Growl.. Snarl.. Twitch..

Dear Ever-Growing Army Of Pre-Dead Minions:

They’re trying to destroy Ezra. Again. The usual suspects taking turns– this time, the punk hack Warren Kinsella is lining up to waste Ezra’s money and time.

So: donate. Deep, wide, regularly. He’s one of our North American point-men against the rising tide of Islamist lawfare and Leftist soft-fascism. To the silencers, he’s merely a big prize: not a human, a husband and father, a committed and tough-minded Canadian, someone who’s already given of himself for the country, for free speech, for genuine non FauCon conservatism. Just something to be destroyed, is all.

Let’s all agree that:

  • We will support Ezra by donation and encouragement.
  • We will pre-order his upcoming book.
  • When you buy any of our FreeCanuckistan t-shirts (including the exclusive new Wally Keeler originals), we donate ALL of our proceeds directly to the Blogger-6/ Ezra Defense fund.
  • We who are people of faith should pray for him.
  • We should keep writing and agitating for the repeal of the current Section 13.1 of the Human Rights Act; for a total review and rewrite of the national and provincial HRCs, and for the firing of all current staff involved in the current attempt to cover up and conceal the corruption and soft-fascism behind the HRCs in ideology and practice.

The HRCs are, after all, Canuckistani ‘public servants’ serving on our dime. Time to take them to recycling, and get our deposit back.



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