Okay, Just One More!

~ McCAIN WINS– THERE, I SAID IT. I think Obama has died the death of a thousand cuts, but doesn’t know it yet. The polls are skewed; the old media sold out & doomed; yet another poor relative of the millionaire saviour has turned up; and despite all the coronation-talk, he’s still wobbling in the polls– just like America’s financial heartbeat, the Dow-Jones, is wobbling like a post-heart-attack heart-monitor.

It’s over.

And if I’m terribly terribly wrong, then the next four years– aside from all the disasters– will be four years of full disclosure, death by ten thousand cuts, and a restless populace. If I’m right or wrong, Canadians and Americans who care about freedom still have the culture-wars to fight. No whining and shrugging allowed. They™ won’t do it for us.

Anyhow, that’s enough time and energy spent on that very bad man. Expect no more commentary on U.S. politics until after the election, and if then, only sparingly. And Americans: just vote McCain. Obama is evil, untested, and has really bad ideas and worse friends.

I. Told. You. So… ahead of time.


Prognosticatory Elven-Canadian

P.S. Maybe news today, maybe not– I’m resting up for Ezra & Wente and bloggers– oh my!


5 thoughts on “Okay, Just One More!

  1. LOL Luv the link, Scott. Thanks

    Obama scares the bejesus outta me, frankly. What scares me more is HOW MUCH we all have on the guy and HOW SMALL has been the impact of that knowledge on the MSM! But I agree that there is a STRONG possibility of a McCain victory (please, oh pretty please!).

    Based upon the past 6 months, I think we can safely declare the American MSM to be “officially as dead as the Canadian MSM”. Now, that is TRULY scary, don’t you agree?

    SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT: The death of the Canadian MSM made barely a ripple beyond Canada’s borders. Canadian federal governments had already made Canada quite irrelevant on the world stage, and condemned it to second-rate, also-ran status on every other stage. But that’s not the case with the USA. The USA actually matters. Canada really doesn’t. AND IT DOESN’T EVEN CAUSE ME A TWINGE TO WRITE THAT LAST SENTENCE. I never thought I’d become so uncaring about my own country’s profile, but Canadian government after Canadian government has demonstrated how very unimportant are Canadians! If Canada doesn’t care for and about Canadians (including me), then it is hardly surprising when Canadians start caring very little about Canada.

    Whatever people elsewhere say about Canada, I NEVER disagree with them anymore. While what they say may not be true, the ACTUAL truth is probably far worse.

    Hindsight and being a Canadians senior gives one a perspective, doesn’t it?

  2. One other consolation, Binky, will be that, as Mark Steyn has pointed out, Canada will for once have a less embarrassing government than the U.S. Finally, we conservatives will be able to utter the uniquely Canadian prayer, “I thank thee, Lord, that thou has not made me as that American over there!”

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