hmph– we’re surprised it’s not scheduled for U.S. Election Day, to really bury it under the radar– but that’s the suspicious Binks talking …. (Various)

“There will be bodily fluids!”

~ RRREADY TO RRRUMBLE? Poisonous Pearl Eliadis in Free Speech Texas Cage Match vs. Maulin’ Mark Mercer – The Pride of St. Marys! …. (

~ DEBORAH GYAPONG on the meaning of secularism …. (

~ AMERICA: BE AFRAID! “Obama plans paramilitary force for internal U.S. security.” You’ve already got several: Police & National Guard, FBI, CIA …. (

~ DEM UPPITY POPISTS— Archbishop Migliore on Rule of Law: “Insufficient by Itself to Defend the Dignity of the Human Person.” Leviathan & minions beg to differ …. (

~ EVEN FDR MOCKED cowardly, unprincipled, careerist “conservatives” …. (fivefeetoffury)

~ THE PLUNDERER Richard Warman is $50,000 richer today, thanks to another judge; see our past “Warman Goes To War, Man“; Richard Warman wins lawsuit; a speech warrior yawns. Screwing Every Canadian, One At A TIme …. (Various)

~ OH JOY— Socialist Race-carding Vote-stealing Obama-Worshipping scumbots.. just arrived! ACORN.CA! Dead voters, imaginary-Canadians, and multiple-voters rights will be upheld at long last! Let’s give them a special welcome …. (

Hundreds of thousands of Imaginary & Dead Canadians
Gather to celebrate the arrival of ACORN Canada

~ YET ANOTHER human rights complaint from my neck of the woods …. (

~ WRONGTHINK: SHOULD UWO be taken before the Human Rights Tribunals? Burnt in effigy? Tried in the media/ …. (shotgun)

~ SHAIDLE: “Get my new book The Tyranny of Nice — signed by Mark Steyn”; and bookmark the new new homesite, …. (fivefeetoffury)

~ HUMAN RIGHTS Commissions charge MP with using “racist” colours on his flyers …. (fivefeetoffury)

~ LEFTIST LOVE: “Update From Ground Zero – 40 Days for Life Ottawa Vigil Keepers Attacked” …. (

~ IRONY WATCH— “This is a group of your most senior journalists telling you our news service is losing crucial gravitas.” …. (sda)

~ OFF THE TEAT! “Socialists do not create wealth for themselves; they parasitize the wealth of others, primarily through confiscatory state bureaucracies. Therefore, to destroy the left, the next real conservative government has to do one thing (and one thing only): Stop paying the left to destroy civilization. Shut down the CBC’s national television news, shut down funding to arts and social science departments at all publicly funded universities, shut down all fine arts funding, shut down all tax incentives to write or produce leftist propaganda in whatever medium and let all of the above fend for themselves in the marketplace” …. (

~ ORIGINAL CANUCKI FREESPEECHERS— Silent, peaceful anti-abortion protestor back in jail; The Trash Babies; Abortion Bomb Wiped Out Wall Street? …. (dg,

Baptism of Baby Saved from Abortion

~ ARE UNIVERSITIES Above the Law? For the sake of liberal education they shouldn’t be …. (weeklystandard)

~ THE ICE AGE cometh openly by hitting my paypal can you be saved …. (MaD)

~ THE NEW MOVIE: “Gross’s interpretation of Canada’s Great War history is decidedly modern. War, militarism, and bigotry are condemned in Passchendaele. The villain of the piece is not a German but a bald, fat, pompous, conniving British officer who struts about spouting imperialist nonsense until he finally goes to the front line, reveals himself to be a coward, and dies a miserable death. (I suspect German propagandists might have thought Gross laid it on a little thick.)” …. (ghostofaflea)

~ ANALYST: Blogs now considered mainstream media. Where’s my car & driver?; Columnist: Regulate the Internet? Shut down the broadcast regulator instead! …. (

~ EN FRANCAIS I— Commentaire: Doit-on exécuter les homosexuels ? Le conseil islamique de Norvège réfléchit encore, par Bruce Bawer. “Bruce Bawer, auteur de While Europe Slept : How radical islam is destroying the West from within, écrit régulièrement sur la recrudescence des agressions homophobes en Europe par des musulmans, et l’aveuglement volontaire des autorités et autres bien-pensants qui blâment le racisme des européens et continuent de subventionner des groupes islamistes qui exigent qu’on respecte leurs droits alors qu’ils refusent de condamner sans équivoque la version orthodoxe de l’islam qui commande l’exécution des homosexuels.” 20 octobre, par Annie Lessard, Marc Lebuis …. (

~ SNIFF! Imprisoned Canadian drug dealers in the U.S. sue Canada for not not looking after their comforts …. (dmb)

~ STEVE BECKOW— “We know the larger issues involved here. They go much farther than the reach of your jokes.” …. (

~ WINCE-WORTHY! What happens when your leader doesn’t speak English …. (fivefeetoffury)

~ SILENCE THE CRITICS! Same Sex Marriage Backers Target Mormons …. (hughhewitt)

~ CENSORING Pankiw’s Pamphlets.. but are the facts in dispute, or not? …. (am770chqr)

~ GONE TO HER REWARD— “Come into the Turtle Bay parlor, Maude: Lefty yenta Maude Barlow has won a plum assignment. She’s been tapped to become the UN’s first water prima donna. From CP via the Ceeb” …. (scaramouche)

~ U.N. ANTI-BLASPHEMY Resolution Curtails Free Speech, Critics Say …. (FOX)

~ PLUTOCRATS! Well-to-do Canadians earn an average of $71,000 a year …. (dustmybroom)

~ NORMALLY, “a people don’t willingly acquiesce in the demise of their own culture, especially one as agreeable as Western democracy” …. (MaD)

William Shatner on gun control

~ BARBARA KAY, THOUGHT CRIMER: “Equality before the law is an important principle. The ideology-driven message that crimes against women are taken more seriously by our judiciary than crimes against men or children is a blot on Canada’s legal landscape” …. (np)

Dion Resigns, Remains, and Lashes Out

~ DUST MY BROOM— “Where’s My $Apology$”? …. (dustmybroom)

~ ECO-LAWSUIT to Force Kyoto Protocol Fails …. (dustmybroom)

~ OBERSTURMFUHRER David Suzuki: Get rid of the Green Party …. (shotgun)

~ BAD HAIRLESS MONKEY! “I killed a bear with my bare hands attacked and now I’m being attacked by the NRA of the left”.. sniff: bears are people, too, you know! …. (dustmybroom)

~ @$!&*%!.. The magic of cursing and freedom of speech (curse alert, but only mentioning not using) …. (shotgun)

~ MAMMOTH-GAS? Arctic Ocean may have been ice-free 6000 years ago …. (novascotiascott)


~ PROMISES, PROMISES! Aerial photos of Obama’s stunning State Senatorial experience …. (

~ DEBORAH VS> THE ‘MESSIAH’— Most fascinating look at Obama’s narcissicism; The comprehensive argument against Obama; Christian voters—why you can’t support Obama; John Bolton and Obama’s a Kumbya kinda guy …. (dg)

~ SIDE BY SIDE: “Holy crap! Obama and Ayers shared an office for three years!” …. (

~ DOUG GILES— How to Never Need the Cash Obama Intends to Take from Joe the Plumber’s Pocket …. (

~ OBAMA & DNC Admit All Allegations of Federal Court Lawsuit – Obama’s “Not” Qualified to be President …. (bamacrimes)

~ ACORN “basically raped our voter rolls”; Tax dollars at work: Feds have given ACORN $31 million …. (

~ THE SLIPPERY Obama funded foreign thug who promised Islamic state: Agreement with Muslims pledged to protect terrorists, throttle Christians, impose Shariah …. (wnd)

~ WEIGEL: Pro-Obama Catholics are wandering in “a wilderness of impossibilities” …. (insightscoop)

~ THE MIGHTY Diana West looks at the hopes and prayers of the Obamacons. Via …. (DW, nrotc)

“Some people will say, “Well, I’m not gonna work for the stars or shoot for ‘em because if I do, I’m gonna be punished, or I’m gonna be subjugated to more taxes,” or for whatever they wanna do. So yeah, I would agree to that to a point. Some people will say, “Well you know, I still want this, I’m still gonna work hard and try to make that happen for myself” And then other people are gonna sit back – and then you look at mediocrity for the country, and I don’t like that idea.”

~ Joe The Plumber ~

~ A GOOD OFFENSE— ‘Joe the Plumber’ forced to launch a ‘Fight the Smears’ site; First They Came for Joe the Plumber …. (, claudiarosett)

~ MALKIN: “Now, ACORN’s own inside review lays out the questions of illegality. Oh, and there’s that million-dollar embezzlement issue. And the IRS breathing down the fraud-friendly group’s neck.”; This Squirrel Is Onto The ACORNs …. (fivefeetoffury)

~ BUSTED AND BUSTED! “Ace of Spades: “This is a bombshell. We now have undeniable proof that a significant number of fraudulent voters were cast in Democrat primary races for the New Mexico state legislature as a result of ACORN’s voter registration fraud” …. (

~ NEW ON ABC: The Barack Bunch! …. (

~ HEARTLESS Obama argues against medical attention to aborted babies– Then-state senator lobbied against protection for children surviving terminations …. (worldnetdaily)

~ FOR CONSERVATIVES, Obama’s Changes Would Be Permanent And Devastating …. (nrotc)

~ SO WHY WAS OBAMA visiting Bill Ayers in 2007? …. (

Hope. Change. Free Stuff.

Legislative loot! Legislative loot for everyone!
Barry’s booty-squads ready up

~ THE MANIFESTO of the Silenced Majority; Larwyn’s Link Kerplosion: “The Silenced Majority” …. (

~ IT’S ALREADY 3AM— Biden wasn’t being especially astute in recognizing what our enemies surely already see, but now Obama-Biden can no longer pretend ignorance of these risks …. (hughhewitt.)

~ 3..2..1.. PANDER! Obama office in Philly’s Muslim neighborhood. We know how well Clinton defended U.S. interests …. (fivefeetoffury)

~ ON JOE THE PLUMBER— “..through it all I hear the sonorous voice of the Anointed One, the Blessed Obama, intoning that he did not want to punish Joe’s success, no, but he did want to “spread the wealth around,” he with the brother who lives in a hovel in Kenya, he with the running mate whose idea of charitable giving apparently is to flip a nickel once in a while to the drunk on the street corner. There’s such a contrast there, too: the smug and spoiled academic, who has never met a payroll, never got his hands filthy or cut up with tough work, judging from his Solomonic chair just how much of the man’s baby should be sliced off for the benefit of somebody else” …. (merecomments)

~ AND THE POLITICAL Darwin Award of the Year goes to …. (

~ THE UNSPEAKABLE Joe the Plumber is a Thought Criminal …. (thepeoplescube)

~ LOUDEN: Bill & Bernardine’s Buddy, Bert, Backs Barack …. (therealbarackobama)

Bawny Fwank Advocating Wedistwibution of Wealth

~ CANADA PREPARES for possible Obama victory. Get your surrender & humble obeisance in early …. (novascotiascott)

~ BACKING OBAMA Is Just Powell’s Latest Mistake …. (pajamasmedia)

~ U.S. ELECTION REGISTRATIONS include dead goldfish; ‘Please remove her from any and all future mailings and contacts’. GOP says trumped-up count designed to distract from ACORN; Senate Republicans demand ACORN probe …. (wnd)

~ GIRD YOUR LOINS: a couple of must-watch videos …. (

~ BIDEN HIS TIME? “What Does Joe Know? What Was He Trying To Tell Obama’s Supporters?” …. (hughhewitt)

~ NAKED EMPEROR NEWS: Ayers’ audio from same week he worked with Obama; “I am an anarchist and a Marxist”–(and all around good buddy and mentor to Barack Obama) …. (therealbarackobama, uppitywoman08)

~ GOOD WISHES for Mrs. Madelyn Dunham’s return to health …. (hughhewitt)

~ NOT AMONG FRIENDS… Video Flashback: Before he Embraced Obama’s Socialist Agenda, Colin Powell was Called the “House Negro” by Racist Black Democrats …. (Wz)

Race-Baiter Extraordinaire!

~ THEOLOGICALLY ILLITERATE— Daily Kos Wonders: What if Obama is the Second Coming of Jesus Christ? Duh. He came, he died, he conquered. Next time? Glory, power, angel armies. Read your Bible, Kos …. (Wz, RwN)

~ KEEP SCRUBBING! RBO: Close, but no cigar. Webscrub-a-rub-a-dub — Ayers-Dohrn-Obama 1995 …. (uppitywoman08)

~ MMMMM! TASTY YOUNG BRA-A-AINS! Ayers The Zombie: “If You Don’t Think Bill Ayers Can’t Wait To Get His Talons Into Our National Education System” …. (uppitywoman08)

~ SHORTEST Post Ever- Introducing a new Political Correctism- For Dead Voters …. (

(Video) John Stossel’s Politically Incorrect Guide to Politics

~ ‘TRANSFORMATIONAL’?!?.. “from the land of the free and the home of the brave into another socialist swamp.” Roger Kimball responds to Colin Powell’s endorsement of the Obamessiah …. (

~ UPPITY WOMAN— More “High Information” Obama Supporters Lead By Example …. (uppitywoman08)

~ GEORGE JONAS: When Obama says ‘change’, what he means is ‘identity’ …. (np)

~ “YOUR” MONEY? House Democrats Aim to Remove 401k Tax Breaks …. (rightwingnews)

~ THE MANY-TENTACLED Ayers-Obama coverup: Candidate, media, leftie bloggers all willing to rewrite history to support each others’ lies …. (hughhewitt)

~ DESCENDANTS of slaves owned by ancestors of John McCain will vote for Barack Obama …. (telegraph)

~ LIFESITE— Flip-flop: Now Biden Supports Homosexual “Marriage” …. (lifesitenews)

~ THE ONE TRIES TO FLUSH the Plumber [a.k.a. Joseph, the bloated plutocratic corporate toilet executive] …. (

~ WHERE ARE the Jeremiah Wright Ads? …. (politico)

~ TWO MORE WEEKS to go until Canadian lefties lose their George Bush strawman …. (dustmybroom)

~ SCARAMOUCHE: “Don’t want to live like a refugee” …. (scaramouche)

~ THE E.T. VOTE? Spaceships for Obama …. (novascotiascott)

No Facts Were Harmed In The Making Of This WebPosting


~ CAROLINE GLICK on The Disappearance Of Law: “The Arab pogrom in Acre on Yom Kippur was yet another wake-up call. The 200 Israeli Arabs who shattered the windshields of 110 Jewish cars, and burned and looted dozens of Jewish businesses in the city on the eve of Yom Kippur while shouting out, “Death to Jews!” “Allah Akbar!” and “We’ll kill you if you leave your homes!” couldn’t have made their point any more clearly” …. (carolineglick)

~ SHARIA ON THE MARCH: “A writer for Muslim World Today explains that the West’s best attributes–tolerance, pluralism, freedom–are being used against it to enable sharia, a religious law that incorporates none of the above, to insinuate itself into our body politic” …. (scaramouche)

~ SONY BLINKED— “Offence” Is Just Another Word For “Getting Our Corporate Asses Firebombed” …. (sda)

~ MRS. ARNIE— “When Hamas met YouTube: my latest in FrontPage” …. (fivefeetoffury)

~ SELF-DESTRUCTIVE IDIOCY— Denmark Grants Asylum to Islamist who Plotted to Kill Mohammed Cartoonist; Denmark’s Top Court Rejects Islamic Groups Attempt to Take Publisher to Court for Mohammed Cartoons, Says Terrorism is Carried out in the Name of Islam so it’s Fair Game …. (Wz)

~ THOSE LOVELY TURKS— “Malatya ringleader says he was promised immunity for killings” …. (novascotiascott)

~ UK WOMAN GRANTED ASYLUM to Avoid Islamic law in Lebanon, Court Calls her a “Fugitive From Sharia” …. (Wz)

~ INVESTING IN SHARIA: “There’s a good reason why capitalism is fated to fail: it is a man-devised system that lacks the, er, supernatural authority of an economy grounded in God’s law. As such, it is subject to instabilities and fluctuations that do not affect Godly banking. And don’t think that, in the wake of the latest capitalistic let-down, a kafir or two hasn’t noticed” …. (scaramouche)

~ BOMB BOMB BOMB, Bomb Bomb The Jews: “Top Iranian Officials Recommend Preemptive Strike Against Israel” …. (Wz)

~ CANUCKI LAWYERS CLUB Joins Fight to Repatriate Omar Khadr …. (lawiscool)

~ ISRAEL’S DEATH WISH: The Jews are sending clueless bumbler Shimon Peres to Egypt to discuss the Saudi “peace” proposal with Hosni Mubarak (a man who, according to reports, has been sending out feelers to Hellzbollocks’ Nasty Nasrallah). Way to go, Jews! …. (scaramouche)

~ EN FRANCAIS II— “Alliance islamogauchiste– La Marseillaise sifflée : La France en a plus qu’assez qu’on lui crache au visage, édito de Riposte Laïque. “L’agressivité du discours islamique contre la laïcité est relayée par un discours haineux contre la République véhiculé par des franges gauchistes. L’alliance islamogauchiste a créé les conditions des sifflets du Stade de France. Si l’on veut réussir l’intégration de tous les immigrés qui se disent attachés aux valeurs de la République, il faut être sans pitié pour ceux qui crachent au visage de la France, sinon il y a vraiment de quoi être inquiet pour la France de demain, celle de nos enfants et petits-enfants.” 21 octobre, par Annie Lessard, Marc Lebuis …. (

~ FOR OBVIOUS REASONS, Muslim convert to Christianity killed for asking for translation …. (novascotiascott)

~ CAN’T WE CONVERT THEM? Jordanian Man Kills Sister to Cleanse His Family’s Honor; Jordan arrests poet accused of insulting Islam …. (blogfreeworld)

~ THE 700s VS. THE 2000s— Afghanistan: Student Convicted of Blasphemy After Asking About Women’s Rights Under Islam Spared the Death Penalty, Will Spend 20 Years in Jail …. (JiWa, Wz)

~ A FRAGILE & TOUCHY CULTURE: Game Delay Penalty …. (dailybayonet)

~ A CURRENT Interview With Geert Wilders …. (Wz)

~ ANTI-ISRAELI Censorship in Spain: El Pais Closes “Stop Islamisation” Blog …. (blogfreeworld)

~ TORONTO Terrorist Plotters and links to the Fort Dix Plot? Jack of Hearts is connecting the dots …. (

~ THE HUNGRY SHARIA MONSTER— Maldives: Hopes for religious freedom dashed as “reformists” fail to deliver …. (

~ BREATH of the Beast #6- Asking the Right Questions …. (

~ SERVES THEM RIGHT: Chinese oil workers kidnapped in Sudan. Those would be the Chinese oil workers who replaced the Canadian oil workers (Talisman of Alberta, anyone?) pumping oil revenue to the Jihadist regime to fund their anti-Christian and civil war, including removing people from oil-bearing areas …. (blogfreeworld,



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